How to Get a Bigger Dick FAST & NATURALLY Without Using Pills

Are you a man and you feel that your penile size should be bigger? You could use some information on how to get a bigger dick.

Having a small dick can hamper your dating and sex game a great deal. Of course, women don’t hide it – they love having intercourse with a man who is well endowed down there.

This leads to low self-esteem with men who carry 4-inch members. But what if we told you that you can do something about it?

This is the age of advanced medical technology. Therefore, you can change many aspects of your life by applying working solutions.

In this case, you can do real male enhancement and grow a bigger dick. Imagine being able to increase your penile size by up to two inches.

It gets even better when you know that you can enjoy permanent male enlargement. To help you get started on your journey of penile enlargement, we shall review three tested and proven dick enlargement devices that work.

  1. Quick Extender Pro (#1 Penis Extender in the World); Rated 5/5
  2. Phallosan Forte Rated 4.7/5
  3. SizeGenetics ; Rated 4.5/5

Benefits of using penis extender products (Penile traction device)

Many people ask: do penis extender products really work and help us to get a bigger dick?

Well, if the rave reviews that many users post online are anything to go by, these things work! These products have been around for a long time.

Today, the techniques and the equipment have gotten better. You can increase your penile size by up to a third of its size.

Here are the main 5 benefits that you enjoy from using these products:

1. There is no surgery involved

Imagine putting the most beloved part of your body under the knife just so you can increase its size. That is a no-no for many men. When you use the best penis extender, you can achieve the best size without any side effects.

If you went for surgery to make your dick bigger, you would have to take time off work. However, when you use a penis extender, you can attend to your duties very well. You can even go to work and still stay productive.

Of course, the bulge at the crotch might be a bit bigger. But it will not be noticeable with the first glance. Just make sure you get a highly rated product since that can serve you very well.

2. These products do actually work

These products are not overrated – they actually work. Imagine having the opportunity to increase your dick size by more than two inches!

Because the penis is made of muscle, it is quite possible to extend the muscles. It works in just about the same process as working out in a gym to build muscles.

First, the extender stretches the penis so that there are many tiny tears. They are so minimal. Secondly, the muscles have to grow new tissue to seal these miniature tears. That is how the dick size grows.

If you have been experiencing low self-esteem from having a small penis size, well, these products will give you a reason to smile again.

Since these extenders entice the muscles to grow, they do not work overnight. They take time, but the good thing is that the penis cannot go back to its former size. Once it is grown, it is grown.

3. The results are more permanent

The results of using the best penis extenders are more permanent than when you use other products. But you have to put in the work and then the extender will do the rest for you.

Every one of these products comes with its user manual and set up instructions. If you do everything just fine, you are going to enjoy excellent results.

In addition to getting permanent results, there is also no pain when you use these products. You can wear them for days on end to get better results, but they will not cause any pain.

It is best to use these products for the recommended amount of time. Once you see the penile growth, you might become too enthusiastic and use it more than it is recommended.

You should also note that the length of time in which you can get results differs from one person to another because our muscles are different. Some men might start to see growth in size sooner while others may take some time.

On the same note, some people will experience more phallic growth than others will. Before you start using this product, measure your dick’s erect size and record it somewhere.

After the recommended time of using a penile extender, measure it again. You will see the increment in size.

4. You get the complete package when you buy

The penis extender that you get comes as a complete package. For instance, you will find silicone tubes in the package. You will find the different parts of the extender itself. There will also be a detailed user manual and DVDs.

Of course, every extender product comes in different packages, some of them starting at standard, deluxe and even bigger versions.

The deluxe versions will have more components and they will cost more money. But if you are buying from a good brand name, it is definitely worth it.

5. There are no side effects

When you are trying one part of your body, many products cause side effects. However, the penis extenders do not have any side effects.

Extenders will not only make your dick bigger, but you can also use them to straighten a curved dick. So, if you have one of those dicks that curve downwards, you can use these traction devices to force it to grow in the right direction.

Remember, even when it is straightening a crooked member, the process is still painless, comfortable and effective.

Best Penis Extender Products Reviews

Now that you have seen the main benefits of using penis extenders, you must be yearning to know some of these products.

There are quite a number of these products out there, and all of them claim to be the best. But there are so many quack products masquerading as the real deal.

Here, we review three highly rated products for penile enlargement options:

  1. Quick Extender Pro
  2. Phallosan Forte
  3. SizeGenetics

1.    Quick Extender Pro Review

As you search for information about how to increase penile size and strength, you will definitely come across a Quick Extender Pro review.

This product works with the penis traction method to make your dick bigger. This technique is proven by science as one of the most effective ways to increase penile length.

It is a natural way of increasing the length of your member. Keep reading to see more about it and how it works.

Quick Extender Pro Overview

This is a US-made product that is made to the highest industry standards. It also comes as the complete package with high quality tensioners, pump, comfort pads and silicone tubes.

The company that makes this product provides the same in different packages to meet different budgets.

This traction device extends the length as well as the girth of the penis. For it to work effectively, you should set it just right and use it for the recommended time. Follow the set up instructions from the manufacturer and this product will serve you well without any side effects.

The four packages that the Extender Pro comes in include the following:

Deluxe Limited Edition – This is the most feature-rich package that comes with a high quality case made of mahogany, aluminum bars and springs assembly, pump, silicone tubes, DVDs, foam pads, comfort pads made of memory foam and many others. It also comes with a sturdy travel case so that you can continue extending your penis even when you are traveling. This package also has a 6-month warranty.

Deluxe Standard Edition This edition comes with regular tension springs and aluminum bars. It can exert a tension of up to 3.5KG, has foam pads, silicone tubes, DVDs, measuring tape and a few other items. Like the Deluxe Edition, this oine too gives you all the items that you need to extend your dick to even more than 7 inches.

Value EditionThis is like the basic edition for increasing prick size. It is only good for a starter or a man who just wants to maintain their dick at the current size. It cannot grow your penile size beyond 7 inches.

Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition – This package is for men who were born with a crooked penis but now, they would like to straighten it out. With a tension capacity of up to 4K, it is effective.

Of course, all of the four packages are sold at different prices. Penile traction devices can be costly so if you are not able to afford the Deluxe package, you can go for a lower one.

Quick Extender Pro Features

The features make or break the product. In this case, depending on the Quick Extender Pro package that you buy, you can get many or few features. Instead of looking at the features of each package, we shall look at those of the Value Edition Package, which is the most popular.

Double Strap System

This is also referred to as DSS. It is one of the most effective holding systems that does not allow spillage.

It is also more comfortable, allowing you to work and it remains discreet throughout the entire time that you are going to be wearing it.

The extender bars are made of aluminum. Besides, this extender device comes preassembled so you can get to use it almost right away.

Aluminum spring assembly and pivots

The spring assembly is made of aluminum. This metal does not corrode. Also, it retains the tension very well.

It also comes with aluminum pivots that enable comfortable 180-degree movement of the penis. This is one of the things that make wearing this contraption so comfortable.

Self-adjusting calibrated spring

The tension springs are perhaps the most important feature in any traction-based penis extender system.

This one is a self-adjusting type that has a capacity of 3KG. Ideally, this should extend your penis to about 6 inches long, which is good enough.

Contoured Base

The base is not only contoured for comfort but it is also ergonomic. What this means is that it can fit all types of users comfortably. Since this is a universal base, all men can use it.

Instructional DVD and illustrated cards

The instructional DVDs will show you how to get your device ready and on your prick. These DVDs are an effective guide to introduce you to the world of penile enlargement.

Also, you can use the illustrated cards for quick reference.

Other features

The other features include a measuring tape – very important for the before and after measurements of your prick. There are also the silicone tubes and a chart to progress your penile growth progress.

How to use the Quick Extender Pro

Once your discreet package arrives, first, check the Quick Extender Pro instructions. It will guide you on a step-by-step process to wear the device.

Make sure you clean up your cock and dry it. You can then wait for it to semi-erect so that you can wear the extender.

For the best results, you should wear the Quick Extender Pro for about 5 hours, for 4 to 5 days a week and then give your prick 2 days of rest.

Why do you need to give your dick a rest? It is very simple. This extender works using the traction method.

It pulls the muscles creating miniature tears, which then encourage the body to create new tissue. That is how the dick size increases.

Everything is pretty simple to set up since the bigger parts are pre-assembled. However, even if you have prior experience with other extenders, watch the DVDs and refer to the illustrated cards.

Quick Extender Pro results and how it works

Just to reiterate, this product works by applying gentle force (pulling force) on your member. Traction is a science-backed process to make muscles grow.

In this case, the penis is a muscle so when you apply a force to it, it develops microscopic tears (don’t worry – they are not painful). Then, through the process of cytokinesis, new tissue grows to fill the tears, bringing about the required growth.



It increases the size of your dick naturally It is expensive even for the starter packages
It is durable, and can last long with good care Comfortable in the first few days of wearing it
Made with high quality parts  
Discreetly packaged and shipped  
Covered by warranty  


Where to buy and price

To get the genuine article, we recommend that you only buy the Quick Extender Pro from the official website.

When you buy it, you will get the 6-Month Promise, which is a money back guarantee for a full refund if the product does not make your penis bigger in 6 months.

The price of the Value Edition package that we have reviewed here is $120.00. The Deluxe package costs $350.

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2.    Phallosan Forte Review

If your girlfriend or wife has made you feel quite small because of a small prick, do not suffer low self-esteem.

The best way to overcome these beat-down remarks is to work on yourself. Thankfully, in this Phallosan Forte Review, you will see why this product is just the thing you need to make your dick bigger, fuller and more satisfying.

But first, what is the Phallosan Forte Penis Extender?

Phallosan Forte Overview

This FDA approved penis extender product works by stretching your prick physically. As a traction device, it is a means to enlarge your member naturally, with no side effects and with long-lasting results.

Phallosan Forte is so easy to use, comfortable to wear at home and even when at work. When you order this product from the official website, it is delivered in a discreet package so that only you know what is in it.

It is important to check the instructions for use. Wear it for the recommended length of time so that you can enjoy growth results.

Phallosan Forte Features

This is a feature-rich package. It comes with everything that you need to get your prick growth journey started. Here is a breakdown of some of the features that this product comes with:

Elastic Belt

This is a skin-friendly rubber elastic belt that basically holds the entire mechanism to your penis so that it does not fall off.

It has a rubber ring through which you put the penis. It also has a buckle so that you can adjust the elastic belt to suit your size needs. Overall, the elastic belt keeps the penis and the device strapped on securely.

Suction Bell

As the name suggests, this part is just a vacuum chamber that “sucks” on the penis, enticing it to grow and increase in size.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to use the small, medium or large suction bell. Once the suction bell starts working on your dick, cell mitosis starts and that is how the size increases.

Tension Clip

This one helps you to increase or reduce the tension of your belt. That way, you can set just the right tension level that will get the cell mitosis process in progress. To help you know the tension level that you have set, the clip has indicator lights for different tension levels.

Protector Cap

This is a very important feature. It goes on the head of your penis for protection against too high tension. It is also comfortable and it keeps the penis tip from experiencing any kind of discomfort.

3-way valve suction ball

You will use the 3-way valve suction ball to control the suction/tension with your hands. This is also your pump so that if you feel too tight down there, you can relieve the tension a bit. It will work in conjunction with the suction bell to control the suction level.

Measuring chart and User manual

Before you start using this penis extender, you will need to study the user manual. But first, you need to take your measurements of your penis when it is flaccid, semi-erect and even fully erect.

That way, after using the Phallosan Forte penis extender for the recommended time, you can gauge how much progress you have made.

Read the user manual to know how to use this extender.

How to use Phallosan Forte

There will be some setup to do, but the user manual is pretty detailed. First, this product can work for men of all sizes.

To use it, you need to insert your penis in the suction bell and then set the tension using the tension clip. That way, the suction bell will start sucking and pulling the penis muscles.

So that you can go to work with this penis extender strapped on, you need to pull it to one side. You can pull it to the left side on day 1 and on day 2, pull it to the right side.

If you experience an erection while you are still wearing the Phallosan Forte, it will expand considerably to accommodate you. Also, there is the protector cap that we talked about, which protects the tip of the glans penis.

How Phallosan Forte works

Like most other penile enlargement products, this one works using traction. Scientifically, this traction device causes cell mitosis.

Cell mitosis is the process by which cell duplication occurs. In the case of using the traction penile enlargement options, the penis is stretched gradually until microscopic tears occur. Then the cells duplicate to make new ones to seal the tears.

You should use this product for 6 to 8 months. It is comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear it for your entire working hours.

But do give your penis a break a couple of days a week so that the new cells can grow. So, it is basically a process of stretch and grow.

There are no Phallosan Forte side effects since this item is on, and not under the skin.




It is so simple to wear Some people find the setup complicated
It does not require cleaning unless very necessary It is costly
Can wear it discreetly even at work  
The results are permanent  

Where to buy and price

You will find Phallosan Forte for sale on the official website. It will cost you $379 and there are no packages to choose.

You also get a warranty of 24 months on all parts apart from the protector cap and vacuum bells. The product is shipped and delivered very discreetly. It has plain packaging and without any indication that it is a penile extender.

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7.    SizeGenetics Review

When looking for SizeGenetics real reviews, it is because you are interested in buying this product to help grow your penile size.

Well, you will not be disappointed because this is one of the best penis extenders in the market. In addition, it is a natural, side effect-free method of permanent male enlargement.

But before you know whether it is the ideal product for you, you need to see its features.

SizeGenetics Overview

First, if you are looking for an FDA approved penile enlargement product, your search stops here.

SizeGenetics is made to the highest standards in the industry. It is going to extend your manhood without any side effects. Despite the simplicity in design, this is a highly rated penile extender in the market.

SizeGenetics comes in different packages, so you can choose the most appropriate one for you. These are:

Value Edition Package – This is the simplest package that comes with the penis extender and an instructional DVD.

Comfort Package – This package comes with the penis extender and does not offer too many extra accessories. However, it still does what it is supposed to do – grow your penis!

Ultimate Package – This is like the deluxe package that comes with so many accessories and at a considerably higher price.

There is also the Peyronies treatment package that is going to help you straighten a bent prick.

SizeGenetics Features

Any product is as good as its features. In this case, you will not be disappointed. We propose that you get the Comfort Package because of a few reasons.

Firstly, it has many accessories and as its name suggests, it is comfortable to wear as long as you want. Secondly, it is not as expensive as the Ultimate Package. However, the Ultimate package has more features and guarantees total comfort.

16-way ultimate comfort system – This includes among many things the no-slip protection that holds the penis into place so that it does not slip off from the penile extender.

There are also the protection pads that help to keep your penis comfortable when you want to wear it for a long time. These pads prevent your penile member from experiencing pain after wearing the extender for a whole day.

There is also the Comfort plaster that protects the penis from pain as you rub the silicone tube. This is usually an uncomfortable part of using the SizeGenetics penile enlargement product, but the 3M comfort plaster helps.

The penis extender itself comes almost fully assembled, with the base ring that is made of high quality material. This is like a universal base, so men of all sizes can use it. The tension clips and other features can be adjusted, so you should always fit it to your desired size.

These are just a few of the items include in the package. Of course,

How to use SizeGenetics

The first thing is to read the user manual so that you can know how to use the extender. This being a medical-grade device, it comes with a fully detailed user manual. You might also watch the DVD for the step-by-step fitting instructions.

To use this phallic enlargement device, get cleaned up and then dry your penis completely. Wait for some time until it attains a semi-rigid/erect state.

In that state, you should insert the penis into the device, first, through the base ring and then the penis goes into the silicone tube or straps. Tighten the straps right below the penis’ head but don’t add tension.

You can then strap the comfort pads on, and tighten the strap to secure the head of this device on your prick.

Along the shafts of the penis extender, there are parallel bars that you use to adjust the level of tension. Turn the nuts of the device inwards to the third mark to add tension.

Once your penis starts to experience discomfort, it is the right tension to begin with. As soon as it outgrows that tension level, you can add more using elongation bars.

If you do not wear a tight pair of pants, you can wear this FDA approved penile enlargement all day long, even when you are at work.

It is recommended that you set the first size increment/tension at 1CM to a flaccid penis. This should be enough to make your penile member get used to the stretching of the device.

How SizeGenetics works

This is a traction extension device. Therefore, it stretches your penile muscles gradually by applying the right level of tension.

With enough consistent force, the muscles eventually develop microscopic tears. In time, new tissue grows through a process called cell mitosis. As the healing goes on, the new tissue formed increases the length of the penis.

The device has straps and bars for creating traction. With regular traction, the body has to keep making new tissue to mend the tears.



Effective, safe and FDA-approved Takes many months to work
Comfortable to wear throughout the day Requires some setting up
Made to last with minimal care and maintenance  
Discreet shipping and delivery  


Where to buy and price

Buy SizeGenetics penile extender on the official website. You can get the Comfort Package at $250 only. The Value Edition package costs $199 and the Ultimate System/Package costs $300. Free shipping is available for some countries in Europe and to Canada and the USA.

This product is also covered by a money back guarantee of 6 months. However, you should first use it for 4 months.

If you compare the SizeGenetics before and after and decide that it is not working for you, you can return it for a full refund of your money.


Editors Choice: Quick Extender Pro

Editors Rating: 5/5

Product Website: Click Here

That‘s it for reviews of three of the best products for how to get a bigger dick size and strength. The most important thing is to use them for 6 to 8 months. Go with an FDA-approved product all the time.

If you are seeking for a means to get a bigger dick, going with the best penis extenders that work by using the traction method works. The results are permanent and there are no side effects to contend with.

Remember, using natural methods to grow the size of your prick requires consistency. Stay on it for several months.

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