How Romain Prevost Is Making a Lasting Impact in Decentralized Finance

Ever since the launch of the first cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has come up with various ways to challenge traditional finance, with the most recent being the emergence of the decentralized finance (Defi) movement. Unlike the traditional financial system, decentralized finance empowers individuals to retain more control over their assets while allowing people the financial freedom to choose how to invest without relying on a third party.

As cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity and new currencies are coming up, DeFi is also becoming a popular term as people realize the benefits and how it can change the future of money. Romain Prevost is a crypto expert making a lasting impact in decentralized finance through his company.

Popularly referred to as Monk, Romain is the co-owner and CEO of Orbit. Their company is revolutionizing the crypto industry, creating a robust community. Orbit is the   parent company creating an entire ecosystem of products designed to provide holders with opportunities to create multiple income streams with high levels of passive income from the OrbitFund with various presale investment opportunities through our launchpad, whilst allowing use of advanced on-chain data analytics tool to assist investors in making smarter, more informed decisions.

According to Monk, part of why he launched Orbit and Andromeda was to provide traders an honest and transparent platform. Having been in the industry for years, Monk realized that among the many companies and different products in the crypto space, there wasn’t one independent “middleman” for traders, which inspired him to develop Orbit.

He says he is looking to create a launchpad to release new projects. This will allow developers to launch their projects on his platform and list all the customers that he has. Orbit is also giving users access to their trading community, helping them supercharge their trading position.

A cryptocurrency developed by the people, for the people, the M31 coin and Orbit strive to make a lasting impact in decentralized finance. Monk says their main aim is to help everyone who gets into crypto benefit and feel like part of the community. So far, Andromeda has 10,000 investors.

A firm believer that everyone can win, Monk’s goal is to create profitable investments for all. He actively discourages investments from institutions and prefers to do business with everyday people, encouraging them that they can attain financial independence too.

Orbit’s unique roadmap is setting them apart in the market. Their initial market cap is 6,000 with a total supply of 1,000,000,000, of which 80% will be released to the public, 10% locked for development, 7% marketing wallet, and 3% auto-liquidity provider. Monk says that their goal is to grow M31 to the moon and beyond in the coming years. Their marketing strategy is allowing them to establish their spot as a dominant force in the decentralized finance area.

Monk notes that one of the biggest challenges facing the crypto industry is the lack of cryptocurrency adoption in traditional marketplaces. This has made it difficult to understand the space easily, especially with opposition from governments that do not want to lose their power over the monetary system. As he continues to thrive, he is redefining the industry, building a solid trading community while making a lasting impact in decentralized finance.

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