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Rawan Idris Barzani knows firsthand the immense importance of peace. He is the commander of the Kurdistan Region Special Forces’ First Brigade. He grew up seeing his father as a Kurdish leader, along with his brother being the president of Kurdistan. Being someone who has played a major role in defeating the ISIS terror group in the Middle East, his commitment to instilling peace in youth has only become stronger over time.

Overseeing a 100KM-long frontline in Iraq was a major achievement for Rawan, but it also reaffirmed the dedication he has to having a new focus on helping young people stay out of conflicts that are unfortunately all too common in the region.

As someone who is passionate about supporting and assisting those in need, Rawan has now established a number of initiatives that have been helping young people in his homeland. Helping young people keep peace within their hearts and minds, regardless of whatever may come their way in life, is something he believes can have massive implications. It may even have the power to prevent conflicts and wars from ever starting in the future.

Even when there already are conflicts, Rawan believes that peace plays a vital role. If there is cooperation and understanding between two parties, then a conflict can be neutralized and resolved. While dealing with the ISIS threat in the Middle East, Rawan was able to see this in action. Even when two sides have an incredibly challenging time agreeing with each other, there is the chance to come to some sort of understanding that disarms violent conflict.

Rawan Barzani is still a relatively young person himself. That has made it easier for him to connect with the youth living in Kurdistan that he has decided to focus on helping. In fact, they have been more receptive to the message of peace that he shares.

As a result of the youth-focused initiatives he has launched, there are far fewer youth being threatened with losing their lives within conflicts in the region. He has been helping move them away from letting anger to stir inside of them, instead choosing to take the route of peace and conflict dissolution.

Conflicts may seem like the easy way out, but they end up causing far more problems than they solve. As someone who is an expert in strategy, Rawan has been able to navigate through challenging conflicts without getting harmed.

Peace has become a central tenet to Rawan’s message he shares with young people. The lessons that war has provided him have revolved around peace and cooperation being the key to a world free from any more unwanted and unneeded bloodshed. The more youth Rawan can help steer away from getting involved in conflicts, the more he believes he will have succeeded in his new focus and initiative.

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