How William Diaz is Reinventing Himself and His Music

The idea and process of completely reinventing oneself can be daunting. It requires a lot of determination and hard work, reevaluating everything you’ve become comfortable with, and venturing into the unknown. This can push many people to give up mid-way. However, the ambitious task of choosing a new path did not stop fast-rising musician William Diaz from taking his first step and starting his journey in the music industry.

William has chosen a different path when it comes to making his mark in music, which shows his audience that they are not limited to being who they are today for the rest of their lives. He also shows people that it’s okay to have more than one passion and excel in all. According to William Diaz, popularly known by his stage name vvil, it all depends on your mindset and desire to reach your goals.

William knows firsthand what it’s like to be able to excel in more than one field. He originally worked in eCommerce and has now ventured into a more creative field. While switching from the eCommerce space to the music industry hasn’t been easy, William achieved this by not giving up. He took a huge risk by embracing what makes him unique instead of following trends. This has enabled him to cement his place in the fiercely competitive music industry. William’s songs have attracted attention, with his most recent tracks, “Enemy,” “Payday,” and “Huracan,” gaining thousands of views across the various platforms.

He says his goal is to drive positive change in the global music space, leveraging blockchain technology for his art. His unique way of storytelling, catchy sounds, and impeccable voice are giving him an upper hand and making him a breakout blockchain musician to watch in 2022.

While he’s a musician now, his vision wasn’t always completely clear when it came to working toward his future success. William dropped out of college to set up his first business, which didn’t go as expected. He ended with huge losses, but William didn’t give up. He went back to the drawing board, and years later, he launched a leading marketing agency which he sold early this year to follow his lifelong passion: music.

William explains that music, especially electronic music, is something he’s wanted to pursue for a long time. This motivated him to take that step and diversify his career. Growing up, William could attend after-school programs and summer camps for arts which helped him in his journey, allowing him to better appreciate art. He notes that the experience inspired him to dive deeper into the music industry, and is now a producer and DJ.

William is part of the new wave musicians utilizing the power of blockchain to fund projects, albums, and shows while changing the music industry. William uses his music to share his story with the rest of the world and encourage upcoming artists and his listeners not to give up on their dreams.

He says he aims to use his platform to connect with his fans in a more meaningful way and motivate them to fight for their passions. Through the blockchain, William is allowing his audience to invest in art and earn alongside their contribution as he shares lessons he has learned as both an entrepreneur and musician.

Failure, rejection, and roadblocks are constant when it comes to achieving your goals, says William Diaz. But how you deal with each is part of what determines your success. He notes that even though his journey in both fields has not been easy and there have been many obstacles, he’s glad that he took that leap of faith. In the coming years, William’s goal is to continue building his brand in the music industry, releasing more songs, and even performing in events across the US and beyond.

LA Weekly