How to Make Millions of Dollars A Year on Airbnb

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For Lazaro Vento, the founder of the Million Dollar Airbnb course, his life has followed an intentional pattern of taking his future into his own hands instead of leaving it up to chance. And now, he wants to teach and encourage other people how to do the same.

Vento, who lives in Miami, is an expert in Airbnb and rental arbitrage. But he didn’t start out that way. Years ago, Vento had only $1,500 to his name and experienced a number of challenging business losses. His biggest mistake was mixing business and friendship.

“I was an employee for so long that I didn’t understand how to run a company,” Vento said. “It took all these losses to learn how to run a company and operate a business well.”

The losses were difficult. But they paved the way for a new opportunity for Vento: He stepped into the property rental space, quickly became successful and made over $3 million a year just from Airbnb, and eventually launched a course to teach others how to do what he’s done.

The Million Dollar Airbnb course is designed to teach people how to list properties on the platform and find financial success. The course teaches through Vento sharing tips on topics such as how to take high-quality property photos and how to network and build connections. Other subjects covered in the course include:

  • How to Airbnb an entire building, not just one unit
  • How to fully automate the experience
  • How to build an upsell website to go along with your listing
  • How to broker homes
  • How to automate Turo and hire car listings with your Airbnb to make it the complete million dollar-type Airbnb

The course is a good fit for opportunist investors or real estate entrepreneurs — people who are motivated to take action to work toward their financial freedom and use Airbnb to make millions. Anyone who wants to leave their 9-5 job or make some extra income is welcome. The strategies taught in the course enable participants to earn additional money on Airbnb and eventually quit their day jobs.

Vento also offers a Million Dollar Airbnb Turo Mentorship, providing one-on-one training and group coaching for students who want a little more direction and accountability. This option comes with the subject matter, expert-level group training each week. Students can also choose to participate in the Turnkey Million Dollar Mentorship, described as a “plug-and-play” program where participants receive their first Airbnb unit fully furnished and ready to make money.

Vento encourages people to not leave anything up to luck or fate. He wants people to come to the same realization that he had years ago: Your financial future is in your hands. With Vento and his course by your side, you can make millions of dollars and transform your life forever.

About Lazaro Vento

Lazaro Vento is a real estate entrepreneur, Airbnb expert, and founder of Brickell Cigars. He rose from poverty to generate a 7-figure income in Airbnb property leasing and management and offers courses and seminars on building a real estate empire.

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