The BATCH Brand

One booming CBD startup is spearheading its industry by offering customers a shockingly affordable way to sample their best products.  BATCH, a Wisconsin based company, is offering a CBD sampler pack for only $11.00. The sampler pack provides 11 sizable doses of CBD in the form of gummies, soft gels, and oil. At $1 per dose, this is an offer new customers won’t want to refuse. 

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The BATCH CBD Sampler Pack

BATCH manufactures their products in-house with an extraction system that their founders designed from scratch.  Andy Gould, Griffin Lynch, and Dennis Mistrioty graduated from UW Madison with chemical engineering and business degrees in 2018. They co-founded Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, the parent company of the BATCH brand, immediately after graduating. By mid 2019, they had an established brand in Wisconsin and set their sights on becoming competitive nationwide. In an industry littered with secret processes and multi-level marketing schemes, the three realized their advantages were authenticity and transparency.  

Unlike most CBD brands, BATCH manufactures its own products from seed to sale. The founders believe this provides them with authenticity that other brands lack. BATCH is able to constantly improve their products and quality control measures in ways that others simply can’t because they don’t control their own manufacturing. If you’re interested in seeing any step of their process, BATCH offers free tours of their manufacturing facility upon request.  “We are from Milwaukee where brewery tours are common, so we like to compare our facility tours to brewery tours except with hemp and CBD,” says Mistrioty. “The tours build trust with our customers by showing them we have nothing to hide. They can witness exactly how the products are made right in front of them.”

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BATCH’s specialty Soothe Tincture Blend

It’s no mistake that the company is grounded in  Midwestern values, upon which the founder’s were raised. Hence, BATCH’s mission is to build trust by offering high quality, reliable CBD products to their customers in the most transparent way possible. BATCH is so dedicated to transparency that they recently released a video providing a behind-the-scenes look into their relationship with local farmers:  Loyal to the Soil – The BATCH Difference. The founders say they want BATCH to become the country’s most trusted CBD brand. 

Accomplishing the BATCH Mission

CBD quickly became mainstream in the 2010’s. CBD Tinctures were the first to take off, but now customers can find CBD candy, soft gels, capsules, vape pens, mints, gum, and more. Some of these products are gimmicky. There is no reason for someone to take her CBD by eating a cookie. BATCH co-founder Andy Gould thinks this is where most brands go wrong. “They [CBD brands] focus on creating new gimmicky products,” explains Gould, “instead of making an easier and affordable way for people to get their hands on the products that they  already offer. BATCH instead chooses to focus on maximizing the affordability and effectiveness of  its proven products.

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The BATCH CBD Sampler Pack

BATCH realizes they don’t have to reinvent the wheel to set themselves apart. They just have to incentivize wary new customers to try their proven products. As detailed earlier,  they manufacture their own products. This allows them to design new product options and sizes with almost unlimited customization while avoiding the premium that other brands pay to outsource their manufacturing. As a result BATCH is able to offer wildly affordable sample sizes of their products. Their first sample giveaway was a wild success after BATCH was featured in Leafly. BATCH has since expanded their sample offering to include gummies and soft gels (more on this later). The brand is building trust with new customers by providing them with unbeatable offers to sample its products. It’s the perfect way to accomplish their mission! Customers pay almost nothing to find out if the product works for them. Once they know it does, they come back and buy the real thing.

What BATCH Learned from the Restaurant Industry

We all know how difficult it can be to choose something on a dinner menu. More than a few dishes sound tasty, and we wish there was a way to try them all without buying four meals.   Well, BATCH’s dining frustrations have fueled a solution in the form of their CBD products.  “Like an expensive restaurant, people don’t want to spend money on something that they’re unsure they’ll like,” says Lynch, “so we applied this logic to our products and created a way for our customers to test some of our best products in one package.” BATCH akins its new CBD sampler pack (detailed below) to restaurants that offer samplers of all their best menu items. 

BATCH’s CBD Ingestibles Sampler Pack

The BATCH founders recently expanded their affordable sample strategy  to offer customers their ingestible CBD products! BATCH now offers the $11 CBD Ingestible Sampler Pack which contains:

  1. 3x 25mg CBD Gummies ( $5.00 Value )
  2. 3x 50mg CBD Soft Gels ( $7.50 Value )
  3. 1x Mini 5mL CBD Tincture ( $15.00 Value )

As shown above, BATCH’s sampler pack has a face value of $27.50. Its $11 price point therefore provides a 60% discount to its face value! People can now try some of BATCH’s best products in one single transaction at an insanely cheap cost. The brand is confident  that customers will come back once they have sampled these products. Gould reminds us that, “ customers don’t mind paying for things that benefit them. The challenge is proving to customers that your product does benefit them.” The founders are incredibly dedicated to  building trust with their customers. Co-founders Lynch and Mistrioty view their sampler pack as the best way to do that: “ no customer should have to pay $50+ to try a product they don’t know will work,” says Lynch, “ we want our customers to trust our product before they start paying full price.” One thing is certain: BATCH is on the cusp of becoming a leading nationwide CBD brand. Their unbeatable deals, transparency, and commitment to customers is unmatched.

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BATCH with their team of local growers

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