Irrespective of whether you would like to keep a track of your children while you’re on that long-awaited family vacation, or an employee out to make a very crucial delivery, a good cell phone tracker can be of great use in all such circumstances.

A cell phone tracker can be termed as a piece of software installed on a mobile phone, to track its whereabouts as well as other important activities including GPS location, text messages, video calls, call logs and more. You can use such a software to track the activities on a Tablet PC or computer too. It’s commonplace today for parents to use these phone trackers to monitor their children’s phone activities, to ensure their online safety; as well as for companies to keep a constant tab on their employees’ activities in and outside office.

However, considering there are more than 20 different cell phone trackers available in the market today, picking the right one for your needs can be a really overwhelming task. While some of the software provide only basic features like GPS location tracking, others are equipped with advanced level features including remote camera access, social media monitoring, call recording, ambience recording and more.

Please note, even though you can possibly track a cell phone without the target user’s permission, as the app normally stays invisible on the target device, you’ll be legally allowed to do so only if you track your children below 18 years in age, or if you have that person’s prior consent, for example in case of an employee.

Why you require a Hidden Cell Phone Tracker?

Regardless of whether you’d like to use a cell phone tracker to locate your children or follow your employees, there are a wide range of benefits that can be obtained from such a tool. Let’s look at a few of these advantages which make it worth investing into.

Cell phone tracker benefits for parents

A parent’s biggest nightmare is not being able to reach their children, and being completely unaware of their location. It can be even more disturbing if you try calling them repeatedly and get no response. A hidden cell phone tracker app is meant for exactly this type of scenario. By constantly tracking your children’s mobile devices (which they carry with them all the time), you can in a way ensure their safety. Any time you notice that your daughter or son is in a place where they’re not supposed to be, you can act accordingly and swiftly to prevent them from any kind of harm. What’s even better is that you get to track their physical movements in real time, something that can be particularly useful if they take public transport, cycle or walk to their school premises. Essentially, a good cell phone tracker can give you the much-needed peace of mind as a parent.

Cell phone tracker benefits for employers

It’s a common practice among employers to give their workers smart phones or tablet PCs to complete their jobs inside and outside the office. A hidden GPS tracker can function as a critical business tool, and help you better manage the office operations. As you can constantly stay on top of the historical and current locations of the concerned devices, you can learn if the employees were actually in a place they claim they were, or if they were simply wasting time during important work hours.

Cell phone tracker benefits for individuals

A good cell phone tracker can do a lot more than simply enlightening you about the concerned individuals’ whereabouts. It can be excellent for personal use too. You can use it efficiently to keep your family informed about your locations throughout the day, without them having to text you, call you or reach out through IM. Additionally, if your phone doesn’t have an inbuilt location tracker, such an app can be very useful in case of theft or misplacement.

We’ve put together this detailed guide to tell you about three of the best cell phone tracking apps in the market today, and help you learn how it is possible to track a cell phone location without them knowing.


mSpy has emerged to become the best cell phone tracker app for parents world over. mSpy phone location tracker feature assures you that you’ll always know where your loved ones are. It works in complete stealth mode so the target user, whether it’s your child, employee or partner, will never get to know about the app’s presence on their device, unless you explicitly tell them. Using mSpy, you can:

  • See the person’s present location on a detailed map
  • Study their route history during a specific time period
  • Go through the location list details, including the time, coordinates, accuracy and address.

The app works with both iOS and android devices and can be bought in different package options, suitable for users of all types.

A large number of parents across the world actively use mSpy to know about their kids’ locations, and to make sure they are not doing anything dangerous. However, please note, to be able to use this feature, you will need to jailbreak or root the target iPhone or Android phone. mSpy customer service is very efficient and can handhold you through this entire process.

Not only does mSpy work as an efficient GPS tracking solution, you can also use its geo-fencing technology to define restricted areas and safe zones for your younger ones. Once set on the target phone, you’ll get an instant alert whenever your child leaves a safe zone or enters a restricted area. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a wide variety of details including timestamps, dates, coordinates etc. of the target device. Apart from that, you can also access a summary report which shows you all the locations that have been visited frequently.

mSpy app is extremely easy to use and takes no more than 10 minutes for installation. As highlighted earlier, it can run discreetly in the background, ensuring that the person never gets to know about its installation. It updates the activities done on the target phone every 5 minutes, so you stay constantly on top of your kids’ whereabouts, in real time. Some of the well-known features offered by mSpy include:

GPS tracking – Enabling you to track the current GPS location of the target mobile phone, and learn about its location history.

Spying on IM apps – With mSpy, you can access all the interactions happening on new-age Instant Messaging apps such as Viber, Telegram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Tracking social media activities – You can go through all the social media interactions of the target user, on all prominent platforms like Tinder, Facebook and Instagram.

Text message monitoring – Using mSpy, you’ll be able to go through all the outgoing and incoming messages on the phone, even the ones that have been deleted.

Monitoring browser history – Keep a check on all the Internet activity on the target device, including the URLs visited, time and frequency of visits; the URLs visited in the incognito mode are accessible too.

View media files – Go through all the images, videos and other forms of media stored on the target phone, even the ones that are shared with or by others.

In order to get started with mSpy, you’ll need to first decide on the subscription plan you require, which in turn will be based on the features needed. Thereafter, follow the simple installation process provided by mSpy, and complete the app installation on the target mobile phone. Once the app has been installed, you can log into your mSpy Control Panel, through a web browser (on a phone or computer) and start viewing every activity on the target mobile phone.

mSpy Pros

  • Actively used by over 1.5 million parents throughout the world
  • Instant access to a detailed and easy to understand Control Panel, enabling you to constantly monitor every cell phone activity
  • Ideal to keep children out of the harm’s way, especially from harmful online elements like cyber bullies and sexual predators.
  • Works discreetly in the background, not showing any kind of icon or hint on the target device.
  • Instant notification as soon as the target user tries deleting the mSpy app

mSpy Cons

  • In order to access premium features, you’ll need to jailbreak or root the target mobile phone
  • The premium and basic subscriptions provide coverage for only one mobile phone/device at a time


FlexiSpy is counted amongst the best mobile phone spying apps in the market today. It has all the useful features that you come to expect from a top-rated cell phone tracker and spying tool. It lets you easily track iOS and android devices, so you can be in constant knowledge of your loved ones’ online behaviour, in real time. This tool facilitates easy tracking of activities on desktop and laptop computers too.

All you need to do as install FlexiSpy application on the target mobile phone, and from there on the tracking app will operate in stealth mode, round the clock in the background. It will continue monitoring the cell phone activities without drawing any kind of attention to itself.

FlexiSpy refers to its location tracking feature as ‘Hidden GPS tracker’. It allows you to secretly learn exactly where all the target user has been, or is currently at, any point of time. The GPS location of the target mobile device is regularly uploaded to the FlexiSpy’s cloud server, which can be accessed through a secure online dashboard.

Some of the location tracking features offered by FlexiSpy include:

  • Real-time and accurate GPS location tracking of the target cell phone
  • A detailed map you which clearly shows you the historical locations as well as the current location of the target user
  • The times and dates when the coordinates of the target cell phones were recorded
  • Ability to mark favourite locations
  • Cell phone tracking in either visible or hidden mode, depending upon your preferences

Few of the other well-known features of FlexiSpy include:

  • Comprehensive tracking of all the outgoing and incoming text messages on the target cell phone, including deleted messages
  • Secret recording of the phone calls
  • Stealth access to the microphone and camera on the target mobile device, to facilitate live spying
  • Comprehensive tracking of the browser history as well as other forms of Internet usage on the device
  • Constant monitoring of the various Instant Messenger apps and social media platforms
  • Interception of phone calls and instant alerts whenever a call is made from or received on the target cell phone
  • Accessing all the media files on the target device, including videos and images
  • Round the clock monitoring all the apps installed on the target mobile device

FlexiSpy was available in three different versions at the time of writing: Extreme, Premium and Lite. As can be gauged, the Lite version provides only the basic features at a fixed low price. The Premium version on the other hand allows you to track the images, phone call logs and text messages on the target device. The Extreme version provides a comprehensive suite of advanced level tracking features, including interception of phone calls in real time.

Despite the fact that FlexiSpy isn’t the most inexpensive cell phone tracking software in the market today, it’s by far the best tracking app you can get without the need of permission from the target user (wherever lawfully allowed). The app is compatible with all new-age mobile devices, and its installation process is extremely easy compared to other similar products.


Hoverwatch is yet another extremely useful cell phone tracking app that does its job in complete invisible mode. Using Hoverwatch you can secretly track the location of the target mobile device, even if the person has turned off Wi-Fi and GPS feature. The software still manages to locate its position using the closest cell phone towers. Once the app ascertains the target cell phone’s location, it allows you to:

  • Continuously track the target cell phone’s movement on a detailed online map
  • Continue following the cell phones location, despite the unavailability of the regular GPS tracker
  • Gain non-stop location access directly from the Hoverwatch Control Panel

The Geolocation spots of the target cell phone are shown on a detailed map, in the form of blue dots. In the event that the target device has been spotted in a certain location multiple times, the dot colour gradually changes from blue to red, and you can zoom in to that location by clicking on the dot.

Where Hoverwatch scores over the other cell phone trackers in the market is that apart from monitoring the movement of target device, it also collects a wide range of additional information which can be extremely useful for comprehensive monitoring. Some of these details include:

  • Text message spying facilitating easy monitoring of all the incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Front camera usage to take a selfie from the target device, in a completely discreet mode, as soon as the person unlocks their mobile device
  • Detailed monitoring of all the URLs visited by the target user, along with the timestamps, even the ones that were visited in incognito mode
  • Remotely recording every incoming and outgoing phone call on the target device
  • Tracking of all the messages and media exchanged via popular IM apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.
  • Regular screenshots taken on the target device, providing you with a good idea about its activities.
  • Simultaneous tracking of up to 5 different cell phones
  • Non-stop tracking of the target cell phone even if the SIM card is replaced
  • Tracking of calendar entries and To-Do lists, to help you stay clued into the target user’s daily activities

As per the makers of Hoverwatch, their software is used by more than 12 million people across the world, something that speaks a lot about its effectiveness and popularity. The app works as an all-in-one solution, which apart from constantly tracking the target mobile device also offers a wide range of information. You can change the tracking frequency depending upon your needs, from within the Hoverwatch personal account.

You can buy this app through different package options including Personal Package and Professional Package, with multiple subscription choices like one month, three months and annual subscription.

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