How Travis Baucom and Balcomie Capital are Maximizing Returns with Self-Storage

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Over two decades ago, everyone’s favorite home improvement channel hit the airwaves. Thanks to this channel and its variety of shows about do-it-yourself fixes, flipping homes, and interior design, many people sitting on their couches went from interested to invested. Homes were being bought left and right, gutted, and flipped for profit. While there’s always going to be houses for sale, the flipping market hit its tipping point and quickly became oversaturated.

Many real estate experts are still trying their hand at making a profit investing in houses or creating DIY content, but some real estate investors have realized that profit lies elsewhere. One such investor is Travis Baucom, founder of Balcomie Capital. He went from owning a successful house buying business to creating an entirely new company focused on self-storage, the niche he believes provides the most profit for his investors.

“The reality is that out of all of the real estate gurus and real estate influencers, 95% of them are focusing on one type of investing, which is residential houses,” said Baucom. “People focus too much on investing in  houses. Focusing on self-storage has presented more returns on the dollar and commercial real estate has proven more profitable.”

Now, with Balcomie Capital, Baucom wants to help clients transition from a ‘house buying’ mentality to focusing more on purchasing self-storage facilities with passive investors. He aims to raise capital and bring awareness to the legacy lifestyle that is found in commercial real estate and show others how generational wealth can be more easily achieved when you move away from the most popular alternative investment, houses.

The Self-Storage Market

Prior to 2008, investing in self-storage investments was seen as a super risky. It had never gone through a hard recession, and isn’t easily financeable. All of this changed when trust in the niche as a worthwhile investment was established. In 2008, following the great recession, self-storage outperformed all other commercial real estate investments.

Since then, it has served as the best-performing investment asset within the last 28 years. For accredited investors, self-storage investments offer a number of compelling benefits. With people paying a small amount to store their things, it follows a gym subscription-type model, providing a consistent and passive income stream.

Additionally, self-storage investments have a low correlation with other asset classes and are a low-risk investment. Self-storage is ultimately an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolio.

Balcomie Capital

As industry leaders and experts of self-storage, Baucom is the most credible when it comes to self-storage investment. He has bought over $50 million of assets within the last three years along with 400 houses and two apartment complexes in the last decade. He has been investing since 2012, so he knew exactly what he was doing when he founded Balcomie Capital.

With his investment firm, he wants to onboard investors into this niche market and clear up the misconceptions surrounding self-storage investments. Balcomie Capital offers a range of investment opportunities, from joint ventures to turnkey investment solutions, that are designed to help accredited investors get involved in this lucrative market.

Baucom and Balcomie Capital have investment opportunities right now for accredited investors interested in low risk, low maintenance, passive income streams. They understand the potential of self-storage and this investment opportunity, and they want to bring others into this industry where returns are maximized and true profit is attainable.

About Travis Baucom

Travis Baucom, Founder of Balcomie Capital, is a seasoned asset investor with over 10 years of real estate investing experience, with a consistent return that has yearly outperformed the market over the past decade. Balcomie Capital is a boutique firm for high-net-worth and high-income professionals. Its mission is to deliver fully-managed, private investments that allow investors to pursue what matters most to them, offering unprecedented access to income-producing private investments to help build a legacy and future for the next generation.To invest with Balcomie Capital, please visit:

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