How One Salon Owner is Changing the Game: Meet Ricola Elizabeth

Ricola Elizabeth wants to spread the message that women deserve to put their beauty first. She feels that a beauty routine increases confidence, productivity, and positivity.

“Whether you are a teacher or a doctor or a nurse or a mom, you have earned the right to put your beauty first,” said Ricola. “Putting your best foot forward every day has so many benefits. If you shine on the outside, you are a step closer to shining on the inside.”

Her Story

Ricola Elizabeth has had a passion for beauty since she was a little girl. Primarily, she loves beautiful hair. In fact, she did hair for her friends and family from a very young age, and labels herself as a young entrepreneur from the age of 8. This entrepreneurial spirit has carried Ricola far.

During college, Ricola worked at a beauty supply store, but was let go from her position. Instead of giving up on her passion, she took it to the next level. She continued to do hair for her friends and family. And one day her glow up came from Facebook. After a photo of her hair artistry went viral, everyone she knew – and people she didn’t know – all wanted their hair styled by Ricola.

In 2013, Ricola decided to take a bet on herself to start her own business. She  began selling customized wigs and building her clientele. In 2014 Ricola moved to Atlanta, Ga where she was granted the opportunity to become a stylist for social media influencers, reality stars and celebrities.

In 2018, Ricola took an exciting next step and opened her first commissioned hair salon, Perfect Distraction Hair Galleryin the Metro Atlanta city of Sandy Springs. The beginning was rocky, with setback after setback. She felt a little uncertain, but she pushed forward and is now so proud of her resilience. As she continued to curate her clientele, she hired professional stylists who fit her brand: a fun, professional, family oriented salon that caters to all textures and ethnicities.

The name of Ricola’s brand comes from the concept of the reaction a woman gains after having her hair professionally styled, as others are immensely attracted to her beauty, creating the ‘perfect distraction’.

Ricola Elizabeth has served thousands of clients in the Metro Atlanta area. She plans to expand Perfect Distraction in 2022, with a second location opening in the Spring.

Stellar Innovation

Finally, Ricola launched a luxury hair extension line featuring I-Tip Microlink extensions, which provide texture options for specific hair types. Previously, there was nothing like this on the market. Ricola pioneered a product that many women of color wanted but were unable to find. Perfect Distraction is dedicated to providing new, innovative hair extensions with as much variety as possible. The extensions are available to ship worldwide, an important factor for Ricola to make sure as many women as possible can benefit from the availability of her new product.

Ricola Elizabeth knew that in order to stand out, she had to bring something shiny and new to the beauty market. With her inclusive line of extensions, she brought fresh innovation into the beauty space without being a gimmick.

“Finding a void within your current market and creating innovation is what gives you longevity,” said Elizabeth. “Innovation allows you to create a new lane and become an authority figure within your industry. Be sure to create something that your market doesn’t currently have to make sure you’re not in a race to consistently build your brand around the next popular fad. Our textured extensions are a lasting need, it’s something women of color have wanted for years. Textured hair is here to stay.”

Perfect Distraction’s extension collection includes seven unique textures with a natural look, made from unprocessed virgin hair. The extensions can be chemically altered, trimmed, and styled to the customers desired look. Perfect Distraction also sells tape-in extensions, wefted bundles, clip-in extensions, and wigs. They offer styling products such as edge control, shampoo, and conditioner.

Perfect Distraction’s I-Tip hair extensions are the main attraction. Ricola and her team of stylists install and style the extensions for their clients. The service includes bi- or tri-weekly maintenance and restyling, as well as education on how to manage the style to help their clients maintain healthy hair growth.

Learning and Loving

“Because I have such a passion for hair, I know how to maintain the integrity of a client’s natural hair and their extensions,” said Elizabeth. “I want my clients to not only leave Perfect Distraction salon feeling gorgeous, I want them to know how to take care of their extensions at home, so they can maintain the longevity of the extensions and the health of their hair!”

In addition to passing her knowledge to her clients, Ricola teaches I-Tip Microlink courses throughout the year to other stylists who are interested in learning this innovative technique. The courses are consistently sold out due to the high demand of new and experienced stylist eagerness to learn the I-Tip Microlink technique.

“Our hair, textured hair, is something to be proud of,” said Ricola. “The world is changing. We have so many options when it comes to the ways we choose to rock our hair. I’m very passionate about spreading knowledge of how to properly take care of our beautifully textured hair. I express my passions with clients and stylists alike. I believe it’s very important as a hair care professional to learn how to cater and take care of clients of all ethnicities.”

With an innovative mindset, Ricola Elizabeth has pioneered the world of textured hair extensions by providing not only the product itself, but the necessary educational tools to go along with it. Her forward-thinking will take her far as she expands her hair salon franchise in 2022 and beyond.

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