I Earn My Living Selling Used Panties: Interview with a Pantydeal Seller

  1. Hi! Please introduce yourself. 

Hi! Call me Kink. I’m 24, and from the outside, I live a very simple and mundane life. I fill my free time with my favorite hobbies like yoga, crochet, baking, and tending to my garden. But my occupation? That’s a different story. I’m a Pantydeal Seller.

  1. For people who don’t know, what is Pantydeal?

Pantydeal is a members-only judgment-free site where you can explore your kinks and fetishes, focusing on the used underwear fetish. It’s a place where fantasies can be fulfilled and desires people might feel ashamed of in the outside world are openly embraced. There is, truly, a little bit of everything for everyone on this website.

As well as having interesting things to look at and purchase, the people on the site are uniquely accepting and open-minded. It’s a surprisingly good place to make friends.

  1. When and why did you decide to start selling your used underwear? Have you done previous work in the adult industry?

To be honest, I was in a financial pickle. I was tired of fretting about money. I didn’t have time to job hunt or completely change my career path, so I thought, “What if I signed up for Onlyfans?” I’ve always been a very open-minded and sexual person. It seemed like an amazing opportunity to be my own boss and explore my desires.

I started there 9 months ago. In my first month of posting, I was still shy and reserved. It wasn’t until I realized how sweet my clients were that I started to let loose and feel comfortable in myself. After a while I had this guy ask me for a pair of my dirty panties from a video. I was shocked but flattered, it seemed so taboo but exciting. After that transaction, I was kind of hooked, we talked more, and that’s when he told me about Pantydeal.

  1. Can you describe what your job as a Pantydeal seller involves? 

As a Pantydeal seller, I’d say the biggest part of my job is talking with people. Specifically, talking about their likes and dislikes. For panty orders, this means discussing what they want. A light or heavy scent? Panties worn during a workout? Sprayed with perfume? Really messy? Played in? Things like that.

For custom videos, it’s things like what length? Dirty talking? Fingers or toys? What outfit? Is it roleplay? Any booty play? What angle do they want it filmed from? We will bounce ideas back and forth until a final deal is made, addresses are taken down, and money is sent.

After that, I begin my favorite part, fulfilling the order. This is usually “making the panties” aka wearing, playing, or working out in them. I do these things until the pair is satisfactory and then ship them to my customer. I usually follow a basic script request if it’s a custom video order. I get dolled up in the outfit chosen by my client, turn on my ring lights, hit record, and put on a show. After that, it’s sent off.

  1. Do you sell more than panties? And do you have another form of income outside Pantydeal?

Yes, I sell custom videos, vials, pictures, socks, shoes, drives with all my content, leggings, dresses, adult toys. I once even sold my trash. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In this instance, it really was the case – he loved it! I do sell my content on a couple other sites. I also run a personal small side business in my hometown but Pantydeal is definitely my biggest form of income as of now.

  1. What does a typical day look like for you? 

I have a schedule that fluctuates a lot! Each day is very different for me. Wearing the panties is typically an easier task to fit into my busy life, but if they are paired with pictures or a custom video, it gets more tricky. It’s kind of like a game of Tetris trying to figure out how to fit everything in, especially when other people live in your home. I need the place to myself for pictures and videos.

  1. In your opinion, why do people buy used panties? What’s the fetish all about?

In my opinion, I think it’s tantalizing… the idea of a sexy girl wearing a pair of panties during her daily activities, the underwear rubbing into all the nooks and crannies and absorbing all her essence.

I think for men (who make up the majority, though not all, of the buyers), when they buy a pair, it’s often a way to feel close, intimate, and naughty without actually being physically with the woman. I know that many buyers hold the panties for pleasure. The feel of the fabric and what’s contained in the panties is really what the fetish is all about.

  1. How would you describe your relationships with your buyers? How do you think your customers feel about you?

I try to form great relationships with my buyers. I consider some of them to be wonderful friends. During a transaction, you’re both being extremely open and vulnerable with each other, so there needs to be respect and communication. In all honesty, though you will work with people you just don’t vibe with, there always will be others that everything flows beautifully with.

Picking a panty partner and finding a trustworthy buyer takes time and patience. Everyone you work with will be very different. As far as what my customers think about me, it’s hard to answer. I get a lot of praise for my work. I think they feel I’m adventurous and kinky, hardworking and sensual.

  1. Can you describe how it feels to have someone desire, pay for and own something most of us throw in the wash – panties?

It feels amazing. It’s really empowering as a woman to have men want your dirty panties. It may sound strange but think of all the stigmatism around female genitalia – all the crude jokes about smell and appearance. It’s enough to make you feel ashamed and want to shower four times a day.

Now, there’s a whole community of people paying to have the panties that clung to your bits all day. They love the scents your body naturally produces, the discharge, the sweat. They praise every part of it. Sometimes they pay for extra days just to get more of your scent. It has truly given me a greater appreciation and love for those parts of myself.

  1. Would you describe yourself as a kinky person?

I would, and I wouldn’t. Sometimes I think I’m so wild and kinky. Other times I feel very vanilla. Especially when I compare myself to some other people’s interests. I like to think I’m open and balanced, willing to try new things, and very happy with ‘simple’ sex, without other fun add ons. But I still have a long list of things I’d like to try in my own sex life.

  1. Can you describe how being a Pantydeal seller has impacted your life? 

A complete 180. I am more financially secure than I have ever been in my life, and my confidence has skyrocketed. Not just in my body, also in who I am as a person. I know what I want and I know how to get it.

As for my sex life, it honestly just gets better and better. In terms of my emotional well-being, it’s less simple. I grew up very religious, so it can be difficult not to feel occasional guilt. Outside of this, there are times when people look down on what I do for a living. Those moments are very painful.

  1. Has anything surprised you about working in this industry or on Pantydeal?

So many things! I have learned about kinks and fetishes I didn’t even know existed. I am also surprised at how many people around the world are interested in these things. You could be sitting right next to someone who has a panty fetish right now, and you wouldn’t know. That blows my mind.

  1. What do you think is the most common misconception about the used panty fetish? 

I think the most common misconception is to think it’s gross or weird. To wonder who the hell would want a pair of women’s dirty underwear? Especially from a stranger.

  1. What would you say to people who think this?

I like to explain it like this: let’s say you go to a concert to see your favorite singer, and while cheering in the crowd they throw you an article of their clothing. Or you get a sweaty used jersey from Mahome’s or Brady after a game. You would be over the moon, right?

It’s a similar thing when it comes to used panties. As humans, we like to feel close to someone we think is beautiful, sexy, and talented, or someone we wish we knew in real life. Having a physical item of theirs is the perfect way to feel that. Used panties are of course, a more sexually charged piece of clothing, but the same logic applies.

  1. Do your family and friends know about your panty business? What do they think?

I have a very select handful of wonderful friends who know about my work. They have always been very supportive and curious, some have even wanted to join up. As far as my family is concerned, I do everything I can to keep this part of my life private.

Although I know they would love me no matter what, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that my work would make them feel uncomfortable, perhaps even ashamed. I grew up in a religion-oriented home, and my lifestyle is far from ideal for a Christian parent.

  1. Do you think social attitudes towards sex work and the adult industry are changing?

Yes and no. I think there will always be a kind of stigmatism when it comes to sex workers and the industry. There is still a lot of shame and judgment from people. Even among those who love and accept me, there is still sometimes a certain look in their eye when I talk about my work.

Some people find sexual openness and freedom a difficult place to go in their minds and find the idea of being paid for it even more challenging. The “get a real job” mentality is also something I face. Of course, only those working in the sex industry realize this work is as real, time-consuming, draining, and rewarding as a “real” job. Perhaps some people are jealous that we get to be our own bosses and call the shots. Who knows.

  1. How has the pandemic affected your panty business?

I think the pandemic left many people lonely, which meant the site was busier as people turned online for connection. However, it also made it more difficult for people to send money because many people were out of work.

During the most intense parts of the pandemic, it felt good to be the thing that someone looked forward to in their day or week, to be able to supply a little package or video that would make their days a bit less difficult.

  1. What’s your secret to success as a panty seller?

I’m not sure what my secret is. To be totally honest, sometimes I can’t comprehend my own success in this industry. I hope I don’t sound cocky, but I am sometimes genuinely amazed how much I can make with dirty panties, a camera, horny-ness, and a smile.

Maybe I like a challenge, even when it’s a little scary or new? Generally, I take time to think about everything I’ve already done and how I could make it better. I try to do so without beating myself up.

I have fun planning new ventures in the business. What video, where, and how? Could I make these panties smell stronger by wearing leather pants? Those kinds of things. I have fun with it, maybe that’s my secret.

I have fun, and I laugh when I mess up. I’ve even sent blooper reals from custom videos to clients just to share in the fun of me messing up completely. They love that.

  1. For how long do you plan on selling your panties?

I hope to do this as long as I can. I truly love it, and I’m blessed to be doing it. I think I’ll stop when I’ve done everything on my sex bucket list? Or maybe not. Time will tell.

  1. Do you have any advice for people new to or considering a career in the adult industry?

Trust yourself, trust your gut instincts, love your mind, body and spirit, and it will show in everything you do. Don’t go against your moral code.

If you are ever getting ready to do something that scares you, BLAST your favorite music and hype yourself up with loud singing and dancing. Dance those worries clear out of your body! Don’t doubt what you are capable of, and don’t ever let another person make you feel less than what you are.

I sound like such a Mama right now, but trust me, these things will keep you grounded at the end of the day. Oh, and that dancing trick is literal magic for me. Especially Beyoncé’s homecoming album, but you do you!

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