How To Avoid The High Caused By Cannabis

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Despite its potential to treat a wide range of ailments, the cannabis plant is commonly known for the “high” or intoxicating effects it creates. But a lot of people use it as a natural way to treat different chronic conditions including pain, seizures, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, etc. However, people who use medical marijuana for a long-time will have to experience different side effects caused by it including euphoric effects and addiction.

But now, it is possible to control the “high” resulting from medical marijuana or cannabis with the aid of some natural remedies. The following are some of the best ways to avoid the euphoric effects if you are planning to use medical marijuana:


CBD can be a great alternative to medical marijuana, as the best CBD products are capable of delivering most of the beneficial properties offered by marijuana without creating high.

Additionally, CBD is also found to reduce the side effects resulting from marijuana which can be useful for you to prevent the high resulting from it.

CBD is a chemical naturally occurring in the marijuana plant, hence, using it to control the intoxicating effects caused by the same plant might sound ironic. However, it’s true! CBD can indeed control the high and other negative effects resulting from the use of marijuana. Hence, a lot of people now take CBD for addiction resulting from this plant.

Even though CBD is a phytochemical in the cannabis plant, this compound alone does not create intoxicating effects. Most of the adverse effects you experience when consuming marijuana are because of the presence of another phytochemical called THC. This phytocannabinoid can directly interact with different cannabinoid receptors in the body that are designed to accept the body’s own natural cannabinoids. Therefore, it can create mind-altering effects along with dependency and addiction.

But CBD can reduce the ability of THC to bind with the cannabinoid receptors in the body thereby reducing the intensity of the effects created by it. This ability of CBD can be useful for people to control their addiction to marijuana.

Some other effective ways to control the high resulting from marijuana include:

Staying Hydrated: Drinking lots of fluids can help to mitigate the side effects caused by marijuana consumption.

Eat: Certain foods are believed to have the ability to control the high caused by cannabis. Some of them are pine nuts, lemon, and peppercorns.

Engaging in exercises, taking a shower, or sleeping might also help to reduce the intensity of side effects you experience from marijuana.

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