How Thunder Makes His Mark in Digital Art and Crypto

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Being a crypto influencer goes beyond helping people find the right deal or project to invest in. It’s much more; making an impact on digital currency marketing while welcoming new and confident investors. This continues to be a critical contribution of Thunder as a Marketing Advisor, Crypto Promoter, and Influencer. With a passion for helping people generate a passive income stream, Thunder leverages his knowledge of digital art and crypto to become an influencer on Twitter.

Thunder is a Brazilian who discovered his passion for digital media early in life. What started as an interest in the computer soon transcended into a passion for the digital world. In no time, his interest evolved into a flair for artworks and programming codes. He is known by the name “Thunder” among his followers and fans because he was fond of the Thunder emoji in this content. He has come to amass over 1.9 million followers on his Twitter account.

This success did not come to him on a platter of gold. Before becoming a crypto promoter, Thunder posted motivational quotes and nature videos on his twitter account. He has always been one who followed whatever he was passionate about and so shared whatever motivated him with his fans. Doing this, he observed that his media account started to garner interest and picked up social traction; this resulted in over a million fan base. This initial success as a social media influencer was a massive boost to his confidence. Thunder then decided to leverage his knowledge of digital arts and programming codes to become a crypto and NFT influencer.

Driven by his passion for NFT and crypto, Thunder’s follower base started climbing daily, but this experience did not last long. Thunder’s Twitter account was soon suspended; his account suspension was an outcome of aggression from some of his competitors and coworkers who could not match his success as an influencer.

Luckily, Thunder’s competitors and aggressors were unaware of his second account on Twitter. This helped him regain his follower base within a short period. He utilized his former Twitter account’s follower base to inform his fans that Thunder as a crypto promoter is still reachable and active on Twitter to educate people about the best crypto projects. People’s unwavering support and a positive attitude have helped Thunder move forward despite all inherent challenges.

Today, Thunder ranks among the top crypto influencers on Twitter. He has collaborated with some of the biggest crypto brands like Huobi. While this is a laudable feat, he’s also been associated with prominent crypto exchanges such as MEXC. He took part in several pre-launch of renowned crypto and Defi projects. He understands the place of hard work and persistence, and he accords this as his most potent weapon in the face of challenges. He admonishes his fans to exercise similar confidence in their trading, as he chips in the popular saying that winners are not quitters.

While many may be quick to play off his achievement as a fluke, Thunder’s Twitter account is evidence of well-researched post and analysis, and not guesswork. With his goal to provide unbiased and transparent information on crypto and NFT to his fans, Thunder is looking forward to scaling up his follower base to over 5 million in the coming years.

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