How Tyler Thornton Is Disrupting the Cannabis Industry for Good


Over the years, the legal cannabis market has grown to become a multibillion-dollar sector. The industry is also experiencing rapid growth as more states across the US continue to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. Recent cannabis industry studies have projected more growth as more farmers and entrepreneurs venture into the sector.

Like the rest of the world, entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry such as Tyler Williams are exploring how to integrate NFTS into the space, providing clients with a more personalized touch.

Tyler William, alias Virgilxyz, is a New York City-born entrepreneur presently based in California. Virgil is the founder of several successful cannabis and blockchain companies, including Secret Nature, one of the largest CBD brands in the United States. Virgil is currently working on Cyber Pharmacy, his successful new business/NFT project, a Costco-style, cheap marketplace for all the greatest CBD, cannabinoid, and mushroom product businesses.

Virgil is an expert in brand and product development in emerging markets such as cannabis, Web3, and non-financial technologies (NFTs). At the moment, he is in charge of several brands and businesses that operate in these areas. The brand stands out because they focus on the highest-quality product and experience at a premium price point.

“When hemp first became legal in the USA, we were the first people to grow indoor hemp flowers and brand it, package it, and sell it directly to consumers all over the USA, treating it like a real cannabis brand and offering the highest quality products possible,” explains Virgil.

A born business leader, Virgil is on a mission to create creative, engaging, and exciting companies and products that are fueled by and supported by strong online communities. He strongly believes in the pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, and abundance for all, especially in a world where governments are completely dysfunctional and corrupt, and that people must take responsibility for making meaningful change.

Though in a thriving space, Virgil terms the uncertainty of future regulations and the red tape involved in doing business to be their biggest challenge. The legal cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and new measures are being implemented.

Similarly, the path to success can be challenging, but Virgil believes that you can do and have anything you want. Just decide what it is, assume it’s already a reality, and take action towards making it happen. The biggest enemy to success is a lack of trust in your abilities and potential. However, Virgil wants everyone to understand that the key is to stay focused at all times.

With a strategic focus on transitioning into federal legalization, Virgil asserts that their attention is on direct consumer sales and having top Google rankings for essential keywords related to the industry. He also adds that they are working on building a new project Cyber Pharmacy, a Costco-style discounted and curated marketplace for all the best cannabinoid and mushroom products. This unique project will be enhanced with NFTs and crypto discounts, offering unbeatable pricing and selection. Virgil also wants to continue making great brands and products that address and solve problems and provide value for society.

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