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Social Media is capable of making you famous. Want to know more? 

Social media has become the world’s portal into the celebrity lifestyle. It has become the best way to see how the other half live, spy on the rich, and advertise to a mass following… if you can grow one.  We sought out the advice of actress, model, and successful film producer, Daniela Tablante, to get some advice about how to grow our own Instagram account.

This is information we felt was too valuable not to share around…

Daniela Tablante on Instagram

For those who don’t know her yet, Daniela Tablante has produced many documentaries since she graduated from the University of Florida with a masters in 2018. This inspirational young woman has gone from strength to strength, in various roles throughout the world of film and TV. 

Daniela has most recently been spotted in Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and walking as Miss Spain in the Miss Europe 2020 competition… where she came fourth. Although admittedly a beautiful woman, she doesn’t attribute her success to her looks. Rather, she attributes it to her ability to study hard and work harder.

This actress, model, TV producer and documentary filmmaker, has her finger in many Hollywood pies. She even works across the seas in Europe in various TV/film positions. Before this, she studied hard to learn about Media and Mass Communications, while studying acting in her free time. Along the way, she managed to amass more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram alone… and we wanted to know how she grew to be so massive in the online world.

Tips on Growing your own Instagram Account 

How do you grow a massive IG following, according to Daniela Tablante? It all comes down to quality, consistency, and hard work. We are living in a digital world where, if things were easy, then everyone would do them. If you aren’t prepared to put in the time, effort, and dedication it takes to be at the top of the Instagram tree, then you should consider an alternative career.

Daniela’s hot tips on a growing Instagram account? She estimates that consistent posts of superior quality, will bring in more followers than even the brightest smile. Make sure your pictures are as good quality as is possible, that your lighting is just right, and that you don’t always focus on selfies. A good photographer is worth their weight in gold… especially when it comes to mastering Instagram.

This is one model and actress who knows the weight of her words, too. Daniela advises that you don’t post every day, but rather save up your photos to breadcrumb to fans, particularly during times when not much is happening on the career front. 

Other tips on growing on Instagram include following potential employers and fashion brands, using your influence to take a stand on a serious issue, and only ever showing your best side. If you can achieve these, you can master Instagram and thereafter make it into the Hollywood hall of fame. A back door is still a doorway, after all.


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