How Solar Energy Partners’ Passionate Approach is Changing the Future

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Climate change is an undeniable reality. For many years, scientists have constantly found additional evidence showing humans have sped up the process through unsustainable practices. For instance, we’ve been relying on fossil fuels for centuries and have now reached the limit of what we can extract from our natural resources. Consequently, our planet is experiencing the devastating effects of climate change at an unprecedented rate. According to experts, we can mitigate that by decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels and investing in renewable resources. In a world where the need for renewable energy is increasing every day, Solar Energy Partners has taken on the task of providing a solution.

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Solar Energy Partners is one of the most innovative renewable energy companies in America, leading the charge in providing renewable resources across the country. With over 25,000 panels installed in 2021 and 1,200 sales consultants in 13 states, SEP is on a mission to make solar power more accessible than ever before. The company was founded in the spring of 2017 by solar energy experts Alex Williams, Clint Williams, and Dave Madrid, who cumulatively have 20 years of experience in the industry. The founders’ mission was to “Bring clean energy, abundant savings, and peace of mind to every homeowner in the United States.” They do so by providing solutions for commercial solar power systems, residential solar panels, solar battery storage, and other alternative sources of power.

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One thing that sets Solar Energy Partners apart from other solar panel providers is their hands-on approach to customers. The team knows that making a change can be intimidating, so they help you every step of the way – from deciding on your system size to installation and maintenance. Solar Energy Partners believes that everyone should have access to renewable sources of energy based on their needs and budget, which is why they don’t stop at installation. The team finds success in helping its customers transition to sustainable energy with a plan that fits their needs and partner with the most trusted installers. With innovative technology and creative marketing strategies, SEP has helped 5,500 homeowners switch to solar energy, saving $15M on energy costs.

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Strategic partnerships with many of the largest and highest-rated companies in the Solar Industry have also been instrumental in SEP’s mission. Some of the company’s partners include Bright Planet Solar, SunRun, Infinity Energy, SunNova, EXO energy, and Tesla. Internally, SEP has a passionate team of sales consultants committed to the brand’s mission. One of SEP’s goals is to create an environment that enables its team members to grow holistically. That commitment carried the team through the Covid-19 pandemic when other solar companies were sinking. To care for its sales teams, SEP quickly pivoted to video calls with customers, which allowed it to keep expanding and retain its employees.

In addition to doing great things for the environment through clean energy production, Solar Energy Partners is also passionate about the local communities. The company partnered with the Salvation Army to giveway over 400 care packages to homeless people on skid row during the holidays last year. Also, SEP worked with CalTrans to clean up close to 1,000 bags of trash and refuse in California. The leadership believes that if you care for people, the business will naturally take care of itself. Their success is enough proof of that.

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