In less than a decade of existence, the OnlyFans platform has provided a creative release, a fun outlet and piles of cash for many of its members. This site is home to workout enthusiasts, dancers and, yes, strippers and porn stars too, and most of them are happy to show their faces and build on their success on other social media platforms.

That is all well and good for those anxious to show off their faces along with their other body parts, but what if you would rather remain anonymous? There are all kinds of reasons an OnlyFans model would choose to not show his or her face, including ongoing feelings of shame over sexual content and activity, concerns about outside employment and even fear that banking privileges could be revoked.

Even in a relatively sex positive age, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the OnlyFans platform and what it has to offer. All of these stigmas sometimes create the need for members to keep their anonymity intact, but can those faceless creators still make money? The simple answer is yes, and here are some ways to go about it.

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Wear Your COVID Mask

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Over the past year or so, millions of people in the United States and billions more worldwide have grown quite comfortable with hiding their faces. They may be doing it to prevent infection and slow the spread of a deadly disease, but the embracing of masks has been remarkable just the same.

Now that vaccines are widely available and being distributed at a rapid clip, your COVID mask could soon be a thing of the past, so why not give it one more job to do? If you love the idea of showing off your wild side but do not love the idea of the guy down the street accidentally seeing you online, the COVID mask in your pocket could be the perfect solution.

This may not be a workable solution forever, but for now the COVID mask solution could be a smart strategy. At the very least, you can get some more use out of your personal protective equipment, all while having fun and making some extra cash. 

Specialize in the BDSM Niche

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In some corners of the internet masks are commonplace, and showing your face would be the exception rather than the rule. The BDSM niche is a perfect fit for those who wish to remain anonymous, and specializing in these kinds of kinks can be especially lucrative for those with the relevant talent and experience.

 You will not want to fake your way through the BDSM world, and learning about this niche from the inside out can be a fun learning experience as well as a powerful earning opportunity. Doing scenes with a willing partner and selling the results online can be a great way to build a following, especially if you choose the right partners and market your site the right way.

Create a Hot Stage Name

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Writers have their pen names, and OnlyFans girls (and guys) can set up their own stage names. Creating a great stage name and a hot alter ego is one of the best ways to stay anonymous on the site, all while building traffic to your page and cashing in on the faceless photos and videos you plan to sell.

 When it comes to OnlyFans and how to make money, what you conceal can be just as valuable, and just as hot, as what you reveal. On the internet, everyone gets to be someone else, from the 13 year old Instagram user who claims to be 18 to the mom who adopts a teenage identity to keep tabs on her own offspring. The chance to be someone else and adopt an alternate identity is part of the fun of the online world, and it is also one of the ways you make money on OnlyFans. 

Maintain Your Anonymous Alter Ego Across Other Social Media Sites

It is easy to see OnlyFans as a standalone platform, and many people simply assume that the site is either a DIY version of PornHub or an R-rated version of Instagram. And while those things can sometimes be true, there is much more to how to make money on OnlyFans that posting a few nudes and hoping for the best.

The most successful contributors on OnlyFans are likely to have an extensive online presence, one that stretches far beyond the bounds of a single platform. If you want to learn how to make money on OnlyFans, you need to think beyond a single platform and take a more expansive approach to the online world.

Staying anonymous and being successful on OnlyFans starts with adopting a hot alter ego and creating a winning screen name, but it does not end there. If you want to be successful on the site, you need to make sure your online alter ego is seen (albeit without a face attached) and known on other social media sites as well.

 The social media sites you choose are entirely up to you, but keep in mind that many of the most successful OnlyFans girls and guys also have extensive followings on places like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. If you can build out your online persona and create a consistent personal brand, you are more than halfway to learning how to make money on OnlyFans, and following this successful model month after month could yield some amazing results. 

OnlyFans Will Need to Know Who You Really Are

Staying anonymous on the OnlyFans platform is possible, and potentially lucrative, but you will need to provide your real name and identity to the site itself. If you want to know how to start an OnlyFans and make money, you will need to go to the site and provide your contact information, and a way to cash in your earnings.

 In order to make money on the site, you will need to provide OnlyFans with your name, contact information and some other basic data. You can stay anonymous to your fans and followers, but for legal and logistics reasons the owners of the OnlyFans platform will need to know who you really are. Rest assured that the information you provide will remain anonymous, and you do not have to show your face or share your real name with your followers unless you want to. 

Don’t Let Gender Hold You Back

One of the most common questions about selling adult content online is the query – can guys make money on OnlyFans, and the answer is an unequivocal yes. It is easy to think that the OnlyFans platform is populated by nothing more than hot college girls and horny stay at home moms, but that is only part of the picture.

The other part of the picture is that there are plenty of hot guys on the platform as well, some from the world of porn, both gay and straight, some expanding their social media presence from other sites and some starting from scratch asking can how to make money on OnlyFans as a guy. If you love to show off, love sex and have a lot to offer, you should not let your gender hold you back or keep you down.

 Men can make money on OnlyFans in a number of ways, the same as the ladies. Some men have found great success on the platform catering to the many gay and bisexual men who routinely search for sexual excitement and pornographic videos online, but the most successful male OnlyFans contributors move beyond mere voyeurism to create a personal experience for their followers.

 Just like the female OnlyFans models, these hot guys of OnlyFans reach out to their fans on a regular basis, offering private shows in exchange for tokens, creating wish lists they fill with items they would love to have and providing real excitement for their followers, either anonymously or without the veil of secrecy.

Other successful OnlyFans guys cater to the hidden but potentially huge female audience. There is a widespread misconception that the OnlyFans platform is a place for men to watch women, but there are plenty of ladies lurking, and participating, on the platform. Hot guys of all ages are finding success in this exciting world, and you can too.

Protect Yourself with Geoblocking

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The question of how to start an OnlyFans and make money is more complicated for some than for others. In many countries sexualized and explicit content like the stuff found on the OnlyFans platform is either explicitly illegal or tightly regulated, creating potential legal problems for the men and women who want to earn an income on the site.

One solution to this dilemma is geoblocking, a technical strategy in which access from certain countries is blocked, essentially creating a digital fence around the page and preventing access from various parts of the world. The owner of an OnlyFans page could, for instance, block viewers from his or her home country from seeing the site, creating a veil of anonymity in one corner of the world while freely showing off their talents everywhere else.

The OnlyFans website even provides a way for contributors to turn geoblocking on, providing contributors with a high degree of control over who can, and cannot, see their content. To turn geoblocking on, go to the Settings page, click on Security, scroll down until you see the IP and Geoblocking options and click on the countries you specifically want to block.

Embrace the Erotic Power of Mystery

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Let’s face it – mystery can be intensely erotic, and having a mysterious lover no one knows about can be incredibly sexy. If you want to succeed on OnlyFans without showing your face, why not turn what would otherwise be a deficit into an advantage instead?

There are many ways to embrace the exotic, and erotic, potential of the mystery, and the more creative you are the better the results could be. You can test out a number of mystery personas, from the mom next door that all the dads want to fuck to the succubus who shows up in the middle of the night in answer to all the wildest dreams of men online and off.

Cultivate a Top Secret Identity

If you want to stay anonymous and cultivate an air of mystery, why not adopt a top secret identity? It worked for James Bond, the famous British spy with a license to kill, and you can use the same strategy to build your OnlyFans following without revealing what you look like from the neck up. 

You could say you are a top secret spy on a vital mission, one that naturally involves lots of sex and the showcasing of various body parts. You could even claim to be a visitor from another planet, one where the women are all hot and the men are all highly satisfied. Having an online persona should be fun, and there is no reason you cannot enjoy a little anonymous action with your fans and followers.

Promise a Big Reveal

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In fairness to your generous fans and avid contributors, you should only take this route if you really plan to follow through, but promising a big reveal could prove very lucrative. OnlyFans followers love a mystery, and revealing your identity at a time and place of your choosing can be a lot of fun for you and everyone who has had fun watching you online.

This strategy could be a great one for professionals who worry that the untimely revelation of their alter ego could hurt their careers, or for hot moms who want to save their sexualized personas for after the kids are out of the house. No matter what the reasoning behind it, the big reveal strategy is definitely one to consider, but only if you are willing to hold up your end of the OnlyFans bargain.

As you can see, it is entirely possible to succeed on the OnlyFans platform and still retain your anonymity, but that does not mean not showing your face will be easy. If you want to stand out on the OnlyFans platform, you need to have the right strategy, and that starts with building excitement and buzz about your page, your talents and your top secret identity.

 If you truly want to stay anonymous and make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, having a traffic boosting strategy in place can be a very smart thing to do. When you engage in this kind of traffic building, you can get access to an instant cache of eager fans, all waiting to see what you are willing to reveal, even if that does not necessarily include your face.

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