How One Small Business Transformed the Petconomy and Revolutionized the Way Pet Owners Think About Sustainability!

Isopod Specialist, an innovative company formed at the beginning of the pandemic, has created a way to save consumers time and money when purchasing bioactive decomposers for reptile owners and invertebrate hobbyists. The company sells natural decomposers such as springtails and isopods at some of the lowest prices available on the market. These decomposers are the main element in creating completely self-sustaining ecosystems in bioactive vivariums.

Isopod Specialist has revolutionized the entire industry by becoming the first company in the industry to provide professional packaging, a live arrival guarantee, and professional customer service to ensure that all their customers have an enjoyable experience. Before Isopod Specialist’s arrival on the scene, the detrivore industry was widely unprofessional, with very few companies offering legitimate services. This innovative company has changed the way natural decomposers are sold by making the process more convenient for buyers from all over the world. Within their first 6 months of business, they shipped products to every continent on Earth. “We believe all consumers have a right to purchase products that decrease pollution and create a more sustainable lifestyle, regardless of their current residence.” Said founder and CEO Justin Jadali. From their 100% positive feedback rating on eBay to their countless 5-star Amazon reviews, one thing is certain: pet owners and hobbyists of all backgrounds trust Isopod Specialist with all their bioactive needs.

Isopod Specialist has recently announced they are expanding their line of products to offer reptile and invertebrate owners new sources of supplements and amazing bioactive materials for their vivariums! They have just released: IsopodCuisine, Sterilized Oak Leaves, Sphagnum Moss, and their own substrates allowing reptile and isopod owners to have access to superior quality soil in their vivariums. These new products make all the difference when creating a healthy and sustainable environment for your reptiles.

Isopod Specialist’s success comes from humble origins. It was created at the beginning of the pandemic by former Corona Del Mar high-school student Justin Jadali, who was only 15 years old at the time and, unlike most of his peers who were playing video games or binging TV shows, decided to do something productive with his extra leisure time during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns. When interviewed, Justin Jadali also added, “Our brand is dedicated to sustainability which is why we find it so important that our ingredients are all completely organic and all-natural. We believe the non-organic ingredients other sellers use in their line of products can cause harmful long-term health effects for both the consumer and their intended pets. When my bearded dragon fell ill as a result of poor quality substrate and nutritionally deficient feeders I knew I wanted to provide an alternative so other pet owners wouldn’t suffer from the same illegitimate sellers I fell victim to.”

Isopod Specialist’s sustainability-focused practices are infused in the way they conduct business. By providing a sustainable, convenient, and affordable alternative to purchase natural decomposers, Isopod Specialist has transformed the bioactive industry. The brand will continue to sell high-quality invertebrates and terrestrial crustaceans to pet owners and hobbyists interested in transitioning their traditional vivariums to more convenient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable setups.

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