How Women Entrepreneurs Can Find the Best Financing Options for Their Company’s Growth With Coastal Kapital


Women entrepreneurs have been taking the corporate space by storm, as today, more than ever before, they have achieved a much higher level of dominance within numerous industries.

With so many good small business ideas available for women, it is clear that female entrepreneurs are consistently looking for the best way to spend their time, knowledge, and power to truly stand out from the rest and create a business that can excel within any sector.

However, there is a gap in getting funding for business startups, where, unfortunately, only a small percentage of venture capital funding goes to female entrepreneurs.

What this means is that if a businessperson happens to be a woman who aims high and wants to be her own business owner, boss, and manage everything, there can be a bit of a learning curve, as well as a bit of difficulty when it comes to navigating the space.

All of this, however, ends now, as there are companies such as Coastal Kapital on the path towards creating a successful small business.

Today, we will be going over how women entrepreneurs can find the best financing options and grow their companies with ease.

Coastal Kapital and Its Offering

Becoming a business owner and being your own boss can be extremely empowering and rewarding at the same time. More women than ever before are beginning to run their own businesses, and any woman can be a part of that broader movement.

Coastal Kapital is helping lead women to success through their own process.

The company is founded by Kortney Murray, who fills the role of its current Chief Executive Officer.

Women lifting women within the business world and showcasing them how to build an empire is essential in the mind of this CEO. As such,  knowing where to find the right funding and expansion tools can be difficult, but it does not have to be.

Coastal Kapital is a company that specializes in offering financing solutions for people who are either beginning their business ventures for the very first time or are in a slump and aiming to get out of it.

The company fills the role of being a private money lender that performs asset-based lending on a large variety of residential, commercial, and even industrial properties.

Additionally, it lets businesses gain finance and alternative working capital, and equipment leasing programs, within the United States as well as Canada.

Women entrepreneurs can get financing solutions surrounding Equipment Financing, Working Capital, and SBA loans.

All each entrepreneur needs to do in order to get started is to apply online, where the quick and easy application form will be approved within a span of minutes.

Afterwards, they can speak with one of the loan specialists to share their specific requirements and needs, after which they will receive a detailed quote.

The documents can be signed electronically, after which the business owner can receive funds quickly and begin growing their business with the capital they need.

Real-World Experience of Successful Women Entrepreneurs With Coastal Kapital

One notable testimonial about a woman entrepreneur that has seen a high level of success can be seen with Jackie Zumba.

“My name is Jackie Zumba and I own a business called Jackie Z Style Co. I am a woman owned business who has operated since 2011. Currently we are a 7 figure company. When I first started my company I was only 23 years old and did not have the financing needed to start a high end luxury store that I had always dreamed of. Kortney helped me find funding when banks would not and helped me get the right start to building my multi-million dollar retail empire. Kortney is a woman of her word and will do anything to get the job done, we are still friends to this day because of what she helped me accomplish in my early days! Thank you Kortney!” said Jackie Zumba about her experience with Coastal Kapital.

Moving Forward with Coastal Kapital

Coastal Kapital aims to offer a solution to the financing needs any entrepreneur might have at competitive rates.

From equipment financing, which features different financing options and enables anyone access to a simple approval process with speedy results, to business growth funding that provides transparent, cost-effective solutions and numerous options, Coastal Kapital aims to be a one-stop solution.

There are also lines of credits, where small business equipment can get financed, and approval takes just a few hours, and there’s also flex financing, as Coastal Kapital works with over 500 dealers nationwide.

From heavy equipment loans to agriculture loans, medical loans, material handling, restaurant loans, salon loans, trucking and transportation loans, and even landscaping loans, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what kind of business a woman can operate and excel at.

Now marks the best time to become a leading businesswoman and entrepreneur and get the finances you require to grow your business and create a better future for yourself.

Coastal Kapital, as such, can aid any woman towards achieving her goal, and all they have to do in order to get started is to contact one of their financing experts today, after which they can get approved and begin preparing to take on your next journey with a smile.

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