How Pancake Games Is Helping Build a Generation of Professional NFT Gamers

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Play-to-earn games have been the recent disruptor in the NFT space. These games are combining metaverse with Web 3 to offer a channel of investment and also a source of passive income to NFT enthusiasts. While most of these games are introducing a metaverse world of 3D characters or avatars, one gaming platform went beyond this to lead the way to upcoming blockchain games. Pancake Games is the recent addition to the list of NFT games that is offering an immersive gaming experience and also trains interested gamers on the strategies of new blockchain games that are about to launch.

Pancake Games is an innovative gaming platform that connects different NFT projects with Pancake Games holders over a variety of content. Ever since its launch in November 2021, Pancake Games has seen a rise of over 40 percent in its market capitalization in just 5 months. It is a gaming platform that provides information and tools to let users have an exclusive experience with Blockchain games. To be precise, Pancake Games is for those who want to learn about blockchain games and stay updated on the recent developments of various NFT projects.

To separate itself from other projects, Pancake Games has introduced GCAKE as an exchangeable token on the platform. This means a user doesn’t have to buy coins or points to play this intelligent game. They can get a GCAKE through Uniswap and Pancakeswap Uniswap. The value of the token is dependent on the number of Pancake Games users. This means the value of GCAKE will rise as more and more will start playing the game.

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To ensure that the value of GCAKE constantly sees an upward curve, the team behind Pancake Games has started expanding the project through partnerships. Recently, the Japanese gaming studio, BIGBANG, has partnered with Pancake Games, and more such high-quality gaming platforms, influencers, and professional gamers are already on the way to joining as team members. Apart from these collaborations, Pancake Games will be developing an IDO platform for NFT games in the future. All the currencies will not be available for sale, but a few games with higher user ratings will be prioritized.

This doesn’t mean Pancake Games users cannot enjoy any benefits now apart from enhancing their knowledge about blockchain games. Pancake Game users will have exclusive access to sales of new items from the new game. Users can participate in token sales of a new game, organize events on the Pancake Games platform, and also get access to events organized by the Pancake Games team. Users can also reserve the hottest game and earn the opportunity to win an NFT.

Pancake Games allows professional gamers and critics to evaluate NFT games they have played. Professional gamers can also share strategies for playing NFT games, which will be shared with Pancake Games users. Pancake Gamers can also leverage the “Gacha” mechanic to win a rare NFT. “Gacha” refers to a virtual luck-based mechanic where the user pays to ‘spin’ or ‘roll’ the gacha and receives a random item, which is usually an NFT. Users will also have their personal rating board based on their engagement on the platform. This rating board will also determine their rank as Pancake Games users.

Considering the larger picture, Pancake Games has set the roadmap for future professional gamers to learn and earn. The next move for this NFT project is to reach a wider audience to further scale up its market value and help more people venture into the blockchain gaming platform.

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