How to Play and Win on CoinFantasy

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CoinFantasy, the world’s first fantasy game platform for crypto and stock markets, works on a decentralized paradigm. The platform follows the idea of Fantasy Football and combines it with finance. It uses NFTs on a play-2-earn model where users can earn non-fungible tokens if they win games. It operates on a two-layer platform where the primary objective of users is to achieve a higher rank than other players to mint rare NFTs. But how can you play in CoinFantasy and win games? Here’s a quick overview of the process.

Step 1

The first step to playing in CoinFantasy is to lock up your desired amount. After registering on your platform, you need to join the content to participate. Once you lock your amount, you can pick your lineup of crypto or stocks. Remember, it is possible to unstake the tokens anytime after the game. If you’re going to reduce your amount, you can do so.

Step 2

In the second step, you have to predict a lineup of stocks or cryptos that you think would perform the best. Remember, you must select a lineup within the amount you had decided in the first place. The total value of the cryptos or stocks should be either equal to or less than your selected amount. Make sure you strategically build your lineup. Winning these games can help you mint rare NFTs.

Step 3

You get points based on the performance of the lineup you have selected. If you score more points among all the participants, you win the game pool. You can keep playing as many times as you want. However, it is essential to win consistently to achieve a higher rank. This would enable you to mint rare NFTs from CoinFantasy.

Types of games available

The advantage of registering on CoinFantasy is that it has plenty of games that you can play and win money. All you have to do is outsmart your opponent and win more points. Here are some of the types of games that are available on CoinFantasy:

1. Player vs. Player

You can go one on one with another CoinFantasy user. The idea is to win every game so that you earn more points. If you have more points than others in the tally, you have a higher chance of buying rare NFTs later.

2. Player vs. Squad

CoinFantasy will conduct various tournaments and championships from time to time. These tournaments will have massive prize money. If you want to participate, you have to join a game pool. The objective is to compete against different groups or squads and win rewards.

3. Player vs. House

If you don’t want to play against squads or other players, you can start by playing against different houses. This would also give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the platform. After that, you can play games to win rewards and level up.

CoinFantasy’s excellent strategy helped it raise more than $3.2 million from prominent companies, like Moonwhale Ventures, Poolz Ventures, Magnus Capital, and AvaLabs. Register on the platform today to experience a new gaming style where you can play to win money.

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