How to Shoot Cum – 11 Easy Ways To Ejaculate Further

If you find a ruler in a man’s bedroom, chances are he’s measuring one thing in particular… But what if he’s measuring something other than how big he is down there?

Although it’s a more unspoken truth, the fact is lots of men dwell on the power of their ejaculation and how far they cum. Most men want to ejaculate like a porn star. But sadly, we’re too often left with a disappointing dribble.

It’s more than just wanting to emulate your favorite porn scenes. Women talk and you’ll get an enviable reputation amongst your partner’s friends; it’ll give your confidence and self-esteem a boost and make your orgasm feel so much more intense.

But you don’t need to bring a ruler into the bedroom and measure out your cumshot. Instead, by using these 11 techniques you’ll soon notice the difference – and you’ll never look back.

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11 Ways to Shoot Cum Further Like a Porn Star

Although there are 11 techniques to maximize your cumshot’s power, they can really be split into 3 categories: how to increase semen volume, how to build up the amount of cum before the orgasm, and techniques on how to actually ejaculate with more force and power.

Just 1 technique will make a difference, but imagine if you use all 11…

1 – Kegels

If you’ve heard of Kegel exercises, then you probably assume they’re just for women as a way to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. But men can actually benefit from Kegel exercises too – only we benefit in a slightly different way.

For men, Kegels strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which helps to support the bladder, bowel and even sexual function. Kegels involve working out the PC muscles – the ones you squeeze when you have to stop pee midstream.

Have a go at pretending to stop midstream and pay close attention to the muscles you’re squeezing… and that’s all there is to it. A Kegel exercise is simply finding PC muscles, squeezing them to work them out and relaxing again. Try holding the contraction for 3-4 seconds and aim for around three sets of ten.

What’s better is that you can exercise your PC Muscles whenever you want. At work, in bed, in the movie theater, dinner with the in-laws… whenever you have a moment to spare.

After just a few weeks of regular Kegels, your PC muscles will be so strong that you can stop yourself ejaculating at will and have enough strength to ejaculate more semen with more distance and force.

2 – Supplements

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – or goes the saying. It’s important to stay healthy, but while fruit and vegetables keep our body healthy, it doesn’t necessarily keep our sexual health in tip-top condition.

Fortunately, there are sexual health supplements available for you that work wonders. Each brand has its own unique blend of highly potent, natural ingredients that come with a range of benefits: increased libido, bigger and harder erections, increased semen volume and more powerful orgasms.

Ingredients like Maca, Lecithin, KSM-66 and Zinc have all been shown to drastically improve your sexual health and function. Zinc is also an excellent supplement for increasing sperm count and fertility. A healthy dose of sexual health supplements not only makes sex better, but you’ll end up shooting bigger loads further.

A range of supplements are available, but Ultraload is a suggestion that comes highly recommended for bigger loads and intense orgasms.

3 – Stay Hydrated

Dehydration has a variety of effects on your body, and one is a disappointingly small dribble of cum instead of the power hose you really want for an orgasm.

In a 2013 study looking at the hyperviscosity of semen (how thick it is), they found that as many as 29% of men had particularly thick semen, a factor that can lead to infertility. And what can help this? Water.

We tend not to drink enough water these days, but we really should as being well-hydrated comes with a range of benefits: It boosts your mood as well as mental and physical performance. It’ll also help the thickness of your semen.

Semen is mainly made up of water – it’s not supposed to be too thick. And the better hydrated you are, the better the semen’s quality and viscosity. That means it will be less thick and will shoot out further when you ejaculate.

4 – Abstinence

One of the great things about being a guy is we don’t have a time limit for fertility. We’ll just keep on producing that sticky white stuff day in, day out without fear of running out. But just because you won’t run out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break from time to time.

Abstinence, or abstaining from ejaculating, isn’t fun – especially when you’re really in the mood. But since you keep producing semen every day, holding it in means it’ll shoot out faster and more powerfully when you finally let it out.

Think of it like a water balloon – with just a small amount of water in there, nothing’s really going to fire out. But when it’s bursting to the seams with water, it’ll explode when it can, gushing water everywhere.

If you want to gush hard just like a water balloon, hold it in.

5 – Exercise

Are you a regular runner or a constant couch potato? While it doesn’t make all the difference in the world, it can affect the amount you blow at the crucial moment in bed.

You might think it’s not that important, but since sports are extremely popular nowadays, aren’t you a little concerned if and how sports affect your sperm count, semen and fertility?

According to a study, there are changes in semen parameters depending on the type of sport, intensity and duration.

Sperm and semen production is often affected by heat stress; your testicles work best when they’re about 2°C lower than your core body temperature.

But this temperature changes depending on your lifestyle – it gets higher with obesity, exposure to heat, laptop use and too much of certain exercise. Elevated scrotal temperatures have been detected in cyclists, for example; and this is made even worse when wearing tight clothing like lycra.

However, working out and training has also been shown to increase semen volume. Lounging on the couch and doing nothing reduces your sperm and semen concentration, but sperm concentration is about 43% higher in men who engage in moderate exercise.

So, don’t work out so much that your balls are burning to the touch. But work out and exercise to keep your body in its best shape, and this will help to increase semen production.

6 – Diet

You’ve probably heard that eating pineapple makes your semen taste better.

So, sure – include that in your diet if you want. But if you want to shoot your cum even further, you need to build up the amount you make, and there’s some food to include in your diet to help you do that.

For starters, nuts help your nuts bust a bigger nut because of all their micronutrients – and they’re easy to have as a simple snack on the side.

Popeye had the right idea because spinach and other leafy greens are rich in folate that help improve the quality of your semen. On top of this, lean meats improve your intake of zinc too.

On the other hand, there are a few bits you should probably cut out of your diet. For example, you might enjoy a McDonald’s every now and then, but you should cut down on processed foods because of all the fat and sugar.

Alcohol and caffeine, while they may seem like a gift to mankind at times, sadly have a negative effect on your load.

A healthy diet will have a positive effect on both your sperm volume, semen output, and your sexual performance.

7 – Increase Libido

You know how much stronger you feel when you’re angry, or how much faster you run when you’re scared?

Your emotions can have a huge effect on the way your body acts. So when you’re more horny with a bigger libido, your body will shoot cum much further and with more power.

But how can you increase your libido?

Keep your relationship healthy, meditate by engaging in sports like tai chi and yoga, get plenty of sleep and eat the right stuff.

Chocolate promotes the release of phenethylamine and serotonin; fruits like figs, bananas and avocados increase blood flow due to high levels of vitamins and minerals; herbs like basil and garlic stimulate senses and have high levels of allicin to improve blood flow.

But it can be hard sometimes to include all these foods and nutrients into your diet. So, one surefire way of getting these nutrients to boost your libido is to take supplements.

There are a range of supplements available, but Ultraload is particularly effective thanks to its potent libido-boosting ingredients.

8 – Foreplay

Have you ever been particularly freaked out by a horror film? You know those moments where a character might go round a corner or look behind them… then BAM! Something pops out and you jump out of your seat, a shower of popcorn thrown into the air. This only makes you jump because of the tension.

And you can bring tension to the bedroom with foreplay – and it’s sure to make you cum further.

Foreplay is all too often left out, but the ideal length of foreplay is just shy of 20 minutes, really getting your mind and body in the mood for sex.

The more aroused you are by the amount of foreplay helps ensure enough blood is streaming through your penis and your heart is beating loud and proud.

Put simply, the more foreplay you have, the more aroused you are. And the more aroused you are, the more powerful your reaction will be when you finally cum.

9 – Edging for Powerful Ejaculations

Edging requires a great deal of restraint and discipline but can make a huge difference to your ejaculation.

Edging is a technique where you continue masturbating or having sex until the moment just before you cum. As you reach the edge, about to topple over…

You stop. Completely.

It helps improve your control over your ejaculation by bringing you to the point of orgasm and then stopping, letting it cool down and refresh.

The reason this helps shoot more cum more powerfully is because it gives your prostate more time to produce the fluid and maximizes your arousal and stimulation for a strong, more intense orgasm with extra semen.

10 – Sex Positions to Last Longer

Whether you’re looking to shoot your cum further or defeat premature ejaculation by lasting longer in bed, these positions are best for you.

To shoot cum further, this works in a similar way to edging and increasing foreplay by maximizing arousal for a more powerful and bigger cumshot.

You don’t want to let loose before you or your partner are done and you want to delay the memorable moment until it’s impossible to hold it in.

Doggy style is probably the worst position for this as it’s more likely to make you cum faster.

Side-by-side is also a favorite if you want to cum quickly, but missionary is more reliable in stopping you from cumming too fast.

But the best, most surefire way to delay ejaculating too soon and making sex last longer is woman on top.

Pop your lady on top and make the sex last longer to maximize your arousal and make yourself desperate to finally shoot it out.

11 – Get the Angle and Technique Right for Maximum Output

If you really want the money shot to look extra impressive, don’t go against gravity. If you cum with your penis aimed for the sky, gravity will pull your load down the entire time.

Instead, angle it at 45°. This has been proven by science and will travel a much greater distance and be even more impressive to your partner, wherever it lands.

And for an extra big load, don’t stop as soon as you start shooting. Keep up the stimulation for as long as you can stand it, before it gets too sensitive, just to help milk out as much as possible for extra effect.

Keep Practicing

As much as you may want to, you’re not likely to be shooting massively powerful cumshots overnight. It takes time, practice and some dedication – but it’s absolutely possible for any guy.

Just remember to do your Kegel exercises and angle your penis just right to ejaculate with more force and power; make sure to practice edging, foreplay, abstinence and enjoy a range of sex positions to build up as much cum as possible; and remember to hydrate, exercise and improve your diet to increase semen volume and ejaculate like a porn star.

Of course, one of the best ways to increase your libido and get all the nutrients and minerals you need for a powerful cumshot is with supplements.

Feel free to shop around and see which suits you best, but you can’t go wrong with our top recommendation, Ultraload.

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