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FOMO Models director Robert Wilson is innovating the fashion industry in more ways than one. Ahead of the curve in the digital sphere, the London-based agent helps clients gain a social media following which is important for models to land jobs and establish a platform. While FOMO Models has worked with brands like Burberry and Versace, Wilson said that the true innovators are online stores selling clothes for everyday wear like ASOS and Next Directory.

Wilson breaks industry standards by using unorthodox channels for finding models, such as on social media and in small villages or rural areas. He proves that a good model can come from anywhere. This is in line with his belief in helping others and giving back. Wilson told the Wimbledon Guardian about discovering one girl working as a cleaner, who is now in a Gucci campaign.

“I love my job because I like changing the lives of young people for the better,” he told the Wimbledon Guardian.

Wilson does not only look to help people improve their lives – he also wants to improve the industry through greater diversity. Wilson has spoken on the bullying he endured growing up gay. Today, he works to increase representation in the media to create open and accepting environments.

Wilson knows the importance of supporting young people. He personally faced plenty of adversity before his success with FOMO Models. Wilson’s parents struggled with drug addiction and have both passed away – his father when Wilson was twelve years old, his mother when he was twenty-four.

“I didn’t have a counselor, I didn’t have any qualifications, I had nothing,” he told the Wimbledon Guardian. “But I have still found success.”

After five years running FOMO Models, the agency has 50 models with agents around the world. Wilson now finds himself surrounded by A-listers. While he is no stranger to this – he helped Kendall Jenner when she was in the UK while he worked at Elite Models – working as a director of a successful modeling agency certainly means more interaction with social influencers.

FOMO Models, which has over 326,000 followers on Instagram, specializes in raising social media engagement. With COVID-19 stopping models from being able to travel to in-person jobs, this online approach to supporting clients proves to be more crucial than ever. Brands can find models’ pages with sizable followings and pay them to promote products. From this virtual method to the efforts at diversifying the industry and breaking standards, Wilson and FOMO Models are finding ways to pave new paths for every new model they represent.

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