How Strong Is THC-O?

Cannabinoids have taken the weed world by storm in a big way; some of them you’ve heard of – CBD, Delta 8 – others like THC-O may be new to you, leaving you wondering “how strong is THC-O?”

If you’re asking the question “how strong is THC-O,” it’s likely you’ve already gotten wind of its reputation as a heavy-hitter. What is THC-O? THC-O Acetate is a new legal category that is hemp-derived. Binoid THC-O is made in the USA and 100% natural. 

This cannabinoid is no joke. It’s strong effects make it incredibly important to ensure that the THC-O you’re ingesting was made according to US standards and has no superfluous additives laced within it. When taking a ride on the THC-O train, you want it to be as natural and of-the-plant as possible, as doing so will make sure you have an incredible experience. 

Described by some as having “all of the benefits and none of the negatives” of a dank THC high, THC-O is definitely something to try. Still wondering how strong is THC-O, and how safe it is? Keep reading for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this cannabinoid newcomer:

How Strong Is THC-O?

How strong is THC-O? Very strong. In fact, THC-O is much stronger than other THC cannabinoids – not to be confused with Delta 9 THC or Delta 8 THC. It has 3x the potency of its cousin Delta 9 and is known to give a more psychedelic high than any other compound (this comparison includes even THC). 

THC-O effects are described to be stronger than Delta 8. Users may feel happy and motivated. THC-O acetate is best used for relaxing without negative side effects.

Is THC-O Safe?

It is when you purchase from a reputable source! Binoid‘s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is one of the few cGMP Certified and ISO 9001:2015 Certified CBD facilities in the United States. Their products are Kosher Food Grade Quality Certified by Oregon DOA, Kosher Certified among many other qualifications. 

Additionally, each Binoid product is tested 5 times before they send for third-party lab testing. They test every batch to ensure their Drops are up to top standards. You can view all of their product test results on the drop down menu right on each product’s page. Learn more about how their products are tested here

Is THC-O Legal?

If you’re wondering how strong is THC-O, you may also be wondering if it’s legal. THC-O-Acetate is presently considered legal under federal law (2018 Farm Bill) because THC-O on the market is derived from the hemp plant, and federal law clearly states that all hemp derivatives except for delta 9 THC can be legally sold and purchased.  It’s a different cannabinoid from delta 9, which would mean that it’s federally protected.

Is THC-O Legal In My State?

Because of how new THC-O-Acetate and THC-O Acetate products are, no state legislation has singled it out, at least yet. But, some states have created legislation that bans psychoactive cannabinoids under the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) classification, in response to the growing popularity of delta 8 THC, an intoxicating hemp derivative. This means that THC-O is probably considered illegal in states in which delta 8 has been banned.

  • Alabama: THC-O is legal in Alabama
  • Alaska: THC-O might be illegal in Alaska
  • Arizona: THC-O might be illegal in Arizona
  • Arkansas: THC-O might be illegal in Arkansas
  • California: THC-O is legal in California
  • Colorado: THC-O might be illegal in Colorado
  • Connecticut: THC-O is legal in Connecticut
  • Delaware: THC-O might be illegal in Delaware
  • Florida: THC-O is legal in Florida
  • Georgia: THC-O is legal in Georgia
  • Hawaii: THC-O is legal in Hawaii
  • Idaho: THC-O might be illegal in Idaho
  • Illinois: THC-O is legal in Illinois
  • Indiana: THC-O is legal in Indiana
  • Iowa: THC-O might be illegal in Iowa
  • Kansas: THC-O is legal in Kansas
  • Kentucky: THC-O is legal in Kentucky
  • Louisiana: THC-O is legal in Louisiana
  • Maine: THC-O is legal in Maine
  • Maryland: THC-O is legal in Maryland
  • Massachusetts: THC-O is legal in Massachusetts
  • Michigan: THC-O is legal in Michigan
  • Minnesota: THC-O is legal in Minnesota
  • Mississippi: THC-O might be illegal in Mississippi
  • Missouri: THC-O is legal in Missouri
  • Montana: THC-O might be illegal in Montana
  • Nebraska: THC-O is legal in Nebraska
  • Nevada: THC-O is legal in Nevada
  • New Hampshire: THC-O is legal in New Hampshire
  • New Jersey: THC-O is legal in New Jersey
  • New Mexico: THC-O is legal in New Mexico
  • New York: THC-O might be illegal in New York
  • North Carolina: THC-O is legal in North Carolina
  • North Dakota: THC-O is legal in North Dakota
  • Ohio: THC-O is legal in Ohio
  • Oklahoma: THC-O is legal in Oklahoma
  • Oregon: THC-O is legal in Oregon
  • Pennsylvania: THC-O is legal in Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island: THC-O might be illegal in Rhode Island 
  • South Carolina: THC-O is legal in South Carolina
  • South Dakota: THC-O is legal in South Dakota
  • Tennessee: THC-O is legal in Tennessee
  • Texas: THC-O is legal in Texas
  • Utah: THC-O might be illegal in Utah
  • Vermont: THC-O might be illegal in Vermont
  • Virginia: THC-O is legal in Virginia
  • Washington: THC-O is legal in Washington
  • West Virginia: THC-O is legal in West Virginia
  • Wisconsin: THC-O is legal in Wisconsin
  • Wyoming: THC-O is legal in Wyoming 

Keep in mind that information above can change at any time, as more states begin to clarify their laws on individual hemp-based cannabinoids. This means that if you have an interest in purchasing THC-O, it is best to check with your state laws in order to have the most up-to-date information.

How Do You Use THC-O?

How strong is THC-O? It depends on how you use it! THC-O comes in rechargeable vapes, disposable vapes and tinctures. 

Binoid’s THC-O tinctures come with 1000mg or 2500mg of premium 92% THCO distillate paired with MCT oil for an easy and enjoyable body and mind experience. This THC-O tincture is the first real THC-O tincture available for online purchase. Please note, their THC-O tincture is potent and is meant to be used for under the tongue dosing. Be careful with dosing. Binoid is taking the world by storm with this 1000mg THC-O tincture! 

Binoid’s innovative THC-O vape uses premium 92% THC-O distillate, paired with amazing terpene strains to give a potent and powerful mental and physical buzz. Binoid THC-O vapes fit a 510 battery. Right now, Binoid is having a sale on all THC-O vapes and THC-O tinctures, so hurry up and get yours! 

What Types Of THC-O Strains Are There?

How strong is THC-O? It depends on the strain! In your search for the best THC-O strain, keep in mind that each strain will be significantly stronger than the it’s matching THC or Delta 8 strain. Users report that they feel the effects of THC-O strains much better, with less negative side effects of other compound’s versions. 

If you are looking to get tranquil, try Binoid’s Blue Zkittlez THC-O vape. For a more soothing effect, the indica strain Do Si Do is for you. Maui Wowie is a sativa strain, and is perfect for giving energy throughout the day with its refreshing flavor and an enjoyable feeling; users may feel focused, productive, and happy. White Runtz is a hybrid strain, and is perfect for morning or evenings with an amazing flavor and enjoyable feelings of joy, relaxation, and productivity. 

Is THC-O Stronger Than Delta 9?

Is THC-O Stronger Than Delta 9? Oh yes. It also has a potency 3x that of Delta 9 THC. It’s reported that THC-O gives users a more psychedelic high than that of other compounds like THC. 

So how strong is THC-O? Pretty darn strong. 

Where to Buy THC-O Gummies Online

Wondering how strong is THC-O, and can I eat it as a gummy? The answer is yes! Binoid’s vegan THC-O Gummies deliver a potent dose of 25mg of THC-O per gummy. These pure and delicious gummies are infused with THC-O, instead of the regular low-end THC-O gummies that are sprayed and unhealthy.

Each bottle contains different mixed flavors, including Blueberry Pie, Pina Colada, and Sour Cherry Lime. THC-O gummies are known to give an uplifting and happy feeling with a calming body sensation.

As you’ve probably gathered, Binoid is one of the top THC-O brands, and these amazing gummies pack a punch. Get the relaxing feeling you want with these THC-O Acetate gummies. 

Love a good deal? Bundle up Binoid’s THC-O gummies and save big! You can get a 3 pack (1 Blueberry Pie, 1 Sour Cherry Lime , 1 Pina Colada)  or a 6 pack (2 Blueberry Pie, 2 Sour Cherry Lime, 2 Pina Colada) of gummy bottles for a great price. 

Cannabinoid edibles have long been a favorite of ours, and these THC-O gummies don’t disappoint! They are perfect for specialized dosing and on-the-go use. 

Where To Buy THC-O Disposable Vapes Online

THC-O disposables are hard to come by currently, with few options on the market. Luckily for you, Binoid has released an entire product line of THC-O 1 gram rechargeable disposables that come in the same strains as their vape cartridges. That makes choosing whether you want their flavors easy with both options available. Disposables are a quick and easy way to take THC-O acetate, and the best THC-O disposables can be found at Binoid CBD.

The Binoid brand is leading the charge with this new buzz, selling four amazing Binoid 92% THC-O vape cartridges: Blue Zkittlez (Indica), White Runtz (Hybrid), Do Si Dos (Indica), and Maui Wowie (Sativa). 

Where To Buy THC-O Tinctures Online

On top of their amazing THC-O vape collection, Binoid also has the first THC-O tincture available that is 1000mg of pure THC-O. This means you can dose a full dropper to 33mg, or to 16mg for half of a dropper. The flavor is clean and natural, and effects are longer lasting and potent. This THC-O Acetate tincture is the best way to take THC-O if you are not looking to vape the compound. 

Want to know more (or try it for yourself)? Head over to to get all the info you need and fill up that shopping cart. 

Is It Safe To Buy THC-O Online?

Binoid is the leading purveyor of buying THC-O online, and for good reason, they have all the products you could ever want!

They are also a cannabis company committed to transparency. With everything from user reviews to lab-tested results that are easily viewable with a simple quick of a button. They also carry a wide selection of products, from edibles, to tinctures and vapes that we feel good about putting into our body. Shopping online at is a simple way to order everything you need to take your cannabis experience to the next level. 

Shipping at is fast and FREE. Their pricing is competitive, with their compound bundles like the THC-O vape bundle being some of the most affordable pricing you can get in the legitimate THC-O industry. Need help ordering, or have questions about the products? Their customer service team is always available for quick and friendly responses. 

How Strong Is THC-O And What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of THC-O are starting to be revealed by customers. A few of them will be listed below: 

  • Relaxed
  • Mellow
  • Mental/Physical Buzz
  • Euphoria
  • Smooth hits
  • Full body feelings
  • Curiosity
  • Balanced
  • Peaceful
  • Tranquil
  • Concentrated

As you can see, the effects and uses of THC-O ranges across the board. However, there are many overall THC-O benefits that we are seeing from customers of Binoid THC-O products

How Strong Is THC-O? Pretty Strong When Buying From Binoid. 

Hands down, is the best place to purchase THC-O online. Free THC-O shipping, along with competitive and affordable pricing, makes finding pure THC-O easier than ever. On top of great savings, has popular product bundles to help you get even more bang for your buck! Need help? Their customer service team is always available for quick response.   

Carrying the best vape cartridges, gummies, and more, is where you should go for an amazing range of products, articles, and all the latest ways to get your buzz on.

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