Hyphenova Amplifies the Voices of Creators So Their Talents Can Soar

SOURCE: HYPHENOVA, artwork by Emrys Csato

The continuous developments in technology have provided increasingly viable paths to creator ownership. More creators are seizing this opportunity to transition full-time into social media, digital arts, and the realm of film and television, and in doing so, are looking for the support, camaraderie, and benefits that come from being part of a larger team and network.

HYPHENOVA (HYP.TV) is one of these creator networks and is a first-of-its-kind, in that it is the first major social-good omni-channel network. HYP is a Zillennial streaming network that is committed to changing the face of media by amplifying global voices and increasing creator ownership. Founded by Lilly Han, the name “Hyphenova” is a tribute and celebration of the multi-hyphenate, funny, complex, and authentic lives and is a play on words of a hypernova which scientists believe contributed to the Milky Way’s star formation period.

The HYP team aims to focus on three key creator priorities. The first is to increase the global reach, visibility, and engagement of creators. HYP’s plans for the year include creating and distributing new content that will span across different media platforms on television and the internet, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple and Google podcasts. HYP is ready to showcase innovative and emerging creators and filmmakers through feature films, shorts, and social media vlogs. 

HYP is developing immersive experiences and show concepts set in custom-designed metaverses to bring the audiences closer to their favorite creators. The first of which is a film festival that runs in a virtual metaverse from December 15, 2021, to January 16, 2022. The festival includes live film screenings, panels, and musical performances, plus a Green Week focused on sustainability. 

IIn addition, HYP is using NFTs to increase both inclusion and transparency in the entertainment business and is working with a variety of creators including singer and actress Belle Lundon, social activist and comedian Will Gaines, content creator and filmmaker Maria S. Gomez, social audio creator Maxwell Millington, and NFT artists Nygilia McClain and Emrys Csato. HYP recently hosted a community evening focused on the future of NFTs and celebrated the innovation and creativity within Web 3.0.

Seeing as HYP is a social good-for-profit company created by creators for creators, the second priority that HYP is focusing on is providing greater ownership and revenue generation for creators. Being in partnership with HYP will provide a number of benefits to creators, such as equity in HYP as well as distribution on major streaming TV and podcast platforms. Partners are also eligible for social media and marketing promotions like Times Square billboards and access to award-winning creative talent and legacy building monetization platforms.

The third priority HYP is focused on is providing mentorship, apprenticeship, and camaraderie for creators within the industry. HYP is focusing their efforts on increasing representation in the media and is dedicated to developing an inclusive community of creators devoted to expanding their careers. 

Over the years, there has been a noticeable gap in the industry when it comes to how major Hollywood decisions are made. Han cites industry reports and studies such as the 2020 Hollywood Diversity report (UCLA), which shows how 91% of C-level positions are held by Caucasians, and 82% are held by males. 

With the help of Han’s passion-fueled staff and a fast-growing network of industry-leading professionals, she is committed to changing these statistics and amplifying the voices of creators through the immersive experiences and revolutionary technology of Web 3.0.

“This is a critical juncture in time. We are going to see more industries innovating and adopting the usage of NFTs, A/R, and V/R as consumers seek newer technologies, combined with an increased desire and societal shift for more representation of voices and experiences in both online and offline spaces,” shares Lilly Han.

Learn more about Hyphenova by visiting their website. Fans are also invited to connect with the company through their Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

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