Whether you’re looking for love or hoping to get a particular person to fall for you, using a love spell can be tempting. But be careful! It’s important to cast love spells in the right way to get positive results.

Love spells work by manifesting an intention. Here’s how to take your intention from the invisible realm to the visible realm with a spell to love.

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What You Will Need for Love Spells

  1. An intention. The best intentions to use with love magic call romance into your life in the highest and best possible way, for the good of all. If your intention is to call a particular person into your life, make sure your intention is that this is according to the free will of all.
  2. An open mind. It is better to call in “a relationship with someone as good or better than the one I envision with X, according to the free will of all,” than it is to simply work on chanting love spells “to have X fall in love with me.” 
  3. A ritual to invoke that intention. We’ll go into greater detail on rituals below, as they vary by what spell you’re casting.
  4. An invocation. This will happen as part of the ritual; it’s when you “call in” your dream romance.
  5. A desire to take action. Even with the strongest spell, your dream lover won’t necessarily just show up at your door! You’ll still need to take action, such as going on dating apps or texting the person you’re interested in. 
  6. Basic materials. Several rituals require something material to bring your intentions into the physical realm. Materials will depend on which spell you use, so look at the instructions for casting a love spell in different ways below.

How to Cast Love Spells: Step by Step

Spells for love vary according to the objects you have, the process, and when you can do them. Here are a few lover spells you can use to attract your dream lover through love magic.

1. Candle Magic Love Spell

Using any kind of candle, communicate your intentions while it is still unlit. You can do this through an invocation, such as: With the burning of this candle, my ideal partner comes to me. You can also do this in an unspoken way. 

Then, light the candle. You may wish to burn it over several evenings; if you do, repeat the invocation each time you light it. When the candle has burned down, your spell love is on their way to you.

2. Ribbon Love Spell

On the New Moon, use a pair of objects and a ribbon—ideally a warm color, like pink or red. These two objects can be anything from socks to candles, though they must come in a pair and it’s best if you feel an emotional connection to them.

Select one of the objects to represent you and the other one to represent your lover. Tie the two objects together at the very ends of the ribbon. As you do, use an invocation. This can be simple, such as: May this action bring my perfect partner closer to me.

Each evening, put the two objects closer together (such as by winding the ribbon around them) and retie the ribbon, reciting your invocation. Continue until the two items are touching, then leave them for a week to let the love magic work.

3. Orange Spell for Love

Use a dried orange peel to help your soulmate make up their mind—or to get clarity for yourself on your romantic situation. You can create a charm by wrapping dried orange peel in a piece of cloth and tying it with a ribbon.

Use an invocation to clarify your intentions. In this case, you may wish to say something like, Goddess, please clarify the next right action to take to find my true love. Then, sleep with the charm under your pillow to receive a dream showing you the next right step.

4. Rose Love Spell

Gather rose petals near moving water. An outdoor body of water is best, but a running tap will do. Visualize your ideal romance; again, this works best if you think of qualities you want in a partner, rather than a particular person.

Then, create and speak an invocation: Universe, please send my ideal love to me, as I send these rose petals to you. As always, be careful with your intentions.

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A Guide to Spells for Romance

Where can I order love spells?

A love spell for free might seem tempting, but people who have never cast spells before need to be careful; they can also be ineffective or even dangerous. Sending any kind of negative intention into the world affects you badly.

Some psychics, such as those at the site Kasamba, can cast spells for you. 

Why would you choose to consult a spell caster? Getting advice and assistance from someone who is a spell expert is more efficient and safer than trying to work on your own. These advisors also have experience, so they can help you work magic in a positive and effective way.

Kasamba has dozens of love spell experts who can work with you online or by phone. They ensure that your love spell is tailored to you and your situation. 

If you are unsure whether working with a professional spell caster is right for you, you can try free offers, such as the one that Kasamba offers: three free minutes, then 15% off your first session or check out a Kasamba review first.  

What are some tips when casting love spells?

When working a lover spell, following some guidelines can help you be more successful:

1. Believe in the magic. At the very least, know that focusing your energy on creating a loving relationship will bring more love into your life. Your spirit is powerful!

2.Be specific but keep an open mind. It is a terrible idea to use magic to force someone to do anything against their will. It’s okay to use language like, “someone like X,” but it’s better to be specific: “someone who is decisive and funny.

3. Understand the limits of love magic. Love magic is not for breaking up couples or for forcing someone to be with you. It’s about finding your own path to love

4. Know the best times to cast spells. Rituals for romance work well on Fridays, which are traditionally the day of Venus. The New Moon is also an excellent time to work love magic, as it’s a time when intentions take root in the physical world.

Do love spells really work?

For a love spell that works, it’s important that you focus your beliefs on the task.

Love spells that work have the following characteristics:

  • Clearly stated intentions
  • Intense mental focus
  • Meaningful physical materials

Can a love spell work instantly?

Can a lovers spell work right away? Yes. Does it usually? No.

People who use spells for lovers usually want to see instant results. However, love magic can take the universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) time to put the elements in place. Love magic is about two people, after all—not just one!

Once you have cast your spell, you also need to be willing to take inspired action. This can be anything from reaching out to someone you care about to signing up for an online dating site. Even the strongest magic is unlikely to send the perfect partner straight to your door.

Can a love spell backfire?

Absolutely. This is why getting expert advice with spells of love is so important. Use an expert site like Kasamba to find assistance.

Any negative energy you send out comes back according to the law of threefold return. Basically, it’s a terrible idea to do magic to bring about the breakup of someone else’s relationship or cause harm in any way, no matter how slight it may seem to you.

Done correctly, love spells will increase the love in your life. But you must make sure that your intentions are pure first.

Recap on How to Cast a Love Spell

To cast love spell magic, identify materials that are meaningful to you. Create an invocation for what you want, using clearly stated desires that do not harm anyone else in the casting. Finally, combine the physical and the mental ingredients through a ritual.

Using Love Spells to Meet Someone: Final Takeaway

If you’re a single person who’s looking for something romantic to come your way, a love spell can help you bring it in. When planning how to cast a love spell, find the materials and incantation that speak to you. And if it’s your first time using magic, consider getting professional assistance.

Have you used a spell to call in love before? How did you do it, and what were the results? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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