An increasing number of employers are implementing hair follicle drug tests on employees before hiring them. They use this procedure to screen potential candidates to make sure that they are safe and healthy. While there are other types of tests too, this particular type of testing is more efficient as traces of drugs remains in the hair follicles for as long as 90 days. Hair drug tests typically test for PCP, ecstasy, methamphetamine, opiates, marijuana, and cocaine. It does not matter if the individual being tested has no hair on his scalp, as hair from other parts the body too can be used for testing purposes.

Why people fail in these tests

People fail in these tests because they don’t have the proper tools to pass and they don’t refrain from ingesting the substance that they would be tested for. BUT… There is a way to pass even while those substances are in your system that we will talk about a little later.

Confirming the presence of drugs in your hair follicles

Here are options for an individual, about to apply for a job, and knowing that he will be screened for hair follicle drug test. The simplest method is to pluck a couple of hair strands and send them to a laboratory. If the result is positive, it makes no sense in applying for the job. As mentioned previously, using the majority of detoxification products found online are not worth their value. Does this mean that an individual has no other option apart from waiting for the mandatory period of 90 days before getting his hair tested in a private laboratory?

Interestingly, People are STILL passing hair tests using this 1 method:

If this is not enough, many people are passing the test successfully even after they stop taking drugs a couple of weeks before being subjected to the test. How people are passing hair drug tests with a detox shampoo before a job? It is a known fact that most detoxification shampoos hardly work. So, how do these individuals manage to pass in this test?

Only a specific shampoo works efficiently

A test conducted on several hair detox shampoos revealed that only Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo was able to clear all traces of drugs from the hair follicles. While the other shampoos only clean drug residue from surficial hair and scalp, this specific shampoo penetrates deep within the skull and cleans the hair follicles as well.

Additional information about Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

People often prefer purchasing the cheapest available detoxification shampoo available on the market and use it to remove drug traces. On the one hand, the manufacturers make false claims that using their product once a day, for a few days, is enough to remove all traces of drugs. On the other hand, Old Style is comparatively costlier and demands that the user shampoos his hair with it for at least 15 days for a positive result. However, this is no big deal if somebody, into drugs, desperately wants to pass the drug test to secure the job of his dream.

The human hair

To understand how the shampoo works, one first needs to know about the constitution of the human hair shaft. It consists of three layers, the medulla, the cuticle, as well as the cortex. The cuticle, a hard layer composed of various cells, protects the cortex in which the THC (tetrahydrocannibol) metabolites are found. It is ideal to first open the cuticle before penetration to clean the metabolites in the cortex. The best way to do this is using a mixture of several formulas such as the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo. The high propylene glycol that this shampoo contains has the ability to reduce the metabolites in the cortex.

Useful for all hair types

As it suites people with different types of hair, it is a must-use product for women and men of different ages. This shampoo cleanses the hair from different substances such as nicotine, cocaine metabolites, amphetamine, and marijuana. It addition, it has the capability to detox the hair from opiates such as 6-Monacetyl morphine, morphine, and codeine. One can use this special shampoo to detox the hair from methamphetamine, phencyclidine, and ecstasy. Users can depend on it to gently remove hard water minerals, chemical compounds, and chlorine buildup, leaving their hair silky and shining.

Easy to use

The bottle of shampoo will appear as half-filled at first glance. This is intended and is not a manufacturing mistake. Keeping the bottle half full ensures that the liquid does not leak during shipment. A “how to use” leaflet included in the package contains usage details. You should apply the shampoo after thoroughly wetting your hair. Massage the shampoo on your scalp for a minimum of 10 minutes and work on the lather. Following this, wait for five minutes before rinsing your hair with warm water. Those having thick or heavy hair should let the shampoo sit on their head for some more time. Users have found that they got the best results by applying the shampoo on their scalp in such a manner so that it covers 1.5 inches of their hair. They also ensured that they massaged the area close to their scalp since the personnel who carries out the drug test typically test hair closest to the scalp.

People often make the mistake of using the same brush or comb that they had used before to brush or comb their hair. It is necessary to avoid this habit at all costs since it results in recontamination of the hair. People who used a new comb or brush reported the best results. For the same reason, users should also clean their pillows, hoodies, headrests, eyeglasses, and hats or any other daily-use items that comes in contact with their hair.

Unlike other similar products, this shampoo boasts of a clean and fresh scent that strikes the balance between sweet and herbal notes. The scent is neither harsh nor aggressive and is suitable for both males and females. The bright green color of the shampoo, which is available as a slow-flowing and thick gel, dissipates when lathered. The shampoo lathers quickly and densely when applied to wet hair. The rich lather generated by the shampoo helps to eliminate contaminants much more effectively. Users need not bother about lathering the foam to the end of their hair as the person conducting the test examines the portion of the hair that is three inches closest to the scalp. Therefore, they should not waste the costly shampoo by applying excessive amounts to clean the entire length of their hair.

Using the shampoo

Users with fine hair should start off by applying a small amount of shampoo. If this does not generate enough lather they should apply more shampoo. In a nutshell, individuals having thick, coarse hair will need more shampoo than those who have fine hair. Agitating the hair a bit with the fingertips is recommended as it helps to loosen particles of contaminants. Users reported that they were pleased with the way their hair felt after rinsing off the shampoo. If you have color applied on your hair, it is best to test the shampoo on a small patch of hair to check if it takes the color out of the hair. Whatever the outcome, users have no option to use this best hair detoxifier, as their goal is to pass the hair follicle tests rather than show off the color of their hair.

No after effects

People using other brands of hair detoxifier shampoos often complain about flaking and dryness on their scalp after using the product. This is not the issue with Old Style. Users did not face any problems even after cleansing their scalp several times with this shampoo. It appears that the aloe vera extract of the shampoo helps hydrate the skin and hair after cleansing.

Our opinion

Based on reports from users, we conclude that this is the best detoxification shampoo available on the market. Those who have doubts about this shampoo can use the HairConfirm drug test kit, the best such kit available on the market, to check their hair for any contaminants or residues of drugs after using the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo. They will be pleased to find that the results are negative. Now you are aware how people are passing hair drug tests with a detox shampoo before a job, start using it today, and ensure that the hair testers do not test you as drug positive. For the best results stop taking drugs at least a week before starting to use the shampoo.

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