How To Choose A CBD Hemp Strain — Tips For Picking The Perfect Hemp Flower

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Smoking hemp flowers hasn’t overtaken the CBD oil or edibles markets, but it has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Recent estimates suggest the CBD smokable market is already around $80 million, and it could grow to the billions as more people try these products. Surveys also suggest more cigarette smokers are turning to CBD-rich hemp flowers as an alternative to nicotine-containing tobacco.

If you’re one of the many customers interested in CBD flowers and prerolls, you may wonder how to choose from the wide variety of CBD strains. Similar to cannabis, there are countless CBD hybrids on today’s market. People new to smoking CBD hemp joints should consider the following tips when shopping for a strain.

How To Pick Sublime Smokable Hemp — Tips For Beginners

Stick With A Reputable CBD Hemp Farm

The first step when shopping for any CBD hemp product is to carefully screen your intended company. If your CBD hemp farm doesn’t publish third-party lab reports, you shouldn’t do business with them. These Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are the only way you can verify a company’s CBD hemp has zero traces of pesticides, contaminants, and heavy metals. You could also double-check the cannabinoid and terpene percentages in a hemp company’s COAs.

After reading your company’s lab results, see what customers say about your CBD brand on reputable hemp forums. You should also look at the unbiased reviews on Real Tested CBD to see how your CBD brand stacks up against the competition. Taking the time to thoroughly review each hemp brand will save you the aggravation of ordering subpar CBD products.

Find Your Favorite Flavors & Effects

Once you’re confident your CBD brand is legit, it’s time to look closely at the cannabinoid and terpene percentages in different hemp strains. While all hemp flowers have high amounts of CBD, they have varying degrees of rare cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. The concentrations of these secondary compounds can significantly alter the effects of a CBD strain.

For example, CBD strains with high amounts of the terpene myrcene tend to have a greater potential for sedation. By contrast, strains with extra limonene often have a reputation for “energizing” properties better suited for the daytime.

There are also many reports that various secondary cannabinoids have unique properties. Most notably, many hemp smokers claim CBN is associated with sleepy sensations. While CBN isn’t psychoactive, many insomnia patients gravitate to CBN-rich products for help unwinding later in the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the common effects of secondary hemp cannabinoids or terpenes, please review Real Tested CBD’s blog. We have dozens of educational articles detailing the most prominent hemp chemicals.

Read Plenty Of Hemp Strain Reviews

The most precise way to get a “preview” of your hemp strain is to review the cannabinoid and terpene percentages. However, most prominent hemp cultivars have a set of “standard effects.” It’s getting easier to find reviews from hemp flower fans on websites like Reddit. Many reputable cannabis sites like Leafly, AllBud, and Wikileaf have detailed reviews of CBD-rich hemp strains.

Please take your time reviewing the properties associated with various CBD hemp strains and note which ones best suit your preferences.

Bonus tip: Hemp strains with high sativa genetics tend to be more “uplifting” than indicas. By contrast, indica hybrids have a close association with deep relaxation. While CBD doesn’t induce psychoactive effects, the sativa/indica distinction is worth keeping in mind while researching various strain names.

Start Your Hemp Flower Search On Real Tested CBD

Real Tested CBD has seen a surge of demand in the smokable CBD hemp flowers market. To meet this increased interest in CBD strains near me, we’ve decided to test all of North America’s biggest hemp flower brands. You can find detailed lab reports and reviews of many CBD hemp flowers, prerolls, and joints on our website. Be sure to peruse our unbiased reviews before deciding which CBD flower fits your needs.

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