How NFT Influencer, “The Suspect”, Rose to the Top

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With the rising popularity of NFTs among creators and investors, more and more brands are venturing into this space every day. But as the NFT industry is becoming a saturated platform, new projects are struggling to find the right exposure. This is where influencer marketing is becoming popular among NFT creators to reach the right audience. These influencers are helping projects find visibility and growth through social media platforms. “The Suspect” is one such NFT influencer on Twitter with a staggering follower base of more than 3 million.

“The Suspect” has scaled up many NFT projects to renowned NFT brands starting from zero. As the name suggests, “The Suspect” is popular for predicting the growth of budding NFT projects. 3D and metaverse NFT projects form the niche for “The Suspect”, but he has also promoted digital NFT arts. He started his journey as an influencer with online games. Being a passionate gamer, metaverse NFT projects naturally became a fascination for him.

Over a period, “The Suspect” realized the potential of metaverse NFT projects and decided to pursue it as a career. He leveraged the huge fan following he earned as a gamer to pave the way for NFT influencing. He researched several projects, kept track of the market trend, and even invested in some NFTs to understand the ins and outs of the industry. “The Suspect” leveraged his knowledge of NFTs and his love for metaverse to create engaging content related to the NFT industry. As people found his content more relevant, “The Suspect’s” follower base started scaling up from a few thousand to millions in less than a year.

“The Suspect” is known to build credibility for any NFT brand. The information he shares with his followers usually goes beyond the date of project launches and basic information about a project. “The Suspect” shares the inside story of every project along with different strategies to drive utility by investing in a project. He usually endorses NFT projects where he has already invested and is seeing his money grow or any project where he is planning to invest.

As someone who has been navigating the NFT industry since its inception, “The Suspect” knows how people’s interests can vary. Some may have conflicting opinions because the digital marketplace is still considered scammy and unpredictable. “The Suspect” is closing this gap in the public perspective by sharing in-depth information about each project and sometimes proof of his own growth from the projects he has invested in. Besides solid information that people will rarely find anywhere else, he also organizes free NFT giveaways and rewards for his followers.

Transparency and authenticity have been the biggest pillars of success for “The Suspect”. Currently, he is counted among the top NFT influencers on Twitter where every new NFT brand is willing to collaborate with him. For “The Suspect”, nothing matters more than passing genuine information to his followers to help them create a solid, passive income stream. He is transparent about all critical aspects of the NFT project he promotes. It often includes his compensation as well to let people know he is not only after personal gain but wants to educate people about the prospects of NFT.

“The Suspect” has come a long way as an NFT influencer in this highly-competitive space. He believes that the industry has more to offer in the future and to keep track of it, he has to continue learning every day. “The Suspect” will continue this journey of learning and sharing his knowledge with the world and helping millions find a source of passive income.

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