How Paige Elisia Restivo Built Shop Paige NY From the Ground Up

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Jewelry is more than an accessory but a long-term investment that can serve as an asset. These incredible pieces of art have been loved and admired throughout generations. Today, with the advent of digital and social media, people can buy jewelry without visiting a store. Paige Restivo is a young and passionate jeweler and entrepreneur who realized this early to own a multimillion-dollar jewelry brand. She is the founder and owner of SHOP PAIGE, a New York-based retail jewelry store and online brand that sells high-quality affordable pieces.

Paige Restivo was only 24 when she envisioned the idea of starting a jewelry brand and founded Shop Paige in 2018. Her father, a fine jeweler, was her greatest inspiration. Starting her career as early as 17 years old in the sales industry, Paige saved every penny over the years to fund her idea into a functional business. She designed, sourced and bought only $200 of initial inventory to get started from the dining room table of her home with nothing else but a smartphone and laptop. Besides her passion for business and love for jewelry, social media also acted as a catalyst for the growth of Shop Paige. Four years later, the brand is earning millions in offline and online sales all over the world.

Paige’s entrepreneurial journey was challenging. She single handedly overcame the obstacles that every budding venture experiences. Starting a business with no outside funding or capital was difficult, but Paige worked hard to scale it up. After working her 9 to 5 sales job, she dedicated another 7 to 8 hours working on her business until the early hours of the morning. Initially, her family did not support her idea of quitting her traditional 9 to 5 job with good benefits and a steady salary to take on SHOP PAIGE, but Paige persisted to achieve her dream of having a fulfilling business of her own. As her business was completely based online, she faced issues of cyberattacks like hacking and profile suspension as well as constant adjusting to the ever changing world of the internet. However, nothing could deter Paige from following her dream, and today she stands as an example to other aspiring entrepreneurs and young women.

During the pandemic when people were confined indoors, Paige’s jewelry business reached new heights. Early on, she was worried about not reaching her sales goals and being dependent on other sources of income, which changed drastically during the Covid lockdown. People became dependent on online shopping. They bought jewelry to find happiness and a sense of escape. As sales started scaling, Paige quit her job to focus full-time on her business, and it boomed. In 2021, Shop Paige opened a 3 months pop-up store in the Design District of Miami known for its famous shopping, and the brand flourished in ways Paige never imagined. From May to July, the store counted incredible footfall, mostly loyal customers who drove and even flew from neighboring areas to visit SHOP PAIGE and buy the jewelry. This made Paige realize the need for a storefront where customers could visit for a different kind of shopping experience. In September 2021, the 1000 sq. ft. permanent headquarters of Shop Paige was launched in Greenvale, New York.

Currently, Paige and her store manager/assistant Brianna Albergo run the entire business, as she wants to continue personally managing and growing the operation. Shop Paige is a reputed brand that specializes in affordable fine jewelry and precious metals. It offers 925 sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, and 14K gold vermeil with AAA+ quality crystal stones like genuine CZ and natural diamonds. Priced between $100 and $2K, Shop Paige caters to customers of wider income groups. The brand never sells damaging/harmful metals and prides themselves on their guarantee and customer service. Shop Paige has also partnered with several boutiques and renowned lifestyle and clothing brands for wholesale deals to reach more customers and expand her dream further.

Paige plans on expanding her brand beyond borders while staying true to the vision of Shop Paige. She hopes to increase her list of loyal customers globally, personally interacting with them for honest feedback that has so far beaten all other forms of promotion for Shop Paige.

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