How To Clone a Cell Phone

Are you interested in going through the entire data on a specific mobile phone through your own cell phone, or a PC owned by you. While cloning is technically perceived as a process of replicating the entire contents of a target cell phone onto another one, there are several useful tools available in the market today that make it even easier to go through the contents of the target device, and stay on top of its day-to-day activities. We’ll essentially be talking about cloning in that specific context, for the scope of this article.

The purpose of cloning a cell phone is usually to monitor the day-to-day activities happening on the mobile phone used by kids or employees. Many people also use this technology to learn about the activities of their better halves. Please note, depending upon where you stay in the world, there may be different laws applicable to this activity. In general, cloning a mobile phone given to an under-18 year old kid, for security purposes, is a completely legal activity. You can also legally clone a device handed over to an employee for official purposes, as long as you communicate about this in advance, to them.

Historically, cloning has always been seen as something almost impossible to do for the common man, owing to the complexities involved, and how spy movies have portrayed this process. Although cloning a mobile phone can indeed be termed as a type of ethical hacking, if done within the limitations of the law, it does involve complex codes nonetheless. However, we’ll take you through some tools in this article which will ensure that you never have to do any of this hard work by yourself.

Regardless of whether you are cloning an iPhone or an Android cell phone, make sure that you create a comprehensive backup of the target device, before starting the process.

Let’s now take you over the three most popular tools available in the market for cloning a cell phone.


mSpy can be unarguably termed as the most popular and widely used cell phone cloning app on the market today. It comes in the form of an application that must be installed on the phone you’d like to clone. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to retrieve and monitor various information and activities happening on that mobile phone respectively, depending upon the mSpy product you subscribe to.

Although mSpy is geared more towards detailed monitoring of mobile phones and devices used by children, partners and employees, a quick visit to its official website will tell you that the creators of the app position it more towards parents across the world who’d like to know what all their kids are up to on their mobile devices, and about their online activities. In fact, a large number of active mSpy users believe that when it comes to reliability and customer care, there is no better cell phone cloning product available in the market than this one right now.

If you choose the basic monitoring package offered by mSpy, there will be no need of jailbreaking or rooting the target cell phone. This package also works out to be an ideal option for people who are not too comfortable with technology, and prefer avoiding the complex technical procedures. Opting for the mSpy full version instead will give you unlimited access to every single activity happening on the target cell phone, making it a truly genuine cloning experience. What’s even better is that the software accomplishes this without the monitored individual getting even the slightest hint about its presence on the phone.

Irrespective of the cell phone model you’re monitoring, whether it’s an Android phone or the latest iPhone, mSpy will do its job commendably on both the operating systems. The cloning tool comes equipped with useful features like cloning of text messages, IMs, contact list, video calls, video recordings, location tracking, call monitoring and more. It goes a step further and even gives you the power to define certain forbidden and safe zones for your younger ones, through its geo-fencing feature. Using this feature you, you can easily ensure that your kids always steer clear of areas that can be possibly harmful for them.

Talking specifically about iPhones, you have the option of choosing either the jailbreak or non-jailbreak version of the product, based on your personal preferences. Similarly, there are both rooted and un-rooted versions for Android-powered mobile phones. For all those people who are not too tech savvy, but would still like to comprehensively clone a target cell phone, mSpy makes available a highly experienced support team of technical experts who can handhold you through the entire installation process, and even assist with rooting or jailbreaking of the target cell phone. You can even use this tech support to resolve all your technical queries related to mSpy.

Even though mSpy may be lacking in some of the more advanced features available in products like FlexiSpy, it comes equipped with every single necessary feature, for almost every cell phone monitoring requirement you may have. In addition, you are provided with a highly intuitive and user-friendly control panel, giving you another reason to try it out.

mSpy Pros

  • It’s an easy to install cloning software and the makers also offer assistance of technical experts that can help users with the entire process.
  • mSpy app does its job in a completely invisible mode, giving no hint at all to the monitored user about its presence.
  • You can reach the mSpy customer care at any time of the day or night, all through the year, in multiple languages.
  • mSpy works with both Android-powered cell phones as well as iPhones.
  • The product is very competitively priced if you look at other similar cloning software in the market.
  • mSpy comes equipped with its widely popular geo-fencing feature which cannot be easily found in many other competing products.
  • The availability of family package makes it a very good proposition for concerned parents interested in simultaneous cloning and monitoring of multiple mobile phones.
  • The tech support team at mSpy is well known in the market for its quick and efficient responses. In fact, you can expect a resolution to your queries or problems within 24 hours (actual users normally report far quicker resolution times)
  • mSpy works as an extremely affordable cloning solution for parents, partners and employers, providing comprehensive cell phone cloning and monitoring services at less than $1 per day
  • The software also enables you to clone and view the media files on the target cell phone.
  • The activity tracker feature allows you to keep a constant track of the target user’s screen time, thus helping you limit the device’s usage.

mSpy Cons

  • While there are hardly any disadvantages associated with this cell phone cloning product, the only one we could think of is that the advanced level users may find a few features missing.

Mspy Prices For Its Cell Phone Cloning App

mSpy Basic subscription:

  • 1 month subscription at a cost of $ 26.99
  • 3 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 59.19
  • 12 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 99.99

mSpy Premium subscription

  • 1 month subscription at a cost of $ 69.99
  • 3 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 119.99
  • 12 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 199.99

mSpy family Kit

There is a family kit package available as well that makes it possible to conveniently clone and monitor 3 cell phone devices simultaneously. Its pricing details are given below:

  • 6 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 119.97
  • 12 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 167.97


Considered the second most recommended and popular cell phone cloning software not just by us, but a whole lot of people in the market, FlexiSpy comes equipped with some very unique and useful attributes that cannot be found in any other cloning application out there.

After researching FlexiSpy in good detail, we discovered that it’s actually the best cloning software for people who are not too comfortable around technology, and wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for availing some advanced level features, without putting themselves through the trouble of dealing with the technical aspects. FlexiSpy make sure that you successfully clone and stay updated about all the activities happening on the target mobile phone. In fact, you can actively track every single aspect of the target device, entirely from a distant location. Going by the experts, the capabilities delivered by the ‘Extreme’ package of FlexiSpy cannot be matched by any other cloning product in the industry today.

What sets FlexiSpy apart is that it doesn’t just stop at providing you access to some of the basic aspects of the target cell phone. It goes a step ahead and also allows you to tune in live into the phone calls happening on the cloned cell phone, in real time. The software’s creators also have a smart phone on offer on their official website that comes with pre-installation of the FlexiSpy app, providing you instant access to that phone’s activities, as soon as you make the purchase.

Other than that, apart from efficiently working on two of the most popular mobile phone operating systems – iOS and Android, the cloning software is compatible with other OS like Nokia Symbian and Blackberry too. Additionally, anyone interested in seeking technical help regarding any aspect of FlexiSpy, can reach out to their efficient tech support team, manned by seasoned experts with several years of experience in the industry. The tech support team staff can not only help you with the cloning software’s installation process, but also assist with rooting, jailbreaking or maintenance of the cloned cell phone.

Flexispy Pros

  • Availability of a new smart phone that comes pre-installed with the FlexiSpy cloning software.
  • Availability of the vastly popular ambient listening feature that hooks you up with the microphone of the target cell phone, and enables you to listen to the conversations in its surroundings.
  • FlexiSpy boasts of a 100% record with respect to the security and safety of crucial data retrieved from the cloned cell phones. There aren’t a lot of cloning products in the market that can say the same with confidence, about their offerings.
  • It allows you to tune into live phone calls, as they are happening. You can also retrieve the call recordings for later listening.
  • FlexiSpy works with all popular versions of both Android and iOS devices.
  • Every purchase of FlexiSpy comes with 24 x 7 access to an efficient customer care helpdesk.
  • The product has a budding and highly active FlexiSpy community which comprises of over 25,000 cell phone spying and cloning enthusiasts.
  • With the FlexiSpy cloning software, you can turn the monitored cell phone into a remote-controlled camera and video recorder, and click pictures or record videos in stealth mode, any time you need, from a remote location.
  • FlexiSpy cloning app is heavily focused on all the popular IM apps that are commonly used by a great multitude of youngsters these days
  • FlexiSpy makers were the first people in the world to create a commercial grade spying phone app, back in the year 2006. The company has continued to be amongst the leaders in this industry since then.
  • Being equipped with some of the most advanced cloning and spying features, FlexiSpy is counted amongst the most powerful cell phone cloning and spying apps on the market today.
  • So confident are FlexiSpy’s makers about their product that they allow you to trade a competitor’s app during your purchase, and receive a handsome discount for the exchange.
  • The cloning app does its job in a complete stealth mode, providing no hint of its presence to the monitored individual.

Flexispy Cons

  • While FlexiSpy offers some of the most advanced features in the cell phone cloning industry, it may seem a little expensive than other similar apps, to many users.
  • You need to jailbreak the iPhone in order to use FlexiSpy cloning app on it

Flexispy Prices

There are different pricing structures available for cloning of tablet PCs/computers and cell phones. For this article, we will focus only on the cell phone cloning. The related prices are provided below.

FlexiSpy pricing for cell phone cloning

  • FlexiSpy Lite package that comes with basic cloning and monitoring features, best suited for budget users: $ 29.95 per month
  • FlexiSpy Premium package that works well for all round cell phone cloning and monitoring, offering added features normally unavailable in other similar cloning products in the market:$ 149 for 12 months’ subscription / $ 99 for 3 months’ subscription / $ 60 per month
  • FlexiSpy Extreme package that is ideal for people interested in high-level cloning and monitoring features. It comes included with recording of every audio stream on the cloned cell phone: $ 349 for 12 months’ subscription / $ 199 for 3 months’ subscription

FlexiSpy also offers a special $ 19.99 per week payment option for cloning and monitoring of iPhones, which works best for tethered iPhones.


Often considered a dark horse amongst the top-rated cell phone cloning and monitoring software sold in the market, Hoverwatch indeed has some amazing features that always get it counted amongst the top 3 of its kind. The reason behind this is its highly-efficient working when it comes to the basic functions expected from any such cloning product. By installing this cloning app on the target cell phone, you’ll be able to clone and actively track phone calls, locations, IM messages, text messages, web browser activities and much more. If you’re interested in using a cloning app mainly for monitoring the online activities of your kids or employees, this app has all the required features to stay keep you completely up-to-date.

With the Hoverwatch cell phone cloning app, not only will you be able to record every phone call on the monitored cell phone, but will also give you control of its front camera from a distant location, enabling you to take a selfie of the person using the mobile phone, or any individual trying to unlock the device. Other than that, Hoverwatch takes regular screenshots of the target cell phone’s active screen and sends it for your review to the Hoverwatch Control Panel. This way, you get frequent updates about what the monitored person is doing on his/her cell phone, at different times of the day.

In addition, the Hoverwatch maintains a record of and uploads all the messages exchanged through well-known social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber. Please note, this feature is separate from the regular snapshots of the activities happening on these apps.

It won’t be an understatement if we say that Hoverwatch allows you to clone and monitor almost every small activity done on the target cell phone. Therefore, if you’re a parent who constantly worries about the friends that your younger one speak to, for hours and hours on their cell phone, and would like to know the real identity of that person, Hoverwatch can make this task very easy for you. Its location feature can send you regular updates about your kid’s current location, updating you anytime s/he ventures into some dangerous place.

As per claims made by the Hoverwatch creators, the app is actively used by over 12 million people across the world. These clients range from all types, including regular individual users to the finance and industrial bigwigs in the corporate world. As can be guessed from these figures, a large percentage of Hoverwatch users are actually corporate clients that actively use the cloning app to monitor their employees, to mainly prevent any leakage of confidential details and intellectual property secrets of their organisations. Hoverwatch has a dedicated research team that is constantly engaged in efforts to find more innovative methods to make the cloning app more useful for everyone.

Hoverwatch Pros

  • The cloning app comes with a fairly impressive frequency of data uploads.
  • It allows you to make easy adjustments to the target cell phone’s Android settings through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • You can easily use the Hoverwatch cloning app without the need of rooting the target cell phone.
  • With Hoverwatch you can take regular screenshots of the monitored cell phone, and have them uploaded for your review to the Hoverwatch dashboard. This way you can learn about the entire day’s activities of the monitored person.
  • The call records obtained through Hoverwatch cloning app offer amazing clarity, enabling you to clearly listen to every single word being said.
  • On the whole, it won’t be wrong to say that Hoverwatch is a far simpler cloning app than many other similar products, especially with regard to its installation and usage.

Hoverwatch Cons

  • The cloning app doesn’t come with any geo-fencing feature.
  • Its GPS location tracking feature can sometimes return inaccurate positions.
  • The details retrieved from the SIM card are normally not very accurate.
  • You can’t call it the most user-friendly app when it comes to navigating through its different features.
  • You’ll require a separate Key Logger if you choose this cell phone cloning app.

How Much Does Hoverwatch Cost?

Hoverwatch comes in 3 different package options based on the number of cell phone devices you’d like to clone and keep track of. These packages are detailed below:

Personal package – Allows monitoring of 1 cell phone

  • 1 month subscription at a cost of $ 24.95
  • 3 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 59.95
  • 12 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 99.95

Professional package – Allows monitoring of 5 cell phones

  • 1 month subscription at a cost of $ 49.95
  • 3 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 99.95
  • 12 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 199.95

Business package – Allows monitoring of 25 cell phones

  • 1 month subscription at a cost of $ 149.95
  • 3 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 299.95
  • 12 months’ subscription at a cost of $ 499.95

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