Figuring out how to last longer in bed has been the goal of every man. 

After all, sexual intimacy is not just about the physical aspects but also the entire emotional bonding between the partners. The need to satisfy each other persists throughout, leading to a host of reasons, resulting in premature ejaculation or finishing early.

However, in finding the answer to “how to last longer in bed,” it is imperative to break the mythical glass around sex. Per research conducted across five countries, vaginal intercourse lasts around 5 to 6 minutes, and not hours on end.  In fact, between 30% and 40% of men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life, and is the most common type of sexual dysfunction in men according to the American Urological Association.

The pre-thought of lasting long until a set duration is a major reason for down performance and self-doubts. Sexual intimacy is not just the penetration phase but the overall experience and feelings both partners undergo during that time.

Here are 11 tips on how to last longer in bed naturally and have a better sexual experience without the “big off”.

How To Last Longer In Bed: Reduce performance Anxiety with CBD

 The day’s stress, racing thoughts, future planning, and the reigning thought to perform better in the bed. This multiple obsessive thinking in a person is enough to trigger performance anxiety. Consequently, premature ejaculation or leaving your partner unsatisfied can result. However, this can be overcome with the right mindset and a bit of nudge.

That nudge towards better relaxation and focus can come with the help of some CBD oil. CBD can greatly relax your entire self and help you focus on the present and not trigger anxiety. It is also claimed that CBD can increase the duration of partnered sex by 51%. It helps in stimulating the bliss hormone anandamide and stimulates the genitalia area for better and longer sexual experiences and orgasms.

Wondering how to last longer in bed? Consider taking CBD along with your partner to enhance the duration wholesomely. BATCH CBD offers a CALM CBD Blend specially formulated to help slow your mental motor and bring you back to a balanced state. Take a few drops and you should be feeling cool as a cucumber in no time.

How to Last Longer in Bed


Practice The “Squeeze” Technique

Some behavioral techniques can greatly enhance your performance and help last longer in bed. One such technique is the Squeeze method. Like edging, this technique can be used when you are a split away from reaching orgasm.

It is essential to break contact the moment you perceive being close to “the edge”, like the stop-start method. Next, you must squeeze the head portion of the penis promptly. The required pressure varies as you will understand how much is required to delay orgasm. Here, quick actions are the key. 

If the technique is implemented aptly, it will bring you back to the pre-climax level, and you can resume. It can be done multiple times during intercourse to delay the final climax desirably. Communicating with your partner will also enhance the technique and increase mutual pleasure.

How To Last Longer In Bed: Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

It is scientifically proven that stronger pelvic floor muscles grant greater control over ejaculation during intimacy. Pelvic floor exercises can be time-consuming, but the results are positive and satisfying. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will help in better managing ejaculation and contributes to a stronger lower body.

The important aspect is for you to find the correct muscles. These are the same muscles responsible for halting urination mid-stream. Once located, you can begin performing Kegel exercises. The most effective way is to lie down and perform the same. Focus on avoiding contraction of your abdomen and thigh muscles.

Contract the pelvic muscles for three seconds, and relax for three seconds. This pattern can be repeated numerous times, and it is essential to stick to your technique and frequency. Consistency is key.

How To Last Longer In Bed: Use A Condom

Condoms’ sole objective is not only birth control and safety. They are excellent to help delay ejaculation and continue intimacy longer, satisfyingly. Avoid using ultra-thin categories. If normal variants are not significant in decaying, then try desensitizing condoms.

These are generally coated with benzocaine and add an extra level of control during sexual activity. The desensitizing gel poses a minimal adverse side effect on your partner’s sexual throes.  Choosing the right condom can be one of the simplest ways to last longer in bed for men.

Slow Things Down. 

Hurry, in any case, is going to spoil the experience. Sexual intimacy is not a race as to who reaches the edge first. The emotional element of intimacy ought to be respected as well. Warming up your partner before intercourse can effectively control the arousal and stimulation, resulting in better and longer intimacy. A few drops of CBD oil may also make it easier for you to take your time.

Incorporating foreplay will make your partner feel loved, cherished, and gradually aroused. Lasting longer during sex does not need to rely solely on vaginal penetration. Back massages and arousing words can even be used to delay your orgasm while bringing your partner closer to it.

How To Last Longer In Bed: Use A Delay Spray

If you want an immediate and effective solution to last longer, delay sprays are the best option. These contain desensitizing components and are safe to use. However, it is essential to adequately and appropriately spray it.

A good quality spray will have a standard metered spraying mechanism, helping you apply the desired quantity. Overuse may lead to numbing of your partner, making it difficult for them to reach climax. You should apply the spray several minutes before and not a few minutes earlier.

Initially, use a delay spray in slow doses and figure out how much works for you. Applying it thoroughly on the head and the entire length is crucial for maximum results. The goal is to decrease sensitivity in the penis just enough to give you better control without eliminating pleasure entirely.

Masturbate Beforehand

Pent-up sexual urges can lead to early or premature ejaculation. This can be tackled with masturbating and climaxing before sex. Thus, the sexual build-up is not extremely strong during actual intimacy.  Rather, this will help you slowly build the required crescendo and reach the highest pitch. 

However, this tip varies from person to person, and you should consider your personal case before undertaking this measure. 

How To Last Longer In Bed: Try Edging

The edging method is another physical technique that can help treat premature ejaculation. The trick is to understand when you are approaching the point of no return and apply zero contact at the right time.

Once you perceive you are in the pre-arousal state, sexual activity can resume. You can do it once or multiple times throughout intercourse. As a bonus, this technique also produces a stronger final release, owing to the built-up tension. 

It is essential to discuss this technique with your partner beforehand. The sudden stop phases may cause frustration and displeasure.

Use Positions That Give You More Control

Try using sex positions which grant you greater control. The focus is to avoid overstimulation, owing to deep and strongly stimulating positions. Pay attention to your partner and you will find ways to leave you both satisfied even without deep penetration.

Finding the right sex position is yet another way to last longer for men without any side effects. Plus, experimenting with new positions in bed is an easy way to keep things fun and fresh for both you and your partner.

How To Last Longer In Bed: Incorporate Cardio Exercises

Research shows that boosting your cardio health greatly affects all aspects of body functions, including sexual performance. Cardio-intensive exercises build-up stamina and improve blood flow throughout. It also equips you with a better physique to boost endurance and self-confidence. Thus, incorporating necessary cardio workouts can help in performance improvement in the long run.

Lifestyle Implications

Distinctive lifestyles also contribute towards performances in the bedroom and even can make sex last longer. The lifestyle you incorporate has a direct link to your ability to last longer. Adhering to a balanced lifestyle, coupled with good eating habits can complement the aforementioned tips. It also boosts morale and allows you to enhance your sexual duration gradually.

The direct linkage lies in the body’s response to all environments and constituents we ingest. Incorporating foods rich in micronutrients could help build testosterone levels and strengthen pelvic muscles to help you last longer. Switching to a better lifestyle will help you see the visible changes and lead to more satisfying sexual experiences over time.

Summary: How To Last Longer In Bed?

In searching for answers to how to last longer in bed, we’ve found that lasting longer in bed is not a complex, overprotected secret. The essence is to tone your body as per the 11 tips and witness visible results in your sex life. Using natural calming products like CBD can help dramatically solve the mental side of this challenge. However, perseverance regarding physical exercises is paramount, as these help in natural endurance with better build and confidence. There are no free lunches. Persistence and focus are essential to lasting longer permanently, as the immediate results will not always stand the test of time. 


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