How will Utopia Club NFT disrupt the Art of Music?

The Utopia Club will disrupt the music and entertainment industry by redefining how prospective artists showcase their talents. It will also revolutionize how fans discover new music. For the first time, people from all over the world can create their avatars and go clubbing together in one place, a place where contemporary artists can get on the bill and reach new people. The days of slogging around the circuit are done.

A little background

What is NFT? Quickly, before we move on, for those not in the know, NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. This means a specific item from the real world is put into the online world as a piece of data. This cannot be changed but is stored on a blockchain in a digital ledger. In short, the storage is personal or shared among millions of users.

In the case of The Utopia Club, this blockchain is Ethereum which means there’s no all-powerful corporation with arbitrary powers over users. Instead, the users own and host the blockchain via their computers and other devices. You can see their growing popularity on their Twitter and Instagram feeds.

What is the Utopia Club concept?

Sir Thomas Moore invented the term Utopia to describe a perfect place that does not exist. However, while some might say the Internet itself is ethereal, The Utopia Club is real. It’s a music and entertainment-based NFT explicitly designed for the soon-to-be all-dominating Metaverse and blockchain Internet.

With the rise of the Metaverse as a concept, there has been a rise in interest in creating and investing in NFTs. Unfortunately, many are fundamental or generalized – mere attempts to get into the market without a distinctive concept or mission.

This is not the case for the Utopia Club. Here we have 10,000 distinctive NFTs – a considerable amount, all created on the Ethereum blockchain. They’re not just for anyone, though. Each one, 5,000 guys and 5,000 gals, are explicitly designed so music artists, talented entertainers, and even air guitarists can promote their skills, their voices, music, and dancing to the Metaverse and broader world.

What The Utopia Club will do for music and entertainment

There are certain clubs and venues most associated with forms of entertainment. For example, if you make it at the Comedy Club in LA, you’re going to be a stand-up success across America. The Utopia Club will be the online Metaverse equivalent – it’ll be what Myspace could only dream of being. It is a central hub on a diffuse blockchain for people to let loose with their musical and dancing skills.

Think of it as The Distracted Globe in the movie Ready Player One. The Metaverse was called The Oasis, but it ran on a similar concept. If people wanted to relax on a Friday night, dance to their tunes, or join others, they went to the Distracted Globe. The Utopia Club aims to be the Metaverse equivalent.

Nay Utopians, users will be able to tailor the platform to their own needs and let loose with friends and fellow clubbers. In addition, it will be a place to discover exciting new artists and be discovered.

First in and best dressed

The Utopia Club boasts, for a new Metaverse NFT, a vast array of utilities for users. Based firmly on reality and practicality, the aim is to provide accurate, enjoyable, and valuable products for users to enjoy on the platform.

Current utilities include a community-managed radio station, 10,000 retro-and-funk 80s style NFTs including 300 traits including hairstyles, and skin tones. Furthermore, The Utopian Club has promised to keep prices static at 0.08 ETH for all items. Therefore, there will be no discounts, no sales, and pricing tiers.

Each member will also access a private section of the site called the Wall-of-Fame. This area is where you can post your album covers, gifs, artwork, and more. Want to memorialize your dancing gif? Go for it. Your debut album art? Done. Not only that, but see what others are up to, visit their art and concepts, and have a chance to meet like-minded creators to follow and potentially collaborate with.

In addition to this, there is enormous scope for future development where new collection launches will come with free airdrops. For example, one plan is to create a retro-themed club within the Metaverse for those in love with older, classic tunes and beats. Each development will remain faithful to the goals of the Utopian Club – bringing people together through music and dance.

Once funded and launched, The Utopian Club will be the best place for the Metaverse, an online hub for NFT music and entertainment. It’ll be the go-to place for discovering new artists and for making your name online where you define yourself and your talents.

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