How to Get Defined Bouncy Curls and Maintain it – Top Uptown Dallas Hairstylist Davino Styles @davino.styles

Uptown Dallas Hair Extensions Expert Davino Styles shares some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your curls.

Natural curly hair is so beautiful and unique, yet it can be hard to maintain it and avoid frizz so it doesn’t become a big poofy ball. It took me a while to figure out how to manage and style it without taking too much time, especially in the summer.

1) Natural Shampoos or cleansing conditioner

Curly hair doesn’t need to be washed every other day, once a week is good. There is a lot of products out in the market, and most of them have sulfate which strips away the color and natural oils. Find a shampoo that contains natural ingredients and is paraben free.

2) Deep conditioner & hair masks

Curly hair needs extra attention as it has the tendency to get frizzy. Hydration is very important to keep your curls luscious and give it a healthy shine. Deep condition your hair for 5 to 10 mins after shampooing. Using hair mask once a week will nourish your curls and scalp. Coconut oil is a great affordable option to use as a hair mask, and it promotes hair growth.

3) Wide tooth comb or brush

I recommend brushing your hair and detangling it with coconut oil before going into the shower. It makes it easier to wash and condition. Natural wooden combs or brushes help to naturally condition your hair, they are less likely to break the hair when combing, and don’t produce static.

4) Microfiber towels

Microfiber towel will prevent frizz and breakage to the hair, and absorbs water better than the regular towels. Leave it on while applying cream to your face & body, at this time curls will form its shape. Don’t rub, just pat and squeeze excess water gently.

5) Curling Lotion

Finding a good curling product is not easy sometimes. Hair Gels and Mousse doesn’t give a natural look to your curls and dries it out. Personally, it took me a while to find a product that does what it says! If you don’t want ramen noodle definition or the wet look, and want a big defined, soft fluffy curls, I recommend trying “Miss Jessie’s pillow soft curls” it’s an amazing product and smells really great too.

6) Leave-in Conditioner & Oils

Leave in conditioner is a good step to use before applying curling lotion to give the hair extra hydration. After applying the styling product, lock in the moisture by rubbing a little bit of argan oil in your hands, apply it from the midshaft and focus on the ends.

7) Diffuser

A magical tool that will make your curls big, bouncy, and defined! The benefits of using a diffuser is that it cuts down the drying process, while it prevents frizz and static, and styles your hair effortlessly.

Last but not least, embrace your natural hair and rock out those beautiful curls 🙂

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