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A hair follicle test is a type of drug testing which is renowned for its accuracy and detection ability. It offers an accurate screening with a massive window of drug detection. Additionally, it can detect many different types of drugs from just one strand of hair. Whether you are an occasional smoker or hit the bong every day, this test is equally menacing. 

Many employers have been using hair drug testing as a condition for new employees and annual testing for current employees. There is sometimes no telling when you will need to submit your hair for a screening.

Fortunately, there are several ways to beat the hair follicle test. This brief guide will help you find the most effective ways to beat this drug testing and make sure you lose your previous job. If you are ready to find out how to pass a hair drug test, you are in the right place. 

What is a Hair Follicle Drug Testing? 

A hair test is generally used to detect drug use in the past 90 days or more. In most cases, it is used when testing for more extended periods. A urinalysis helps detect drug use recently; however, a follicle test will see chronic drug use. 

Since it has such a long detection window and produces accurate results, these hair tests are being used more often at the corporate and government levels. They are also challenging to cheat and offer a non-invasive testing method. 

So how can you pass a hair follicle test if you have used drugs in the last 90 days?

Best Methods to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test:

Many myths and old folk remedies claim to be able to beat the hair test, but which ones are real? Here are some tried and true methods that will help you to beat the hair drug tests and keep your employment. Let’s take a look: 

#1 Using Hair Detox Shampoo

There are many hair detox shampoos on the market but do these miracle products work? In most cases, yes. The majority of these shampoos taunt a “secret ingredient” that will help to scrub your follicles of any THC that is clinging on for dear life. These shampoos have been around for years for other uses. However, they were recently discovered to work for removing drug toxins as well as other contaminants. 

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How does the THC hair detox shampoo work? 

There are many different versions of THC-removing hair follicle shampoo available on the market, and most work in similar ways. These shampoos are formulated using deep cleansing formulas that can gently lift out and remove the toxins and other harmful pollutants without damaging the hair itself. 

Using the hair test shampoo couldn’t be easier. The more you use it, the better it works, so it is recommended to use the shampoo several times before the test if possible. Simply scrub your hair with the product and leave it in your hair for at least ten minutes. After ten minutes (fifteen minutes is better), wash the hair and repeat as many times as possible throughout the day. 

Most of these shampoo companies have been around for decades, and many THC users swear by these products. They claim to offer top-notch solutions for those looking to pass a hair follicle drug test, and many customers can attest to their effectiveness. 

Remember, the more often you use the shampoo, the better chance you have of removing the THC toxins from your hair. In many cases, employees are not notified or given very little notification before the hair test. In that case, using the product just once might be enough to help you pass the test, but the deep cleaning agents in the shampoo respond better if they are used several times. 

Many find that these shampoos can be pretty pricey; however, there are also cheaper alternatives. The cheaper version comes as a kit with conditioner included, and many users claim that it works just as well. Additionally, the conditioner will keep your hair from being damaged by repeated shampooing. 

Both of these shampoos come with the warning to avoid accidental contact with toxins once you have used their product. THC toxins can remain on pillowcases, hats, headbands, and beanies and can reintroduce the same chemicals you are looking to get rid of. 

#2 Home Remedies Such as The Macujo Method

We mentioned before that there are many myths surrounding home remedies that claim to rid your hair of THC toxins and fall short. However, there are several home remedies that many have found to be quite effective. Here are some of the home remedies you can use to prepare your hair for a drug test: 

The Macujo Method:

The Macujo method is a well-known home remedy that involves various products aimed at detoxing your scalp of THC and other toxins. Many people have turned to the Macujo process to beat the hair follicle test, and many users swear by it. 

Most of the people who use the Macujo method are attempting to detoxify their hair from the effects of marijuana use; however, it supposedly works for other substances. This method can be pretty brutal on your scalp and hair and may cause some degree of comfort or damage. 

Before you try this method, you must be aware of the potential risks involved. Utilizing a drug detox of any kind can put some stress on your body. If you have a sensitive scalp or skin, this might not be the best option for you as it could be painful or even dangerous. 

This method uses several acid ingredients such as vinegar which might irritate your scalp or lead to burning or redness. The actual goal of the process is to damage your hair enough to scrub the toxins from deep within your follicles. Again, before trying this method, be sure to read very carefully and understand all of the risks. 

The Macujo Method Requires:

  1. A sink filled with warm water 
  2. Goggles (these are critical to protecting your eyes)
  3. A towel nearby 
  4. A pair of disposable gloves (change gloves after using each chemical substance).
  5. A shower cap
  6. Regular white vinegar
  7. Pink “Clean and Clear Wash for Acne”
  8. A detoxifying aloe-based shampoo 
  9. “Liquid Tide Detergent” pack
  10. Ultra Clean Shampoo from (such as the one made by Zydot) 

The Macujo method makes use of otherwise corrosive substances that might damage your scalp or hair if you are not extremely cautious. If you have experienced any inflammatory reactions in the past, you might want to consider another method to pass the hair drug test. 

However, if you are confident that you can do this carefully and safely, it has been highly effective. Nevertheless, you should check the ingredients list and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients involved in this process. Legally, this method has been used by individuals who feel that their bodily fluids have been unlawfully requested by authorities and should only be used for these purposes. 

Some sources on the Macujo method suggest that you start by rinsing your hair before beginning the process. However, it might not be such a good idea if you have oily hair. If that is the case, it might add another layer on top of the oil and lock the toxins in place further. If you are ready to begin, the Macujo method proceeds as follows: 

  1. Wearing your disposable gloves, apply the vinegar throughout your scalp and hair. Remember to change your gloves after each step. 
  2. Next, apply the Clean and Clear product to your hair, mixing with the vinegar solution already on your scalp. Leave this mixture in place and put the shower cap over your head. Let it sit for half an hour before removing it. 
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to scrub your scalp well and remove all of the mixtures before proceeding to the next step. 
  4. Wash your hair with aloe-based shampoo. Using the aloe shampoo will help your scalp with inflammation and lessen the irritation that may occur. 
  5. Repeat with the aloe shampoo and rinse thoroughly. 
  6. Drop a few drops of the Tide laundry detergent in your hair and wash it thoroughly. 
  7. Finish with the Zydot ultra clean shampoo and rinse well. For best results, blow-dry.

#3 Abstaining From Weed For Over 120 Days

If the other methods sound a little too intense for you, there is one surefire way that is guaranteed to help you pass the hair drug test: abstaining from THC products and marijuana for 120 or more days. 

Remember that a hair follicle test can detect THC in a strand of hair for up to 90 days. However, that is just a general estimate. Depending on your rate of metabolism, that could be more, or it could be less. Everybody is different and can metabolize THC at entirely different rates. 

Additionally, the other methods have worked for countless people, but there is no guarantee that they will work for you. The only foolproof, 100% proven way to pass a drug test is to remain abstinent and let your body take its natural course. Of course, for some, that is easier said than done, but if it is imperative to you, you can do it. 

We know many employers won’t give you the courtesy of telling you 120 days in advance of a drug test. That’s why if you know that your company uses a hair follicle test for their method of testing, it is wise to consider remaining abstinent, especially if they can spring a test without warning. 

This method is by far the least fun method to beat a drug test, but it is the only one that has 100% efficacy. If holding out from THC products and marijuana sounds like too much to ask, you can always try one of the methods mentioned above. There are certain risks involved with trying to beat the hair test but if you want peace of mind, stop a full 120 days before taking the test. 

Things That Won’t Work To Pass A Hair Drug Test:

Before we begin to talk about the effective methods for passing a hair follicle test, we will start by dispelling all of the myths and semi-truths regarding hair follicle tests. While you may have heard about some of these options, none of them effectively give you an unfavorable result on the hair test. 


You may have heard that simply abstaining from cannabis or THC products is enough to help you beat the test. You should keep in mind that you would have to abstain for over 90 days for this to work at all. You are usually not notified of the test beforehand, especially not 90 days in advance. You should not rely on this method unless you are optimistic that you have cleared the period of metabolization. 

Shaving or Cutting Your Hair

Shaving off every single hair in your body might be tempting, but unfortunately, it is not a solution. If you go to a drug test looking as bald as the day you were born, your employer would undoubtedly suspect that you are trying to avoid the trial. In many cases, this will result in a blood test since they cannot get an accurate hair sample. 

Bleaching or Dyeing Your Hair

This is a method that is often touted on specific drug community forums; however, the truth of the matter is, this method is only about 40% effective at beating the test. You would have to bleach your hair repeatedly over a short period of time, and even then, you may not pass. Bleaching your hair is not a surefire way to beat a hair follicle test. 

Now that you know what NOT to do, let’s take a look at how you stand a chance of beating the test.

FAQs About Hair Follicle Drug Test Methods

When it comes to any type of drug test, it is difficult to know precisely what you will be up against. If you are trying to beat the hair drug test, you may have a few questions. We have compiled a list of the most common questions regarding passing a hair drug test.

Can I use a natural hair detox to pass a hair drug test? Can you do a hair follicle test at home?

When you are trying to detox your hair from THC or other harsh toxins, it is essential to remember that you need some serious intervention to scrub your hair well enough to pass inspection. No regular shampoo will do the trick, and other natural solutions typically involve aloe vera, vinegar, clay, etc. These natural ingredients, even in combination, will not be powerful enough to remove potent toxins, such as drug residue from your hair. 

It is best to use a more potent detox shampoo designed to help you pass a drug test. In this case, no, natural ingredients alone will not be strong enough to help you pass. 

Will home remedies help me pass a hair follicle drug test? 

Two prevalent methods for detoxing your hair follicles before a drug test are the Jerry G method and The Macujo method (covered above). Both of these home remedies utilize harsh products such as vinegar and laundry detergent instead. The Jerry G method also suggests that you redye your hair afterward. 

Both of these methods require that you follow up treatment with some sort of aloe product. These methods can be very harsh on sensitive skin. If you only have a short time to pass the drug test, then one of these methods will suffice. However, if you have more time, you should naturally try to give the THC to avoid the irritation that these treatments may cause. Whatever process you choose, be sure to follow the instructions closely to prevent any potential hazards. 

Will using a hair detox shampoo guarantee that I pass the hair follicle drug test?

The short answer is “no.” Some shortcuts work with many people, but there is no guaranteed way to pass a hair drug testing unless it is through abstinence. If you only have a short time, many people have found success using detox shampoos. However, you should maintain the mindset that it is not 100% foolproof. 

Why is detox shampoo so expensive?

First and foremost, detox shampoos are specially formulated and cannot be compared to your average supermarket shampoos. The makers of detox shampoos all have their proprietary compounds and ingredients they use to produce results. These are closely guarded formulas that can not be replicated by-products of lesser quality. 

One specific brand seems to have a monopoly on this market because it is the only shampoo that produces such a high success rate. That means they are in the position to charge any price they wish for their products. While this might not seem exactly fair, you get what you pay for, and this brand has a very high success rate compared to the competition.

Is there only ONE detox shampoo that will get the job done?

One brand, Aloe Toxin Rid, has been on the market for decades and remains one of the most popular options for detoxing your hair before a hair follicle test. Based on customer reviews and anecdotes, it is so famous for a reason. It seems to be one of the few products on the market that can back up their claims with evidence. Of course, it doesn’t work for everyone, but it has worked for countless THC users. 

How much hair is required for an accurate drug hair testing?

There is a lot of misinformation about hair drug tests and how much hair is required. The reality is, not much hair at all is necessary for a hair test. Only about 100 to 120 hair strands will do the trick. And no, you will not notice a big bald patch on your head because the analysts take the hairs from different locations on your head. If they were to analyze your body hair, they would require enough hair to make the size of a small cotton ball. 

How long does it take to get the results of a hair follicle drug testing? 

In most cases, analysts can return negative results in as little as 24 hours. If you happen to test positive, that is a different story. A positive test needs to undergo further testing to confirm that the positive result isn’t a false positive. In that case, it could take up to three days to do a follow-up analysis on the hair sample. 

How do drug toxins get in your hair?

This is a question that isn’t asked enough, but it should be. When you consume drugs, primarily THC, the drugs are metabolized by your body then released out into your bloodstream. Once they are in your bloodstream, they make the journey through your system until they are excreted as waste. This includes the molecules that make up your hair follicles. 

Your hair could be tested to show what drugs you ingested years before if you have long hair. That is one reason why the hair drug test is so commonly used in corporations and government positions.

Is it possible to tell the difference between first-hand and secondhand smoke? Can a hair test detect one time use?

Secondhand marijuana smoke usually does not contain enough THC to enter your bloodstream. Therefore, it shouldn’t show up in your bloodstream unless you were doing some serious “hotboxing.” 

In most cases, if you inhaled secondhand smoke, you shouldn’t worry. The drug tests are designed to detect drugs that have been metabolized in your body, not taken in from the outside environment. 

However, drug analysts know this as well, which will usually not be a valid excuse for a retest. 

What drugs can be detected by a hair follicle drug testing?

Hair follicle drug tests are not only highly accurate but can also be used to detect a variety of different substances. These drug tests can test for drugs that have been prescribed legally and illicit drugs that are less than legal. When you are given a hair follicle drug test, it will most likely be a “5-panel” test for some of the most common illicit substances. 

These tests look for: 

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • PCP
  • Methamphetamine and amphetamines
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