How To Use Fake Pee For A Drug Test (Full Synthetic Urine Reviews Included)

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In this complete guide, alongside synthetic urine reviews, you’re going to learn exactly how to use fake pee for drug test success. You’ll learn everything you need to know about drug testing and urinalysis. How it’s done, the different levels of analysis completed, and when you are most likely to get caught out submitting a fake sample.

We will talk about the best synthetic urine kit you can use, and I will warn you away from the worst synthetic urine brands out there that almost definitely fail a drug test.

Then, you’ll get synthetic urine reviews for the top five fake pee products out there, proven through massive amounts of positive user reviews, composition analysis, and my own personal use to pass drug tests.

You’ll also learn where to buy fake urine, and if you can buy it locally and reliably as well.

Urine Drug Testing Is Not One Thing

When people talk about a urine drug test, it can fool you into thinking it’s a single type of drug test.

That’s not actually the case for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, there are different levels of scrutiny. The most basic is a five panel drug test, although some companies now request that the fifth panel, for cannabis, is removed, and is either replaced with something else or instead just used with four panels to test for only four substances.

So, you’ll get the five-panel test, through to the 12 panel test. The 10 panel test is usually the maximum standard drug testing.

On top of looking for different types of drugs, the more advanced tests can look for cotinine (nicotine), alcohol, kratom, and other substances.

But these alternative substances are not looked for in standard panel testing. The problem is though, somebody commissioning the test can swap out any panels they want. So, you’re never quite sure what you are being tested for.

So if you are facing a urine drug test, and you have taken anything in the past five days or so, especially if it’s regularly, then you are in danger of getting caught because you simply don’t know what is going to be tested for. There simply is no standard test you can prepare for.

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These Are The Three Types Of Drug Test You Could Face

In order to understand if you can use fake pee to pass a drug test, you’ll have to understand the three types of drug test you could face:

1. The unsupervised test

An unsupervised test is where you submit your sample behind a screen, or even in a completely different room. This is when fake urine excels. You can even check the temperature before you pour the fake sample from the vial you have smuggled in, into the sample cup.

2. The supervised drug test

The supervised drug test means that somebody is going to be in the room with you. This is done to stop you from submitting a fake sample. However, for most supervised testing they are not directly watching you urinate, they will just be in the room somewhere. Obviously though, this makes it pretty impossible to submit a fake sample.

3. The observed drug test

The worst type of drug test is the observed drug test. Sometimes confused with, and interchangeably described as a supervised drug test, the observed drug test is exactly that. They observe you, literally watch you, peeing into the specimen cup. Obviously, this makes it impossible to use fake urine.

Levels Of Scrutiny & Analysis Urine Samples Are Exposed To

 Let’s say you successfully managed to submit a fake sample. What likelihood is there of even the best fake urine getting found out during the scrutiny and analysis it faces?

These are the steps a sample can potentially go through:

  1. All samples go through basic validity checks. This is where the temperature of the sample is taken. Legally, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F to minutes after you have urinated into the sample cup. Overall, this is the scrutiny faced during the validity checks:
  • Temperature is checked in the legal temperature range
  • Ph and specific gravity are checked
  • The sample is checked for the presence of adulterants such as nitrates
  • Sometimes urea and uric acid levels are checked
  • Creatinine levels are checked
  • (rumored) presence of biocide preservatives is looked for

Now obviously, fake urine reviews have to talk about whether the sample you submit can pass these basic validity checks. Thankfully, the top five going to talk about later will get past validity testing.

  1. Your sample will then be sent off for an immunoassay urinalysis. This sounds grand, but mostly, it’s just testing the sample for a chemical reaction on a physical plastic kit containing panels (the classic panel drug test), although it can sometimes be a digital analysis.
  2. If it’s been paid for, or should your sample fails immunoassay, or fail the validity checks (or additionally, arouse suspicion because of the way it physically looks), then it can be sent offer a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. No fake pee will pass this level of analysis. However, it’s incredibly rare as long as you follow all the steps in this guide.

Fake Urine Is The Best Method To Pass A Drug Test At Short Notice

Getting clean gets worse if you are facing a drug test at short notice. The less time you have, the fewer metabolites you can get out of your body fast, even with high-quality detox pills. Don’t even think about using a friend’s urine. Real urine spoils fast, even when it’s kept in the fridge.

Plus, you still have to warm it up, get it within that magical 90° – 100°F temperature range, and keep it there until you submit it. On top of all that, you have to trust your friend is actually clean and understands that when they claim they can give you a clean sample.

At short notice especially, for unsupervised drug testing, good-quality fake urine is the way to go.

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How To Spot A Good Quality Synthetic Urine Brand

It’s not just a case of picking a fake urine brand because of its popularity, cool name, or even its price. You have to understand the composition and how it relates to the levels of checks done during a drug test, as I explained earlier.

These are the minimum characteristics of good-quality synthetic urine:

  • Must contain your urea and uric acid
  • Must contain the right proportion of creatinine
  • Has to be balanced for ph.
  • Must be within the correct specific gravity range
  • Must at least look like real urine
  • Has to come with a reliable maintenance method
  • Must not contain biocide preservatives

Note that those are the bare minimum characteristics. You really want them to be more complex than that.

Thankfully, the #1 and #2 top synthetic urine products I’m going to review for you in a moment are far superior to those minimum requirements.

Biocide: The Game Changer For The Drug Testing Labs

 Biocide is a preservative found in many household products, including beauty products.

Unfortunately, three or four years ago several top brands of fake urine started to fail more regularly, as reported across the Internet. The suspicion fell on a footprint, a common ingredient found in all that was being detected during validity checks.

Biocide preservatives were determined to be the most likely candidate. This is because every single brand that suddenly spiked in failures was found to contain them. None of the five top synthetic urine reviews I’m going to do for you in a moment contain biocide preservatives. That’s guaranteed, and stated by the companies involved.

Do Not Use These Fake Urine Brands

Although they are popular, a lot of the track record is old for these products. They built up reputation years ago, and even as drug testing is in advance, and they’ve been left behind, people still fall for the old marketing and good vibes and by them.

Do not buy these fake urine products:

  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • Urine Luck
  • X Stream
  • Synthetix5
  • U Pass

None of them are good quality, and none of them pass the minimum characteristics for good quality urine that I mentioned earlier.

Also, all of these are suspected to contain biocide as preservatives. This is obviously a dealbreaker.

The absolute worst is Magnum. They didn’t even include uric acid until a few years back. When they did, they simply stuffed a separate plastic container of it into the kit for you to pour in and mix yourself!

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Top Five Best Synthetic Urine Reviews

Now we have covered the background, and given you a basic education on how to use fake urine to pass a drug test, let’s talk you through the top five best synthetic urine brands, with full reviews of each one.

1. Quick Luck – Best Synthetic Urine 2022

For me, this is now the best synthetic urine kit you can buy. Certainly, I’ll be using it for my next scheduled drug test.

Quick Luck is made by Clear Choice. The same company that makes Sub Solution (#2 best brand), and Rescue Cleanse, the top brand of detox drink. They have had real pedigree as a company for more than 20 years.

Quick Luck has the following characteristics:

  • Premixed for convenience
  • Contains 14 chemical markers found in human urine
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like urine
  • Balanced for ph. and specific gravity

Quick Luck froths like human urine because it contains albumin, the substance which makes our real urine froth when it hits the bowl. Sub Solution also does this. So this will pass even suspicious visual scrutiny, which is why it’s such an excellent fake urine product.

Chemically complex, it contains far more than the basics, and will therefore pass higher levels of validity checks, and anything else they throw at it except for the dreaded gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis.

Not only is Quick Luck premixed, meaning that could be kept with you and used for on-the-job drug testing, but it also comes with a vial of heat activator powder.

The vial of activator powder is the game changer. The number one reason why people fail drug tests is not the complexity of the formula at all, it’s because the heatpad on the urine fails, and they submit a sample that is cooler than the human body could produce.

With a heat pad, there’s nothing you can do. You are stuck unless you have a flask of hot water with you (unlikely to be a viable strategy if you’re already in the test center).

With heat activator powder, you don’t need to prepare the sample at all. You simply arrive at the venue; and before you go in, you tap in about one third of the powder. Then, you shake it gently until it dissolves, and you watch the temperature rise of the strip.

If it doesn’t register, add a little more until it does. This way, you can get granular control over the temperature, and get it as close to 100°F as you need to, but without going above that maximum level.

So, overall, Quick Luck is the most complex brand on the market, it’s premixed for convenience, and it comes with excellent heat activator powder.

Hell, it even comes with a couple of high-quality heatpad. You could use those if the heat activator powder gets lost, or you could strap them to the sample to elevate the temperature and minimize time spent messing around with heat activator powder before you go in.

Quick Luck is expensive. $100 for the 3 fluid-ounce kit. That makes it significantly more expensive than the next best, and more than twice the price of the budget brands. But you get what you pay for and if that drug test is important then Quick Luck is what you need.

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2. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

The #2 synthetic urine is actually just as good as Quick Luck, the top product I’ve just reviewed above.

Literally, the only difference is that it’s a powder, rather than being premixed. That adds an additional stage to the preparation process and means it’s not suitable to carry around with you for on-the-spot drug testing.

But overall, the characteristics of Sub Solution are almost identical to Quick Luck:

  • 11 chemical markers found in real urine
  • Contains the basics of urea, uric acid, creatinine
  • Balanced for specific gravity and ph.
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like urine

Let’s quickly talk about that additional preparation step. You’ll get a vial of powdered urine.

The additional step is that before you use it, as close to the time of your test as possible, you’ll need to fill that vial to the line indicated with water. But not normal water from the tap or bottle, you’ll need jug filtered water as this removes some things which are not found in urine.

But other than that, Sub Solution is just as effective at passing every level of scrutiny and every level of a drug test as Quick Luck.

Again, it contains heat activator powder in the synthetic urine kit as well. This is the game changer that you need to consider. If you’ve got the money, paying for a product with heat activator powder is a far better bet than one with a heatpad.

You tap in about one-third, shake it gently until it dissolves, and it raises the temperature. Just make sure you keep watching the temperature strip so that it doesn’t overheat the sample above 100°F because the temperature would then cease to show on that strip.

But generally, it gives you complete control over the sample and eradicates the main reason why people submitting synthetic urine failed drug test.

Sub Solution is slightly cheaper than Quick Luck, costing $85 for 3 fluid ounces once mixed. It’s basically the same, but you pay a little less because you get less convenience from the fact it’s a powder rather than being premixed.

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3. Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine

One of the best budget brands of fake urine that you will find is Quick Fix. It’s been around for 25 years and has been regularly updated to the current formula 6.3. That tells you this is a much-used and highly regarded product that keeping up with the times.

When I say budget brand, it only costs $30 for the 2 fluid ounces size. Even the 3 fluid ounces size is only $40; less than half the price of Sub Solution.

The reason it’s so cheap is that it only just ticks the minimum requirements for a good quality fake urine:

  • Contains urea
  • Contains uric acid
  • Contains creatine
  • Balanced for specific gravity
  • Balanced for ph.
  • Looks like urine

But it doesn’t contain any more complexity than I’ve just outlined. No additional chemicals were found in real human urine.

Also, it only looks like urine, and to me, held up against the light, under real scrutiny, it’s not even that convincing. But, being processed in batches as they normally are, it’s not going to raise suspicion.

So overall, as long as no additional scrutiny is placed on your sample, then Quick Fix is good enough to pass basic drug testing; things like pre-employment where only the most affordable drug testing is purchased.

Quick Fix reviews should mention all of the above. It’s good enough, but it’s not great. It is available locally, so it’s one of those fake urine kits near me that you will find when you search online for places locally. The best of the bunch, not the best fake urine.

It comes with a heatpad. This heatpad is good quality and usually works. But, very occasionally, people will tell you Quick Fix failed because the heatpad pumped out too much heat too quickly, and the sample was cooled when they handed it over.

The way around this is to ensure you carry a flask of hot, not boiling, water with you. Check the temperature just before you go in, and pour hot water on it to restore the temperature to within the right parameters if needed. On the plus side, Quick Fix is premixed. That makes it convenient to prepare.

Simply microwave it for about 20 seconds, shake it, and watch the temperature strip. Repeat this in 10 second bursts until you have a reading on the temperature strip close to 100°F.

Pre-activate the heatpad, then strap it to the sample after it is within the correct temperature range, tuck the sample in your underwear, and off you go to submit it.

So, overall, Quick Fix is a good fake pee product for the price. It will pass basic scrutiny, and will get you through a drug test. But it’s not the best of the bunch, and if you are using a heatpad, you should have another heat source ready just in case.

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4. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

My fourth fake urine review is for Test Clear synthetic urine. Although Test Clear is very well known in the drug testing avoidance industry, surprisingly, the fake urine they sell is not well known or used much at all.

Part of the reason for that is they don’t really market it. It hasn’t got a cool name, it’s just Test Clear urine. It’s also tucked away on their website. But, don’t let that worry you. This is really good fake urine that sits in the sweet spot between the premium brands I’ve already reviewed, and the budget brands like Quick Fix.

There was originally a lot written about Test Clear urine being real human urine that’s been freeze-dried. That’s a load of nonsense because I’ve looked into it.

In fact, that claim was made because of a misreading of the Test Clear website. They were a bit ambiguous about what it was, and some of the wording could have implied it was real human urine. Now, the wording clearly states that it mimics human urine.

Overall, the characteristics of Test Clear synthetic urine kit are as follows:

  • Good quality fake urine powder
  • Contains the basics of urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains several other key chemicals found in urine
  • Balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Looks realistic
  • Comes with a pair of really good heatpads

Test Clear urine is a powder. So just like Sub Solution, you’ll have to hydrate it. The use of filtered water for this is the first stage of the preparation process.

Because it uses heatpads rather than heat activator powder, you’ll also have to heat it in a microwave. Having said that, because you get a pair of very good heatpads, you could use both of those together, and raise the temperature on its own to within the correct parameters. But that would take around one hour to raise and stabilize.

The heatpads are very thin and of good quality. You can stick them to both sides, to kick out a steady heat evenly around the sample. For me, that’s what makes the heatpad option in this product better than others.

So overall, Test Clear urine is good if you’ve got preparation time. And it’s very good because the pair of heatpads raise the chances of you keeping the temperature stable until you submit it.

In terms of complexity, it’s good. It sits in the middle ground between Sub Solution and Quick Luck, and the less complex brands Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix.

Costing $50, it’s not too expensive, and anyone can probably still afford it. Although not as good as Sub Solution and Quick Luck, for an important drug test, this will be good enough unless it comes under extreme scrutiny.

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5. Monkey Whizz

Last on the list of synthetic urine reviews for you, but by no means a poor fake urine brand, because it’s comparable to Quick Fix and is joint best of the budget bunch, is Monkey Whizz.

Don’t be fooled by the stupid name. Also, don’t get confused by Monkey Whizz generally. It’s a range of fake urine products that are all generally referred to as Monkey Whizz. It does not refer to a single product.

However, for clarity, only one product is actually called Monkey Whizz. That’s a premixed synthetic urine belt with heatpads and a tap dispenser. So when people talk literally about Monkey Whizz, they are referring to that product.

But, online, people will refer to Monkey Whizz to generally refer to the fake urine itself.

The basic product that is comparable to Quick Fix, a premixed vial of urine with a heatpad, is called Monkey Flask. You can also get Monkey Whizz urine belts, prosthetic penis products, and even the basic product contains a vial of powdered urine that doesn’t even come with a heatpad.

3 fluid ounces of Monkey Flask costs $34.95, so very similar to Quick Fix plus which is exactly the same amount of urine.

Monkey Flask urine and Monkey Whizz urine products generally have the following characteristics:

  • Good quality synthetic urine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains the correct amount of creatinine
  • Balanced for ph.
  • Within the correct specific gravity range
  • Looks like urine

So overall, this is comparable to Quick Fix. The same sort of formula, but comes in a multitude of different products to give you maximum choice over how you hide it and deploy it.

Note that just like Quick Fix it looks like urine. But it doesn’t froth like it, and it doesn’t smell like it. So it’s not going to pass the scrutiny of a suspicious and overzealous lab assistant.

But, just like Quick Fix, as long as you don’t get any additional scrutiny on it, and it passes validity checks and goes through immunoassay testing then you will pass a drug test with Monkey Flask/Monkey Whizz.

The heatpad that comes with it is good. With the Monkey Whizz product, the belt, you get several slim versions of this to keep the entire belt within the correct temperature range.

Just make sure that you take a flask of hot water with you, so that you can raise the temperature should the heatpad fail before you can submit your sample. Obviously if you are using the belt product you’ll take it off first…

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Fake Urine Instructions To Pass A Drug Test (Includes Top Tips On Hiding It)

Generally, these are the fake urine instructions you need to follow to prepare and submit any fake urine product:

  1. Mix the product with water if it’s not premixed.
  2. If it uses a heatpad as the heating source, then you’ll want to take the pressure off the heatpad by microwaving it until it gets within the correct temperature range.
  3. If you use heatpads, ensure you activate them before you heat the sample in the microwave. If you’re going to just use a heatpad because you don’t have access to a microwave, then activate it and put it straight onto the sample so that no heat is lost.
  4. Tuck the sample, with heatpad securely attached with tape, if necessary, into your underwear. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms so that you can’t be spotted. Unless it’s an observed test you will not be closely physically searched because they cannot intimately touch you.
  5. Just before you go into the building to submit your sample, check the temperature. With heat activator powder, you will now use this to raise the temperature to within the correct range of 90°F 100°F, or you’ll use a flask of hot water to raise the temperature should the heatpad have failed.

Just to make this crystal clear. Unless it’s a supervised drug test, or for purposes such as probation or law enforcement, then you will not be properly physically searched.

They can check your bags, make you take coats and hats off, and they can pat you down, meaning the pockets, size of your body, up and down your arms and legs.

But crucially, they can’t start patting your crotch. So by tucking the sample into your underwear, and wearing baggy trousers, you make it impossible for them to spot the fake sample you have smuggled in.

Is Synthetic Urine Unisex & Do They Check Sex During Drug Test Analysis?

The best synthetic urine kits are unisex for the simple reason that no DNA checking is done during analysis. In fact, in most countries, the standard commercial drug testing, it’s illegal to check for anything relating to sex, or anything else which could incriminate or discriminate against the person submitting the sample.

Best Alternative To Using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

If the drug test is supervised, or you simply don’t have the guts to submit a fake sample, then your only alternatives are to do a natural detox (if you’ve got the time), or to use a detox drink.

A good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse is your best option. This should give you a clear zone of three or four hours during which your urine will still be balanced due to the detox drink, and free of toxins.

But, it’s far riskier than synthetic urine. Even though it might pass scrutiny because it’s real urine, there is a far higher likelihood of drug metabolites slipping through. Put it this way, overall, using a detox drink you’ve got about 75% chance of passing a drug test as a daily weed smoker.

But, using good quality synthetic urine from the reviews I’ve done here, you stand and 90% chance for the basic formula urine, and 95% chance or higher for Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

 Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me (Can You Buy Good Quality Locally?)

People often search for where to buy synthetic urine near me. Meaning, can I grab some locally at short notice, or to save me the hassle of ordering online.

The answer to that is quite simple: no. You cannot get good-quality urine locally in most cases.

In the USA, at a smoke shop or local store, you might be able to get Quick Fix. But more usually, it will be one of the poor quality urine products that I’ve already mentioned because they are cheap to buy wholesale.

So Quick Fix is the best of the bunch you will usually find locally. When you do find it locally, always check the expiry date on it before you buy it because that’s a common problem and fake urine deteriorates rapidly when it gets to the end of its shelf life.

Where To Buy The Best Quality Fake Urine Products

I’ve already told you that you can’t buy the best quality products in-store, you can’t get them locally. Sub Solution and Quick Luck are available direct from the official web store. It’s the only place you can buy them, so if you see them for sale elsewhere then they are fakes.

Quick Fix is available online as well, and although it’s available in stores occasionally, it’s best to buy fresh stock online.

Test Clear powdered urine is only available from the Test Clear web store. Not as well-known, but it’s certainly the fantastic middle-ground option if you want to spend a little more, but not spend $85 or $100 on Sub Solution or Quick Luck.

Overall then, the conclusion of this synthetic urine review and guide is that good quality fake urine is the absolute best way to pass an unsupervised drug test, as long as you pick one of the best five products and ensure it’s submitted within the correct temperature range.

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