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When you think about personal injury law firms in California, chances are, the whole concept and industry feels a bit foreign or irrelevant. And while for years, there’s been a stigma around injury law that associates it with professions like construction workers, manual laborers, and factory workers, one young LA-based lawyer is demystifying the characterizations of injury law. Introducing David Yerushalmi of Yerushalmi Law Firm.

Though he’s only opened his practice in recent years, David has already seen immeasurable success, thanks to his personable and relatable approach to practicing injury law. In fact, with the evolution of social media influencers, the young lawyer has gone as far as discovering an entirely new niche within injury law, specializing in influencer injury. After learning about a friend and client who was burned during a hair appointment, David saw how the injury inhibited his friend’s ability to work, therefore preventing her from making a living. From there, influencer injury law has since been a relevant and valuable piece of his business.

But it isn’t just his connection to the younger generation through influencers that sets David apart. As a young lawyer himself, through his practice, he has sought to bridge the gap between injury law and Millennials and Generation Z. By utilizing social media and other fun and relatable tactics such as creating a line of merchandise that includes hoodies that read “Call my lawyer” on the back with his firm’s phone number on it, David is reaching an entirely new and diverse set of clientele that most injury lawyers could never gain access to.

“I think my experience with so many people from different walks of life has really helped me relate to the human story and empathize with it and that has led to clients trusting me and opening up,” David says. “Then I am able to take that human story and present it to the insurance company and show them that what a jury would see in this case is a lot more than just a broken arm, or a small burn. It’s a woman or a man whose life has really been affected.”

In the last year, Yerushalmi Law Firm has done over $3 million in business on about 30 cases.  With around 100 active cases this year already, the firm is likely to multiply last year’s numbers and then some. As our culture continues to be influenced and curated by the younger generations of today, David Yerushalmi hopes that through his practice, he can help Californian’s and people across the country understand and rely on injury law, especially when they need it most. To learn more about Yerushalmi Law Firm, visit their website or follow David on Instagram.

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