How Zakareth’s Satoshi Runners is Bringing Pixel Art to the Blockchain

The decentralized art world is getting more and more crowded. As the space becomes saturated, projects must stand out to be successful. One project doing that successfully is Satoshi Runners, a brainchild of Zakareth, a seasoned NFT connoisseur, investor, and developer. According to Zakareth, NFTs are an attractive space for art and the blockchain. His Satoshi Runners project has created a platform that combines the best of both worlds: blockchain-based tokens with unique pixel art design. It draws inspiration from the world of Cryptopunks, where each digital asset can be as rare or common as desired. The result is an NFT project whose pixel art is unrivaled in its aesthetic appeal, and whose users are drawn to it by its utility and community.

The first thing you’ll notice about Satoshi Runners is the unique pixelated style of artwork, which was made by a team of expert artists with broad portfolios. Zakareth spearheaded the creation and marketing of the project, creating a solid team of experts to bring the vision to life. The Satoshi Runners team comprises world-class artists with experience working for global corporations such as Disney, Minecraft, UFC, and NFL, to name a few. The end product was a collection of 7,777 distinctive NFTs with a mission to “redefine the scope of what pixel art NFTs can provide in terms of value and benefits.”

In addition to providing a unique aesthetic experience, Zakareth has also provided utility. As the NFT industry grows, the popularity of pixel art-inspired collections keeps growing by the day. Zakareth says in the last few months, projects like CryptoPunks and KaijuKingz, composed of pixel art, attracted thousands of holders. This led to millions in revenue, demonstrating that despite being one of the oldest game development tools, the demand for pixel art is still in demand.

Zakareth and his team aim to leverage that demand to satisfy their customers. The team is fusing art and technology to give the Satoshi Runners project holders the best value for money. By the looks of things, Zakareth and his team have succeeded. The collection has over 400 distinct traits where the goal is to create a rare and valuable collectible that continues to provide benefits to its holders.

The Satoshi Runners community seems to like the direction the project is taking. So far, the Satoshi Runners community keeps growing, and thousands of holders have joined the project’s Discord and other social platforms. This community is also one of the most vibrant in the NFT space, with hundreds of people engaging daily in various forms of discussion, from trading tips to exploring the best breeding combinations.

As the project grows, Zakareth and his team plan to roll out new features and benefits that will continue to empower the project’s holders. The project’s second phase has launched staking and breeding opportunities to upgrade the NFTs. Later, the community plans to purchase land in the Sandbox and Decentraland metaverse. Project holders will have exclusive access to the metaverse and will use, monetize, or sell their NFTs as they wish. The community will also host events to entertain and incentivize people in the metaverse.

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