How to Find FREE Yoga Classes in LA

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Yoga is the ancient practice of physical and mental disciplines, which can include postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), and the recitation of mantras. Practitioners of yoga often say that they experience a sense of inner peace and mental clarity as a result of the mind-body discipline. Along with the usual benefits of stretching the body into its physical limits, yoga has been shown to improve or alleviate mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. According to a 2017 study titled The Efficacy of Yoga as a Form of Treatment for Depression (re-published online at, “yoga interventions were effective in reducing depression”. Broadly speaking, yoga helps strengthen the core muscles while also improving flexibility and balance. Musculoskeletal problems, especially with our back and neck, are so likely to occur that most of us will seek medical intervention at some point during our lifetimes. For that reason, the effects of yoga on chronic conditions like lower back pain (LBP) are continuously studied by scientists across the globe.

As more people began to focus on personal health and wellness over the past decades, yoga has seen a tremendous rise in acceptance and popularity. The reason for that is simple: yoga actually works. In today’s economy, unfortunately, there is also an exponential rise in the cost of things – and that includes yoga. Many of us have undoubtedly been forced to curb our expenditures, particularly since 2020, in order to compensate for inflation, price hikes and other economic factors. Although the decision between basic expenses like food and non-essential ones like premium yoga memberships is a no-brainer, there might be some kind of middle ground for those of us who value personal wellbeing. Enter: proYoga.

proYoga, the world’s largest directory of free yoga classes, provides an alternative solution to costly yoga memberships. Yogi Sardar, the platform’s founder, wants everyone to develop an interest in yogic practice whether they can afford it or not. In that light, proYoga seeks to connect teachers and students in an ever-expanding list of places where free yoga is taking place around the world. For new students, reaping the benefits of yoga does not necessarily require a transaction where one party must also receive monetary benefits.

As proYoga’s website is continuing to experience development and growth, Yogi Sardar notes that future visitors will also be able to utilize an ever-expanding list of resources such as a directory of the top yoga teacher training courses (YTTC) and yoga studios around the world. For those of us who feel like a journey toward personal enlightenment must involve professional guidance, services like proYoga provide us with invaluable support.

Yogi Sardar is an American Hatha Yogi who studied traditional yoga in the Himalayas of India under teachers influenced by famous yoga organizations like Sivananda and Gurukul. The practices Yogi Sardar brought home with him had their origins in ancient India at a time when yoga was passed down from experienced practitioners to diligent newbies. “The oldest forms of yoga did not have a system (such as ashtanga) that would provide strict guidelines for practice… and more emphasis was placed on the meditative aspects of yoga”, explains Yogi Sardar. “Teacher-student relationships did not revolve around money, per se. In going back to those roots, proYoga intends to help people find professional yoga resources as cheaply and freely as possible.”

During times of social and economic distress, we may begin to experience the subsequent decline of our physical and mental states. Thus, keeping our mind, body and spirit in a healthy state can become more difficult without a healthy set of habits and hobbies. Yogi Sardar predicts that the value of true yoga will only continue to rise in the near future. As its mission is to provide the global community of yoga students and teachers a platform to improve their yoga journey, proYoga has built an online database that includes most types of yoga classes imaginable. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to find a natural solution to lower back pain (LBP) or an advanced practitioner looking to experience deep meditation (samadhi), there’s no excuse not to take advantage of these free resources.

With its easy-to-use search engine and detailed class descriptions, finding a yoga class in your city is simple with proYoga’s online database. Explore local and international options with just a few clicks and start your healing journey today. proYoga’s growing database of listings includes thousands of teachers, studios, retreats, workshops, and yoga events around the world.

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