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The tobacco industry is one of those industries that is dominated by a handful of companies. While not exactly a monopoly, it’s pretty close. This leads to the stifling of innovation and improvement of products going to the market. This $932 billion industry is yearning for something new, and Pearls has the answer.

This newcomer into the tobacco market is a cigar company that Big Tobacco is threatened by due to its revolutionary approach to cigar-making. The power players in the industry do their best to keep a company like Pearls out. Yet, they are seeing that Pearls knows how to jump through all of the regulatory hoops built into the industry.

The major companies dominating the tobacco industry have consistently been reducing the quality of their products in order to lower their costs. This has led to products that can easily be improved on, and that is exactly what Peals has done.

A big company in the industry is Backwoods. Founded in 1973, it assured the market that it would produce fine cigars using high-quality madura leaves that have been aged for three months. However, over the years, the quality of the leaves has diminished. Part of this is attributed to using lower-quality tobacco leaves, while another is due to the company using machines to roll cigars. The worst part of all is that it hiked up the prices of its products.

People soon caught on, yet had few places to turn to given the oligopoly within the tobacco industry. With numerous barriers to entry in place, it was challenging for any newcomer like Pearls to enter the market, until now.

The CEO of Pearls, Antony Levinson, saw obstacles but believed they could be overcome. He was right. As challenging as it is to enter the tobacco market, it is not impossible. Antony is always up for a good challenge, and was determined to upend the industry, gaining an edge over big competitors.

The Pearls brand is far from the mold of Big Tobacco. It’s young, gritty, and confident, appealing to a major segment of the market. The last thing it is trying to do is repeat the same unoriginal and outdated decisions that Big Tobacco has taken.

For example, in lieu of purchasing a factory to manufacture cigars in, Pearls bought farmland in Nicaragua. There, it grew the highest quality madura tobacco leaves it could. Once the leaves are aged for two years, they reach the best level of quality they can get. After they have aged, the leaves are hand-rolled into premium cigars that surpass many on the market. The cone-shaped cigars that Pearls makes and offers are quite revolutionary in this industry. They are finished off with a glass tip that makes for a more enjoyable and efficient smoke.

With all of the advantages of the tobacco products that Pearls makes available for consumers to enjoy, it’s no wonder a growing segment of the market is turning to them for their tobacco needs. Pearls will likely continue its road to greater market share as we head into 2021 and beyond.

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