As quarantine regulations begin to fade and our state slowly reopens, many employers and employees are wondering: how do we safely get back to work.

Thankfully, Casco Contractors has the answer. Cheryle Osborn, CEO and Founder of Casco Contractors, has been working diligently alongside health experts and industry professionals to develop a comprehensive and complete way to ensure employees feel safe coming back to the office.

What can you do to make your workspace safe in the era of COVID-19 and social distancing? Osborn shares three things that you must do: 

“We must continue to work diligently to protect our employees and their families by keeping everyone healthy and safe,” explains Osborn. “If you aren’t doing these three things, your office isn’t safe.”

Don’t assume you’ve got it covered. Ensure the proper procedures and protocols have been put in place before you open your doors. The three vital tasks employers must take to make the office safer for the return to work are:

  1. Develop a staggered schedule for remote and onsite work days
  2. Define proper cleaning procedures
  3. Employ portable free-standing desk partitions

Visit for more points, as well as detailed information on how you can safely get back to work, as soon as possible.

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