How You Can Completely Immerse Yourself Into VR Using Surround Sound

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Virtual reality (VR) aims to provide a completely engaging and immersive experience. However, did you know you can enhance the immersiveness of this out-of-the-world experience with the help of surround sound? Yes, that’s right!

VR’s goal is to transport individuals from a digital landscape to an immersive experience that triggers the same psychological and physical reactions they would encounter in the real world. So you can imagine what surround sound can do to make this real-world experience even more realistic.

Surround Sound: One of the Most Realistic Innovations in VR

One of the most brilliant innovations in VR is the introduction of surround sound. With the best surround sound systems paired to your VR headset, you can enjoy a VR experience like never before.

In the case of VR, surround sound mimics audio cues, reverberation levels, and volumes the brain would experience in a real-world situation. After all, immersion is a state of mind. It is artificial stimulation that appears real and alive; that’s precisely what surround sound can do in VR.

Why Surround Sound Is Important in VR

Till now, you must have been thinking that simply looking at VR can guarantee you a stellar immersive experience. However, the same is not entirely true. While it’s easy to achieve a sense of immersion, it can be daunting to maintain it for a longer duration. This is where surround sound can become a game-changer.

For example, imagine you’re looking at a beautiful mountain village in VR. You can hear the river babbling next to you, feel the wind in your hair, and hear the cows moo, among other things. In VR, surround sound is powerful. In a way, it can be the backbone of a great VR experience.

Sensory-Motoric Immersion Is Not Enough in VR

During a VR experience, many cues and information trigger your senses. Moreover, in most cases, you have most of your senses covered; the VR headset covers your eyes, the headphones choke your ears, and your hands are busy tackling the controllers.

You’re constantly involved in sensory-motoric immersion (performing actions with limbs and hands and getting feedback through your other senses, even taste, and smell). Therefore, as soon as there is a distraction in the real world, the immersion level starts fading out. You may also feel nauseated or have motion sickness.

Many VR developers are encouraging the use of surround sound to sustain the VR experience even during sensory-motoric disturbances.

How You Can Use Surround Sound to Enhance Immersion in VR

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The easiest and quickest way to enhance the immersive experience in VR is to play with the audio. Audio typically doesn’t receive the attention it should, especially in the case of VR. Instead, the visual experience overtakes the audio experience.

Nevertheless, surround sound can beautifully blend with the exceptional visual appeal of VR. However, ensure you use the right speakers to enjoy the perfect surround experience. Even the loudest speakers on the market will fail to give you the immersiveness that a low-sounding surround sound system will.

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