After a long day when you’re home with your girlfriend/wife, some men get lost in thought. While most ladies think you’re thinking of another woman, chances are you’re just thinking about your Weiner. You might not be comfortable with the size, and you’re probably wondering about ways to get it thicker. One primary fact I can assure you is that you’re not alone.

Although we’ve always debated if the penis size matters and the perfect size, we can all agree that we will be happier with a larger size. Women love big dicks as well and are actively searching for them.

So, if you’re looking for how to make the penis thicker and longer naturally permanent, you’re on the right page. We’re going to explore different ways to have your penis bigger without using artificial creams. Excited and ready to dive in? Cool! Let’s begin.

Best 5 Ways To Make Pennis Thicker And Longer Naturally

1) Quick extender pro – Best dick extender in the market [Rated 5/5]

2) Performer 8 – Top male enhancement supplement made with natural ingredients

3) VigRX – Best supplement for enhancing sex drive (libido) made with natural ingredients

4) Male Extra – Best for longer erections made with natural ingredients

5) Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump – Popular dick pump in the market. 

In Detailed Explanation On How To Make Penis Thicker and Longer

Before we begin to discuss how to get a bigger dick, let’s state facts. There is no magic potion that will make you get a bigger dick naturally. There are no magic words either that you can find in making a penis thicker and longer naturally. However, if you want to transform your natural shape, you can get it done in a couple of effective ways. This article covers these effective methods, so let’s begin.

Penis Extenders – Fastest And Safest way to make your penis thicker and longer naturally without using any supplements

You can’t make your penis bigger fast in one day but with a penis extender. These are traction devices that you need to strap to your penis. You also need to wear a penis extender for a long time, and it will make your penis longer. There are different types of penis extenders, and some are more effective than others.

The best part about cock extenders is that they don’t just work to make your penis longer and thicker. They also make you last far longer in bed. Based on reports from Healthline, using a dick extender is one of the best ways to make your penis thicker and longer without surgery.

Some penis stretchers have to be worn for 6-12 hours a day, while you can wear some for less time. You can count on the whole process that it will help you grow a giant dick. It does this through cell division and multiplication. Some penis extenders only help you add an inch, while some allow you to gain much more over a long period.

You also have to go for a model that isn’t bulky and can conveniently be worn under your clothes.

Finally, you can count on your penis extender that if you have penis curvature, it will straighten it right up. If you’re wondering the best choice for you, you should check out the Quick Extender Pro.



This penis extender has consistently proven to be the best choice for those looking for how to make pp bigger. Like other penis extenders, it will extend your penis shaft through the traction technique. This cock extender also works fast as you can begin seeing results within a couple of months.

It is also a top choice amongst many men because of how lightweight and sleek it is. You can conveniently wear the Quick Extender Pro underneath your clothes, and it will remain discreet and comfy. It also features a double strap system that will help prevent your dick from slipping out of the extender. It is also a great choice because you won’t feel any discomfort or pain using it for long periods.

The Quick Extender Pro comes with a 6-months money-back guarantee. This means that you can simply return it within the first six months of purchase if you’re not satisfied with the product. After that, all you will need to do is ask for a refund, and you’re sure to get it.

This cock stretcher goes the extra mile of coming with foam padding to ensure you’re comfortable while wearing it.

How it Works

This dick stretcher comes assembled, so you don’t have to go through the stress of setting it up. It works through the process of penis traction. First, you have to attach it to your penis and ensure the double strap is in place. The rest of the work depends on the penis extender. It applies a constant light stretch to your penis daily. As a result, the penis enlargement process is painless, and you don’t have to worry about it affecting your penis function.

The Quick Extender Pro causes microscopic tears along your shaft, and it’s a painless process. The tears are not even visible to your eyes, so you have nothing to worry about. As the tears begin to heal, your cells divide into two and are, therefore, multiplied. Now, your cells continue to divide just to fill up the tears, and as it does that, your dick grows thicker and longer. If you’re looking for an effective method, this is how to make your penis thicker and longer naturally at home or anywhere.

Natural Supplements

Another natural method you can naturally make your penis thicker and longer is with natural supplements. The results are also permanent, so they’re a viable option. However, the market is saturated today with many fake supplements promising magical penis growth. However, you can’t try all of them as some of them might only cause more harm than good to your body. Using Viagra is not the solution because it only makes the penis grow to full size for a very short while. You might not get this result half the time, and it might lead you to have weaker erections without its use. While Viagra and Cialis might make your penis look more prominent right now and make your girlfriend/wife happy right now, she will notice the difference later.

So, instead of taking these pills, why not try natural supplements. They work to restore your confidence in the bedroom with permanent results. They are also created with herbs, vitamins, and other healthy ingredients to help you solve issues with your penis. We researched the best natural supplements to grow a bigger dick naturally and came up with Performer 8, VigRX Plus, and Male Extra. These natural supplements contain the following natural ingredients to boost your libido and increase your penis length and girth.


L-arginine is a popular amino acid that increases the creation of nitric oxide. This is a vasodilator that will help improve your blood floor. Now, when you’re aroused, blood flows to your penis and makes it look thicker and longer naturally. This ingredient ensures that this takes place smoothly.

Panax Ginseng

This ingredient is found in the East-Asian Mountain and helps to improve your sexual activities. It targets those with erectile dysfunction and will enhance your erection. It also works to enhance blood flow, relieve stress, and increases your endurance and alertness level.

Maca Root

Another ingredient you will find is the maca root which is famous for therapeutic purposes. It works to enhance men’s sexual health. It is known for boosting sexual performance, and if you have erectile dysfunction, it will fix it.

Some other ingredients you can find in these natural supplements are Yohimbine, Ginkgo Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris, and horny goat weed. They all serve the same function of improving blood flow and giving you a harder erection. They also make your dick thicker and longer, naturally permanent, while enhancing your sexual performance. Now that we’ve explored the ingredients let’s check out the supplements themselves.

#2. Performer 8 – Natural and Best Penis enhancing supplement

Suppose you’re looking to improve your sexual performance. In that case, this supplement contains many natural and effective ingredients like horny goat weed, maca root, pine bark, Panax ginseng, and many more.

The Performer 8 aims to enhance testosterone level for men, especially when you’re within the 40-60 age range. It will also improve blood flow to the penis for a harder erection. As a result, you can count on a boost in your sexual desire and libido while your stress level decreases.

#3. VigRX Plus – Best Selling Male Enhancing Supplement

Another top supplement for increasing your libido is the VigRX plus. It is made using natural ingredients like Asian red ginseng, Damiana, and so many more. It also ensures an increase in your penis sex by stimulating blood flow. One thing you can count on from the process is a more rigid and long-lasting erection. When it comes to ejaculation, VigRX Plus ensures you’re in total control.

#4. Male Extra

The third but certainly not the least amongst the natural supplements to try out is Male Extra. It uses entirely natural ingredients and assures you of a harder and longer reaction. Male Extra gives you an extra sex drive and your erection some extra time to stay hard. It even ensures that orgasms are more intense for you and your partner. This way, your self-confidence is through the roof when you use Male Extra to spice up your sexual life.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery is another option you might want to consider for a permanently thick and long penis. However, you should only treat it as a last resort because of the risks. Remember that no surgery is guaranteed, and you stand the chance of permanent penis damage. However, if you’re willing to take the high risk for the result it promises, below are some options you could explore.

Injections and Grafting

One way your penis size will increase is if they add graft tissue to the penis shaft. However, most times, this is used to correct the penis shape rather than increasing the length. On the other hand, injecting involves taking fat from another part of your body and adding it to your penis.

Suspensory Ligament Method

This surgery is when the surgeon cuts the ligament fusing the penis and the pubic bone. Once this is done, more of your skin can move to the shaft and make it longer and thicker. The only primary downside to this surgery is that it might compromise the stiffness of your erection.

Pneuma Silicone

The FDA approves this surgery method. It works by adding medical-grade silicone beneath your penis. It works like breast implants and will make it bigger and thicker. These implants come in three varying sizes, so you can pick how thick and long you want them.


Another effective and natural way to make the penis thicker and longer naturally is with pumps. They work through suctions and send more blood to your dick to ensure bigger and lasting erections. It works by placing a tube over your penis. You then seal it and use a vacuum pump to start the process. This method, although effective, has its downsides because it can cause internal bleeding and blood clot. There are safety devices that allow you to control the level of pressure you get from the cylinder. This control helps to regulate pressure because too much pressure will lead to injury.

Air pressure-based pumps are very dangerous, but water pressure-based pumps are safer. One option you could try out is the Bathmate Hydro max Penis Pump.

#5. Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump – Popular Penis Extension Pump

The Bathmate pump comes in three different packages, one for each level of expertise. This hydromax is for the experienced, while the hydro extreme is made for experts who are masters of the penis pump. It is approved clinically and is used by millions of men worldwide. It works through the process of suction.

First, you place the pump on your penis and encase it with a vacuum that improves blood flow to your penis. Once you fill the cylinder into your penis and fix the pump in your penis, pump the hydromax slowly to build pressure. Steadily, it will stimulate blood flow to your penis and make your penis bigger. Note that it doesn’t last, and your penis will eventually revert to its normal size. However, if you continue to use the pump, the results will become permanent.



Lifestyle Changes

One method that works really well to help you grow a longer and thicker penis naturally is lifestyle changes. There are some top habits you can develop that will help your penis grow longer and thicker. The first step you might have to take immediately is to start exercising regularly.

You also need to be involved in more intense workouts if you want results. You also need to stop the smoking habit if you want your penis size to increase. This lifestyle change also applies to alcohol and narcotic drugs. Also, you will need to extend the lifestyle changes to your diet. For example, increase your intake of vegetables if you want to see results.

Final Thoughts

Online, you would find a lot of advice on how to make the penis thicker and longer naturally. However, most of them are ineffective and cause more harm than good. That’s why we’ve researched for you and present you with the best methods to get results.

Extenders are a popular choice and have shown promise, especially the Quick Extender Pro. You could also try natural supplements as they pose a lot of health benefits for you. Pumps also work, and making lifestyle changes will yield slowly but sure results. Penis enlargement surgery should only be the last option for you.

You also have to note that sometimes, your penis size isn’t the problem. Visit a doctor to get answers to your problems. Ensure your choices keep you healthy, horny, and happy.

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