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After a year of historic headlines and unprecedented times, 2020 was sure to challenge even the best of us. And while the infamous year will go down in history for its various pivotal moments in the U.S. and abroad, still, today’s news headlines continue to break records as world news and politics navigate uncharted waters. But, one of the most promising things that came out of 2020, came in the form of an open and honest discussion forum held by up-and-coming social advocate Yasmin Tavakoli. Though she had always been interested in both domestic and foreign affairs, pertaining to politics and social justice, Tavakoli never felt led to discuss these matters publicly until the events of 2020 unfolded before her.

But with a Masters in Diplomacy from the University of Southern California and experience in working with the United Nations, it only seemed fitting that Tavakoli would launch her very own series of discussions via Instagram Live sessions called Talks with Yasmin. What started as a simple, yet effective discussion with a good friend of Tavakoli’s, a doctor who provided insight on the ambiguous coronavirus back in March of 2020, has now evolved into a regular series where Yasmin discusses politics, social issues, and pertinent topics with politicians, city officials, doctors, business owners, social justice advocates and more. And while she’s known on Instagram for Talks with Yasmin, most recently, Tavakoli expanded her discussion forum into  Spotify and iTunes with a newly added podcast format.

And while it might seem like the market is oversaturated with platforms and discussions around political and current events, what sets Tavakoli apart from the rest is her fair and equal approach to any and every issue. Above all, she is adamant about getting to the bottom of every topic, with the truth as her ultimate priority. As a result, she also recently partnered with AllSides, a media technology company that shares balances news and media bias ratings. As an ambassador for AllSides, Tavakoli is constantly encouraging her followers to do research on these matters and to educate themselves on news, politics and more.

“Through these ongoing conversations, I urge my followers to open their minds to different perspectives,” Tavakoli says. “I like to bring forth the truth and perspective and furthermore, I hope these discussions encourage people to do their own research to become informed and aware.”

In a world where we now have to constantly question much of the content we are presented with, the rising social advocate looks to change the narrative of understanding the news and political matters. And as new issues continue to arise every day, Tavakoli remains committed to sharing the truth in a fair and just manner so that her followers can rest assured the information they consume via Talks with Yasmin is irrefutable.

To learn more about Yasmin Tavakoli and to watch Talks with Yasmin, find her on Instagram or check out her podcast on Spotify.

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