How Vito Glazers Found His Role and Took Over Hollywood

Vito Glazers launched Glazers Media in May 2021 and quickly found success through signing major projects and films. Only two months later in July of 2021, Vito expanded his operations by launching Glazers Talent – a talent management company that focuses on supporting a small group of creators who have a big group of followers (over 10 million followers collectively)

While this move came quickly following the launch and success of Glazers Media, this project has been a lifetime in development for Vito.

Hollywood was always his mind ever since he was a kid. Growing up poor in Chicago brought about many hardships for young Vito, who escaped reality by dreaming of beating the cold and crime of the city by moving to Los Angeles where he would pursue his dream job of being an actor.

However, enthusiasm was sparse from those whom Vito shared his dreams with. It seemed as if anyone he told would condemn him, informing him that he wasn’t attractive enough to be an actor and that his goals were unrealistic. Adding to the detriment of his dreams came from the harsh reality of the industry that he learned through a mentor at Columbia College in Chicago. His mentor urged him to get into and study business because unless he was rich and successful, no one would care about his art. Not having much money at all, this disheartened him.

However, Vito followed his advice and started a real estate business, but even his successful moments didn’t bring about fulfillment. After a few years in real estate however, Vito moved into advertising which he quickly became passionate about.

“I loved working in advertising because I could monetize my creativity. Sometimes I would convince the clients to put me in the commercials because I loved to act.”

A major turning point for Glazers came when he starred in one of the top airing commercials for – a cause he deeply supports.

Continuing his work in advertising and experiencing more success off screen than most do on screen, Vito moved to Studio City, CA in 2009. After moving to LA, Vito had his own reality show “Mystery Millionaire” in 2014, along with a handful of producer and acting credits – including 13 episodes of a Chicago based sitcom, “Chop Chop TV Show” which he produced and starred in as well as regular news appearances and media contributor gigs.

While Vito was more successful than ever, he couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme; producers were only booking him because they wanted to use his other skills to benefit their projects. Directors would call him because they needed a connection to a famous actor he was in touch with, or because they wanted publicity around their project.

“There was always a business task associated with casting me in acting work. They’d tell me the same things all the time, like ‘you’re a great actor, but you’re really good at business.  You should be producing or managing talent instead’.”

After years of hearing the same things over and over, Vito finally got the hint and went all in on the business side of Hollywood. In 2020 he launched Glazers Media in West Hollywood and filled his pipeline with celebrities and brands looking to control their media narratives and create business partnerships between brands and celebrities. Almost immediately following its launch, Glazers Media exploded bigger than Vito could have ever imagined.

In 2021, Vito added to his services by launching a book publishing and documentary film service, which booked 10 projects within 30 days – twice the number of projects he was aiming to get. But despite all that Glazers Media had to offer, Vito was getting asked regularly if he did talent management, something he never wanted to do.

“I’ve turned down many famous actors, singers, rappers, and social media stars that have asked me to manage them. I thought that as soon as I started managing talent, that would officially mark the end of me pursuing my dream of being the on-screen talent. I wanted to have a manager, not be the manager.”

The journey continued when he met one of his favorite TikToker’s, Kane Trujillo. Kane was from Greenville, SC and was getting canceled by the woke mob and came to Vito for reputation management. Kane DM’d Vito for help and shortly after, the two met up in LA and discussed business. Since then, the two have become friends. Looking out for Kane, Vito started reviewing the contracts that the 21 year old rising star was receiving and realized that brands and management companies were really looking to take advantage of young stars.

It was at that moment that Vito realized the impact his role as a talent manager could have in the changing world of entertainment.  After reflecting on the current media climate, Vito realized he got into acting to bring stories to life, not to recreate viral dances on social media apps.  The roles he was pursuing didn’t really exist anymore. But there was a role for him today – managing the talent that was on the cutting edge who needed someone with the 15+ years of wisdom to prevent them from making the same mistakes he made in his career.

Glazers Talent is now officially live, signing a unique roster of some of TikTok’s most up and coming stars to general management deals.  Stars that are now represented by Glazers Talent include singers, models, and even TikTok’s “Hottest Doctor of 2020” with over 2.4 million fans.

Glazers Talent offers general management services including general advisory, brand and sponsor activations, media relations, product development, castings, and more.

“I’m working to be the manager that I wish I had at 21”

Glazers Talent will also have a department for talent in development, which will be for influencers with less than 1 million followers. Being an artist in development with Glazers Talent will create opportunities for rising stars to collaborate with more established talent, gain followers, and begin generating press.

For those not ready to take the plunge into fame, Vito offers the following advice free of charge.

“Follow your dreams.  But don’t focus so much on finding your role.  Sometimes your role finds you”

Glazers Talent and Glazers Media both operate under Glazers company One World Publishing, based between Chicago, IL and Hollywood, CA.

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