How Nuran Rahman, CMO of Fame Media, Brought His Company to Success


Taking over the New York media business space is Nuran Rahman, a California-based entrepreneur, and investor. Nuran is the co-founder, co-owner, and CMO of Fame Media, a public relations, digital marketing, and direct marketing firm. He is a highly versatile entrepreneur making significant moves in the business world.

Nuran began his career as a regular college student with a dream to become a software engineer and hopefully get a well-paying job. To him, a 9-5 job could make a perfect career, and that’s all he wanted. However, Nuran began to discover that, though he loved and appreciated his job, he was dissatisfied on the inside. He didn’t like his career at the time and felt a strong urge to transition into something else.

To him, he would work better and become a better version of himself if only he had the opportunity to focus on his interests and passions, rather than just working to make ends meet. Essentially, it made more sense to him to work longer hours on something he wanted than a boring and uninspiring job.

After some soul searching and trying to discover himself, Nuran made the bold move and established his company, Fame Media, which has now become the go-to marketing firm. Fame Media is now rated as one of GTA’s highly regarded public relations firms specializing in public relations, digital marketing, and branding. The company was established with the vision and mission to provide its clients with outstanding services and solid results.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Nuran has leveraged his unique and practical skills to grow and scale Fame Media to new heights. This includes marketing the brand across social media, where he enjoys a massive following. Essentially, has one of the biggest Instagram networks with over ten million followers. This forms a ready market for Fame Media and an avenue that Nuran has swiftly capitalized on.

“Developing my company’s network with connections was the best thing that I could have done. Fame Media changed my life because I was able to get many leads to close deals with Kamran Zahid. Kamran is the most humble person I have ever been around.” Nuran explains.

Having been in the business world for a while now, Nuran believes that you can only find out your secret strength when you work hard and don’t give up. Entrepreneurship is a journey full of many different challenges that you must constantly overcome to keep your dream alive. It sometimes gets extremely tough, but it’s at such times you should find solutions to reach your goals. Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

A highly ambitious and optimistic businessman, Nuran is looking forward to a more prosperous future for Fame Agency. His dream is to achieve a profit of over $10 million before 2030. Nuran also aspires to diversify his business scope and hopefully venture into the real estate industry as he sees this as a promising way of investing the profits from his now thriving business.

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