Many of us are familiar with the concept of taking CBD before bedtime because of its ability to help lower the stress levels that keep many of us up at night. But what about those who find that hemp to be more useful early on in the day? Well, we’ll be talking about the advantages of CBD use in the morning, as well as showing how to administer it properly to ensure the best hemp experience possible.

Can I Take CBD in the Morning?

As long as you have a generally positive experience with hemp, there’s absolutely no reason to avoid taking CBD in the morning. There’s a common misconception, even among experienced CBD users, about daytime usage. Many are apprehensive thinking hemp compounds can make someone sleepy, leaving them unable to go about their daily routine. However, this is rarely the case. As you’ll see, it’s all about choosing the right product and properly testing your personal dosage levels to increase your productivity. There are no psychoactive effects so, when taken properly, CBD can provide a much-needed morning boost.

How to Start a Morning Hemp Routine Properly for the Best Results

Step #1: Choose Your Treatment Wisely

It’s important that you choose a treatment based on what you want out of your hemp experience. Each application has a unique absorption rate and can determine how quickly you feel the CBD, how long it lasts for, and how potently it is felt.

  • CBD Oral Tinctures: Can peak in the system anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes after consumption. From there, it can last for a couple of hours and be felt at a relatively high potency level.
  • CBD Topicals: Can work within minutes for most, while providing hours of activation.  Please keep in mind that applying a topical means, you’ll more than likely only experience effects on the area onto which the topical was applied.
  • CBD Edibles: Take up to two hours to take effect because it takes a while for the compounds to pass through the digestive tract and get processed by the liver. Once the edibles are active, however, they can last for several hours.
  • Hemp Flower: Tends to take effect within minutes, and can be felt quite potently, but tends to last for less than an hour.

Step #2: Select the Right Strength for Morning Use

Make sure to choose your milligram strength wisely. Too low of a dose won’t do much at all, and too much can leave you feeling sluggish. Start low and experiment to find the personal sweet spot that allows you to continue to manage daily responsibilities.

Step #3: Consider Having it with Your Coffee

When you consume CBD along with coffee, the compounds interact in a way that can help counteract the jittery feeling that comes from caffeine while still providing that focused mental state.

Step #4: Opt for a More Energizing Strain

Choose a strain known for being more energizing than calming, such as a sativa strain with a high number of terpenes known to stimulate the system. Do some research on the strains that are available to choose one that is ideal for daytime and won’t make you feel sleepy.

Step #5: Adjust Your Dosage Level as Needed

You may have to play around with your dosage level a bit until you settle on one that feels great for your personal daytime CBD use. This is part of the process of beginning any hemp routine.

Adding CBD To My Daily Ritual
I knew consistent CBD use could produce mental clarity and help you tackle problems, but had no idea that it could be taken at the beginning of your day. I decided to try Half Day, a new CBD start-up, at the recommendation of a friend and started out by putting a dropper of the Full Spectrum 1000mg oil in my coffee every morning. After 20 minutes, I began feeling more at ease and confident to take on the day. 

For a post lunch pick-me-up, I tried Half Day’s Cold Brew CBD Gummies. They were delicious and provided an extra boost of energy to finish those last few emails. By the afternoon, I wanted to chill so a coworker recommended Hemp Flower Pre Rolled Joints. Half Day’s innovative strains are ideal for the evening unwind, and there’s no THC in them so you won’t get high. Finally, as I was going to sleep I used their 350 mg Full Spectrum Salve – craft-made in small batches with high quality ingredients, lab-tested for potency and safety. I don’t think I’ll find a better balm!

The Bottom Line and Possible Benefits

Taking CBD in the morning rather than at nighttime allows the compounds to activate in the body as you go about your day. Meaning that you can experience the potential effects of CBD while doing your job, interacting with others, and practicing your daily workout routine – all activities that can be enhanced with a little bit of hemp. In fact, many who struggle with chronic issues actually prefer taking CBD in the morning. For instance, someone who experiences chronic stress may find that taking CBD earlier helps them manage their mood more easily as they face their triggers throughout the day.

“Finding the motivation to even take a shower these days can be difficult, and while you might wonder what CBD could possibly do for that, I’d argue it should be almost obvious. If you can reduce stress and anxiety in your life, you’ll have more clarity in your life in general, and with more clarity comes more motivation to tackle your day. After all, how do you tackle a problem if you can’t even identify what the problem is?” (Jacob)

If you’d like to incorporate CBD into your new morning routine check out Half Day CBD and use the code: LAWEEKLY for 10% off your first purchase.


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