How Top Model Jessica Knedel Grew Her Instagram to 100K Followers Organically

For years now, Instagram has been the platform of choice for any brand that wants to grow an engaged audience. Many brands opt for paid engagement, but there are the awe-inspiring brands that make it to the 6-figure mark organically. One of those inspirational icons is top model, Jessica Knedel.

Jessica’s journey of social media growth is far from an overnight sensation. It took lots of work, creativity, and planning. The good news is that all these things can be learned, and Jessica shares her formula.

First, you have to know your message. Looking at Jessica’s bio, you can immediately see what she wants to inspire people with: faith, family, food, travel, and fitness. When you have those pillars, it becomes easier to be yourself and to stay consistent.

Next, know your media. Jessica’s content is a combination of professional images, real-and-raw phone cam photos, as well as videos. It’s important to alternate between different types of media. You’ll also want them to appropriately represent your brand and represent the emotions you want it to convey.

To grow an audience, you also have to have an authentic voice. This is where Jessica thrives. Throughout her content, you’ll see that she shares her heart relentlessly. Between the glamour shots, you’ll see tender moments with family, motivational messages, and uplifting storytelling.

The last element is consistency. For a lot of people, posting regularly doesn’t contribute to success, but for Jessica, it was the key. If you want organic growth, you’ll have to work on a schedule.

Jessica continues to uplift people with her modeling journey and her life story on Instagram. Take a few notes or take in the visually-captivating content. Wherever you stumble upon Jessica’s page, you’re sure to find yourself in an inspiring place.

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