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Natalia Elenkina, Instagram superstar, tells us her master plan for success.

Thousands of us flick through Instagram, dreaming of making it big. We have all been there, waiting impatiently for someone to click like on our photos, videos, and therefore give us a little validation. Social media can be a two-headed beast, simultaneously good and bad for our self-image.

So how do you master it? In a world where social media accounts are at once toxic and rewarding, how do we make it big? Moreover, what’s the difference between being famous on Instagram and being famous in real life? We caught up with IG superstar Natalia Elenkina to find out.

Being Instagram Famous is No Big Deal

According to humble Natalia, being famous on Instagram is just another aspect of a glamour-filled life. To her, it was never a question of fame but of style. She is the picture of the elegant Russian woman smoking in cafes and dreaming of America. Both beautiful and clever, she does seem to have it all.

But things weren’t always this easy for Natalia. She didn’t start with 50+ thousand IG followers and a YouTube channel. Like so many of us, Natalia Elenkina had to withdraw from the ground up… and here is how she did it.

How to Make it Big on Instagram

On the first day you join Instagram; you should already have a clear idea of what your account will be used for. It should be focused on one thing and one thing alone. If you have a personal account, learn to keep it separate. 

On day two of Instagram, you must study the algorithm. If you can work out what sets you apart from others, you can work out how to make the most of your niche. Exploring both the competition and the way IG works to showcase your images can both achieve this.

On day three of Instagram, make your first post. Use good lighting, a clear camera, and capture something eye-catching. You will want to start associating these things with your brand, so get your logo on there and work it to the max. 

On day 4 of Instagram, place a second image with your logo. This time start asking inviting questions. Ask your consumer what they want, what they like, or how they would prefer your products. 

Take a break from posting on Day 5. Instead, spend an hour going through all the accounts you think might like your products and following them. Like some of their pics or leave a comment. This should earn you a base rate of followers upon which to grow your brand.

By the end of the first week, you should have amassed roughly 50 followers doing this. Next, we are going to bring in the big guns. Natalia advises that a giveaway of a good product will attract serious attention to your label. Run the giveaway across multiple social media platforms, ultimately directing everyone back to your Instagram pages.

If you follow these steps, you might well become as famous as Natalia all by yourself!


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