IceLink’s Branding Says “Family” Like No Other

Every company has a personal story behind it; IceLink is no different. It started with Andy Sogoyan, a passionate young teenager who found his spark by helping his uncle create jewelry. He went on to create his own jewelry line and established IceLink to represent it. His daughter, Suzy Sogoyan also joined the company when she was just a teenager, and together they have created a brand.

Andy and Suzy have created a truly unique jewelry line. Their collection holds exquisite necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. They have standout watches, for example a sleek black watch with six faces. Another has a white dial with rose gold gears behind it. Their jewelry often has an Armenian flare to it–the Armenian eternity symbol is a beautiful touch to pendants and earrings. The jewelry and watches IceLink represents is unique–something both Andy and Suzy pride themselves on.

IceLink is different. It’s not just a company; it’s a brand. Suzy Sogoyan brought branding to a whole new level with her knack for connecting with people. She doesn’t do it for the company, though–she does it because she loves human connection. She represents IceLink on Instagram. She is transparent with both her professional and personal life on Instagram, creating a bond between herself, customers, and potential customers. Like the father-daughter duo at IceLink, Suzy’s followers and customers are family.

IceLink officially began in 2003–after Andy spent many years developing himself as a creator and businessman. He learned from his uncle, who also owned a jewelry shop in the 1970s in Hollywood. When Andy had his daughter, Suzy, she was moved by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit. She also felt the zest of creation, and wanted to partake in her father’s business. Suzy took a serious role in branding IceLink.

IceLink stands out from the rest. Suzy Sogoyan said “[creating] a brand book is key.” The father-daughter duo focus on things like defining beliefs and values; identifying strengths; knowing your audience; and designing your look. Suzy even brings a focus to the company that goes well beyond jewelry: giving back to the community. By doing so, not only does she reinforce her passion and love for people, but she builds trust between the company and its customers.

Afterall, the customers, the people, are why Andy and Suzy are in this business to begin with. Creation is something they both love. When they create something that other people can love and appreciate just as much, meaning and purpose come to fruition. Sharing that meaning and purpose with the world, being a family, is what life is all about.

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