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Coming back from injury can be one of the hardest things for a professional athlete, as they often have doubt in the back of their mind if they can perform at levels preceding the injury, as well as being overly cautious to prevent re-injury. Hayden Bowe is a professional weightlifter and powerlifter that successfully overcame a torn patellar tendon, only to return to competition and set personal records, as well as competition records at the Hybrid Showdown II event. Bowe set a personal and competition record in the bench press event, benching 185kg/407lbs. When Bowe returned from this injury, he fell in love with powerlifting and hit personal records in the clean and jerk, lifts he hadn’t performed in over 6 months due to his injury.

Upon completing various competitions, Bowe also completed the rigorous US Army Warrior Fitness Workout. He prides himself on executing impeccable technique during his lifts, something that he believes is an extremely valuable component to attain progress and lift heavier weights. He says that new lifters should stick to a good technique, and make this technique the foundation to not deviate away from when increasing weight. Bowe has been training all his life, he first started playing sports when he began playing hockey at age 4, and begun to lift weights when he was only 10. Bowe has also trained thousands of athletes, including young hockey players who were looking to integrate weight training to become better athletes. He prioritizes technique for young athlete who seek to lift heavy weights, as improper technique can lead to many undesirable results. He encourages young athletes to make safety and risk management a focal point of their training, imploring them to avoid lifting heavy weights when they are alone.

Bowe is an expert in his field, he trained under world champion powerlifters, as well as Steve Sandor, a Hungarian national weightlifting champion. With his tremendous achievements in his field, Bowe often finds people asking him how he is able to list so much, the answer is the Hybrid Performance Method. Bowe co-founded the Hybrid Performance Method with his girlfriend, Stefi Cohen, Cohen is also a powerlifter and world record holder. The two have created a winning formula with this method, incorporating their in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in the Hybrid Performance Method- it was so successful that it surpassed 500 members in just a few months after its inception.

Bowe still enjoys competing and setting personal records, he says that a major reason that powerlifters like himself continue with the sport is because they are still making progress, as there is always room to get better. Armed with impeccable technique, unrivaled commitment, and a dedication to excellence, Hayden Bowe is a professional powerlifter that is sure to leave his name in multiple record books when he decides to call it a career.

For more info on Hayden Bowe, please visit his Instagram @hayden.bowe

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